What is booksteam.com?

booking softwareIf you own a business, I’m sure that you’re always on the lookout for ways to make your business more efficient for both: you and your clients. Managing your schedule is one of the most important tasks when you run your business.  Luckily, Booksteam.com online appointment scheduling software is there to help you!  Check out few tips below on how BookSteam.com can simplify your business.

Scheduling Appointment Online – You can easily setup your business to start accepting appointment online. It will be a huge boost to your business, just imagine, you don’t have to call your clients to schedule them in, you don’t have to email back and forth about reschedules. With BookSteam’s online appointment scheduling software, your clients can scheduler, cancel or reschedule their appointments online, at any time of the day, all on their own. Therefore, a lot of time will get freed up. You can now concentrate on your work, instead of answering phone.

Reduce No Shows – What is the biggest problem when dealing with clients and their appointments? A lot of the clients simply don’t show up, their number one excuse is that “they forgot”. If you use BookSteam, your booked clients will receive a reminder about their upcoming appointments; therefore, they will not be able to use their excuse now. Another feature that your business can use to reduce no shows is the credit card capture. You can set it up, so your scheduling webpage will require your clients to enter their valid card number when they book online, and if they still will not show up, you can charge them.

Scheduling Classes Online – Online class scheduling software is a gold mine for businesses like gyms, health clubs, personal trainers, yoga studios, outdoor tours activities and for educational facilities such as colleges, universities, schools, etc. You can be a yoga trainer or a teacher, but your scheduling goals are the same, it’s to schedule and manage a group of people. BookSteam will simplify that process for you, just set up your class online, enter number of people, set duration, set the dates when your class runs and scheduling software does everything for you. Clients or students will be able to see and schedule their classes online.

Bottom line is, if you own any business that requires managing, scheduling appointments or classes, then you must check out BookSteam online scheduling solution. You can even try it FREE for thirty days.