What You Need to Know about Pashto Songs


Pashto Songs are very popular in the North West nations of Asia. These songs are mainly enjoyed in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The music form is so popular that there are thousands of downloads being done on a daily basis. The songs are based on different concepts like love, nature and life and have a traditional music concept. Gul Panra is popular for her songs and has recorded many hits since her debut. The music has different set of genres and all of them have a different style attached to them. The oldest form of Pashto Songs is called as Tappa.

Tappa being the oldest can be referred as the origin of the music form and still has its importance. This genre basically is based on human emotions and aspirations. There are a lot of Pashto Stage Shows that happen on a regular basis and have numerous visitors. Due to the increasing popularity of this music form, there are a lot of online portals where these stage shows and Pashto Videos are available for download. The music has also been recognized by many international committees and has made its mark in the heart of many music lovers. The other popular genre in this music is called as Charbetta. It is based on epic poems and special rhythms. It is further divided in to four parts based on the number of lines the poem has.

Many prominent people in the world of music have considered this music form to be soothing and inspiring. There are a lot of singers who sing Pashto Songs and are recognized by famous artists from around the world. Following Charbetta are the other genres like Neemakai, Loba, Shaan, Badala and Rubayi. Neemakai is majorly composed by women and contain 1 to 3 lines. Loba basically stresses on storytelling where two or more people communicate in a poetic form. Shaan is sung at happy occasions like marriage and child birth. Badala is a form of Pashto Music composed as a professional form of folk music and is also referred to as ballad. The rubayi is the Pashto form of ghazal. The songs have a great effect and elevate the mood and the music itself has deeper meaning attached to it.

Many songs have been released and have millions of online hits. The videos of some songs have even made news in the nation where the language is spoken. All the Pashto Songs are available for download and some sites even allow streaming of the videos. Both the video and audio songs can be downloaded with a high quality print. The songs are also available with their lyrics as the new generation of this digital world demands. The popularity is increasing everyday and you can have a look at the videos to see what makes them so popular. The websites can be easily found by performing an online search and you can get acquainted with this art form.