Your Laptop Keys and You

laptopYou are probably already aware that not all laptop keyboards are the same. If you are the type of person who taps on the keys heavily. The moment the rubber spring or cup form any of your laptop keyboard key goes missing, that particular key will stop functioning properly. The spring allows the key cap to return to its original position right after you tap on it.

The best solution would be to order your laptop key replacement from Their kits come with the key, the key retainer clip or hinge, and the rubber cup so you can replace our malfunctioning keyboard keys with no extra charge.

All keyboard key caps are designed with hinges at the base. These hinges are also called retainer clips. These hinges are usually made of two plastic clips placed underneath every key. If you want to order a specific keyboard key on, you first have to laptop model number and the system automatically searches for the corresponding key stock. Afterwards, you pick the letter that you need on the drop-down menu and the colour of your keyboard. will provide you with correct type of hinge for your keyboard. Although a lot of keyboards look the same on the outside, their hinges are not the same and they cannot be interchanged. Most keyboard manufacturers usually manufacture more than one type of hinge for the same keyboard model.

The next time a key or two malfunctions, you do not have to immediately replace your entire keyboard. lets you acquire individual key kits to replace your malfunctioning laptop keyboard keys. Laptop repair professionals will charge you a lot to replace your laptop keyboard but in reality, you can get it fixed for less than $5 if you only have one key not working properly.

Keeping your laptop in good working condition need not be expensive. Your laptop keys are perhaps the most physically abused component of your computer and its replacement can be quite costly especially if you are not aware that keys can be changed individually. Of all the parts of a laptop, your keyboard is the most exposed and most prone to physical damage. Dust accumulation, humidity, spilled drinks, and food – these are just some of the many causes of keyboard malfunction.

So, in the event that any of your keys stop working, be sure to check their replacement at