The music video of the song ‘what was yesterday’ is produced by a German band named ‘My Secret Island’. The genre of the song is alternative rock, or you might say crossover. The video is a perfect blend of mystery and horror. The lyrical and thought provoking song is from the new album of the band and has got a plenty of reviews.


The video captures a man, who seems like a soldier, trying to find a place to hide in. He finds a woman on his way and follows her to a creepy place. The place is more like a cell which withholds prisoners and the woman is described as the wife to the doctor behind her. They turn the man in to the zombie by injecting him with something and he goes wild.


The video has a very deep meaning in it if you see it from the start. The beginning tells that the year at present is 2031 and the world has not been the place it used to be. All the earth is devastated and there is no sign of humanity and mankind. The lines suggest that people think only wars and fights are the worst parts but they don’t think what is ahead of us. The nuclear wars in the world have changed the shape of mankind and now they are in a completely different situation. The few survivors of the war are finding their way to establish a life.

The survivors of the earth shown in the video are living in totally different circumstances than before the nuclear destruction. The people left don’t know what they have done to themselves and are continuously creating problems for them. The vision of the whole world is changes starting with houses burned down and people turned into zombies.


‘What was yesterday’ is a timeless zombie music video with a post-apocalyptic touch. The whole idea behind the video is very deep. It tries to give people a sneak peak in to the world coming after us. It suggests that the nuclear war is a major threat and after that people will be deformed. Also a point shown there is that people are creating destruction for themselves. The mankind has created weapon of their own destruction, about which they thing they are successful. Even the war has caused much ruins the leftovers are more dangerous.




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