Trish Duggan Art


Trish Duggan was born in Arlington, Virginia. She spent a large portion of her school years in California where she established a wonderful relationship with her high school art teacher, Mr Yoshio Nakamura. They maintain communication today—nearly 50 years later. It was his validation and acceptance and constant encouragement that helped her spark her lifelong passion for art.

Trish’s art has been influenced by her travels to many diverse parts around the world. Her primary influence was established in Asia where she attended a university in Japan where she studied the art of wood-block printmaking. She had previously studied printmaking at the UCSB and later attended UCLA.

Trish firmly believes that one day, St. Petersburg could be comparable to Murano, the center of glass art in Italy. St. Petersburg will be a center for glass creativity, mentoring, learning, sharing and eventually acquiring a finer appreciation of the development, history and process of glass art.

Trish is married to Bob Duggan. In their early years together, they were very active in their former home community of Santa Barbara. Both she and Bob attended the University of California Santa Barbara and decided to give back to their college through a number of athletic grants that supported the school’s NCAA champion soccer team. In addition they were responsible for donating Chairs in Biochemistry and Tibetan Buddhism. They also provided the UCSB library with a dedicated room with 5,000 Buddhist Sutras.

The Duggan’s have also been involved with the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. During this time, she has had the opportunity to travel to Tibet with Susan Tai, the Curator of Oriental art. She was also able to acquire an extensive collection of contemporary oriental art through her friendship with Irene Drori, the former curator of the Felix Judah Collection.

Along with her husband, she has contributed to the Santa Barbara Symphony. She was on the Woman’s Board of Directors and chaired the Symphony Ball for two consecutive years. They were also in charge of celebrating America’s Bicentennial while President Reagan enjoyed his home in the Santa Barbara area.  Along with the symphony program featuring Lincoln’s Address and Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings, she invited diverse artists to highlight American themed artworks.

Trish Duggan has also been the President of the Santa Barbara Adoption Support Group which met monthly at Cottage Hospital. The group’s mission was to inform and encourage others to adopt both in the United States and abroad. Trish and her husband enjoy biological as well as adopted children.