Use Instagram to Boost Profitable Customer Activation in 2018

The question makes you lose nights of sleep – How to boost the sale of your products and services even when the market is oversaturated? Instagram influencer marketing is the brilliant solution you were looking for, and great results are guaranteed.

The world is changing, and marketing shed its olds skins a long time ago. Some individuals grew immune to ads, and take them as a standard background for their daily existence, without even thinking of making a purchase. Others stopped watching TV, buying magazines, and tossing promotional mail directly to the bin. Even the online is no longer the Wild West of marketing. Something as simple as a browser ad-blocker means that all your efforts to reach a higher audience might be pointless. However, there is hope. Social media became such a wide online phenomenon that someone eventually connected the dots and figured out it is the perfect medium to convey publicity in a very smart and addictive way.

Why trust the salesperson when it is easier to follow the recommendations of your friends or the people you praise the most. That is the simple philosophy behind influencer marketing. While most social media users do it involuntarily, and mostly to offer others a sample of their lifestyle, we have “professionals” who are so natural at it, and have such an extended fan base, they end up charging such a service. Instagram Influencer marketing is ripe for profitable ROI given the massive Instagram user engagement to pushlish branded sponsor text, photos or videos. The photo-sharing application reached 700 million users in 2017 and shows no signs of slowing for the upcoming year. If marketing on Instagram originally started with celebrities having millions of followers, now anyone can promote products and services and be a micro influencer. Most do it for fun and see it as an extension of something that already packs some level of gratification. Obviously, that is one huge advantage for companies of all shapes and sizes, which can choose an influencer to match both their sales expectations and budget for advertising.

Companies can increase profitability by striking deals with the so-called influencers. It can be something as simple as paying someone to wear a t-shirt with your business’s logo and post proof on Instagram. Everything you can think of works, as long as advertising is done in a none intrusive manner. You see, people like to believe they have free will and that they are the ones making the calls. That is why outdoors advertising with meter high letters no longer works as great as before. Instagram can work for all kind of products and services. It is also true that some of them integrate smoother with the feel of the app. Instagram started as a fun and casual way for friends to exchange defining experiences that revolve on their lifestyle. That means that Instagram is optimal for sharing fashion items, interior design, places to eat, places to go out, and holiday destinations.

Like with any other forms of publicity, Instagram advertising works best when it adheres to the unwritten rules of the game. Product placement needs to be inspired enough to retain the feel so familiar to users and not stand out through bold text, redundancy of references, or pointless praising of features that were so prevalent in older generation advertising. The bottom line is to keep it as organic as possible, and this is where the quality of the chosen influencer counts decisively.

Some of you who might still be reluctant to see Instagram as a miraculous solution. After all, apps come and go, and their cycles tend to be shorter as technology also evolves at an exponential rate. Instagram will soon celebrate its 7th year of existence, and the tendency is evident. More and more users embrace the culture of including products and services in the experience they perceive as worthy of sharing and more formulate their shopping decisions based on what they see in the people they follow. Such a mechanism is highly unlikely to be replaced by something else in the near future. Current figures are backed by all projections – as new technology-native generations take center stage, Instagram will certainly never stop from growing and offering businesses a great place to recruit new clients.