Why People Have A Sole E25 Elliptical Machine At Home

sole e25 ellipticalKeeping fit or at least a desire to these days has become a staple part of everyday life. There are numerous choices that go hand in hand with eating right that can get you to your destination. You can go to a gym if you can keep a regular schedule and can afford the monthly retainer. Or you can jog, walk, run or go to an aerobics or dance class. Then there’s the option of working out at home.

You can build a gym, or start light and cheap with some basic weights and dumbbells. Or you can buy a machine to automate your workouts and track your progress. If you want to find a high quality workout machine for under $1000, it’s worth looking at the Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical machine. This is a cross between a treadmill, an exercise bike and a cross trainer.

Search Amazon for a Sole e25 elliptical review and you will see that this machine has very good customer ratings. It has great features like the powered speakers that plays the music from your iPod. It has pulse dual grip monitors that display your hearts bpm readings. You can track your distance, speed and calorie usage. All good when you want to develop a program to increase your fitness and/or lose weight.

You can increase the resistance to up the intensity of your workout, all the while benefitting from the cool blasts of air courtesy of the built in air cooling fans. And just because this is a home purpose machine doesn’t mean it is noisy. It’s smooth quiet drive motion comes courtesy of a heavy flywheel which offers smooth movement and the aptly named whisper drive motor.

As regards to comfort, the pedals on the E25 are oversized. This makes it easy on the knees, and you won’t feel like your feet are crammed into the foot wells. Fancy going on a climb? The e25 can raise up to a 30% incline. This feature alone will add extreme resistance to your workouts thus increasing your calorie consumption and fitness levels. Keep in mind working at these levels are not for the faint hearted.

Why should you buy this instead of a gym membership? Well this machine costs as much as a standard yearlong gym subscription. But it will last a lot longer than. It gives accurate readings with it’s chest heart straps, and grip monitors, and it provides enough resistance levels, and has a sound system to relieve your boredom. The machine is also guaranteed for 3 years so it shows what it’s manufacture Sole thinks of it. It is solid and sturdy, and it’s built for the long term.