Why Website Designers will have to change their ways in Gurgaon

Web DesignThe link between an online presence and business success has grown rapidly in India in the last five years and this is most prominent in Gurgaon which is a part of Delhi NCR. Scores of businesses are started in this hub of business activity for North India and majority of these businesses depend on the internet for acquiring sales and customers. A well designed website or e-commerce portal goes a long way in establishing trust between a new buyer and the company. New Website Design Platforms like WordPress have become increasingly popular and now have almost replaced HTML as the language and platform of choice for website designers in Gurgaon.

WordPress beings a few advantages compared to HTML –

a)    WordPress is mobile friendly
b)    WordPress is easier to work with and customize
c)    Wordpress has far more options in terms of plugins and themes

Along with a better platform like wordpress, web designers also focus on new fields in this space like Conversion Rate Optimization and Search Engine Optimization.

Conversion Rate Optimization involves designing the website in a more effective way so that the number of sale events rises even if traffic remains the same. There are almost no companies in Gurgaon which offer this service as of now but this is a potential goldmine for website development related companies in the coming future. Netglue is almost the only company which offers this service as of now.

Search Engine Optimization involves on page and off page optimization in order to get the website to rank higher up in google rankings. There are many companies which offer SEO services but most of the activities carried out by them fall in the dustbin. To understand the basic principles of SEO requires sound technical knowledge and a skillset which can marry the creative and commercial fields.

Creative Web design has a large role to play in either gaining or losing a visitor’s trust. If a visitor enters a site which is poorly designed the first impression is that the company behind the site is also poorly managed or not trustworthy. This situation is reversed if the visitor finds the website design to be pleasing and streamlined. As a Website Designer knows, focusing on the user experience or UX for short is where the rubber meets the road. The website has to be either based on User Centered Design or based on Conversion Centered Design. It is time that a website designer in Gurgaon wakes up to the new practices being developed in the web field or else he/she runs the risk of losing out on business and clients.