Top Scuba Diving Center In Koh Tao

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After a few years of teaching diving on Koh Tao at various dive centers, I have generally found that teaching smaller teams creates stronger divers. If you’re wanting to take an Open Water Course, you would ideally like your instructor’s attention just in case you would like his help. Also, some folks would like slightly longer than others when learning the various abilities needed to become a proficient diver. You never wish to feel pressured or hurried throughout your course. This additionally applies to certified divers looking for fun diving. You’d like the divemaster to have sufficient time to point out the various attractions of a dive site, and furthermore don’t wish to be bumping into other divers as you swim around! This is why we opt for small group sizes at Roctopus Dive – to deliver the very best diving experience!

Here area unit our top five Koh Tao dive sites:

#1 Chumphon Pinnacle
When conditions are good and also the visibility is wonderful, Chumphon Pinnacle is the best dive Koh Tao site has got to provide. Situated 40mins boat journey from Koh Tao, Chumphon may be a deeper divesite going down to 30m. There’s one main pinnacle that comes to about 14m below the surface, and a second smaller pinnacle known as spiny-finned fish Rock. If you’re progressing to see a whale shark on Koh Tao, likelihood is you’ll see it here! except for the whale shark sightings, you’re likely to find huge skools of barracuda (Yellow tailed and Chevron Barracuda), Trevally, Queenfish, and batfish.

#2 Southwest Pinnacle
Some can argue that Southwest Pinnacle is better than Chumphon Pinnacle; however it’s an in depth argument. The dive site is found 40mins boat journey to the South West of Koh Tao and is another deep dive site (28m). Created from several tiny pinnacles, with one massive pinnacle within the middle that reaches up to 5m below the surface. There’s a massive quantity of fish life here from large skools to hidden Scorpion fish. A brief swim away is another pinnacle known as ‘the Secret Pinnacle’, additionally good for fun diving. If you’re extraordinarily lucky, you’ll see Bryde’s Whales, however they come around perhaps once a year.

#3 Shark Island
There are not any sharks at Shark Island, which confuses some people. The island derives its name from its profile at the surface, looking like sort of a shark fin. Situated to the South West of Koh Tao, Shark Island is a nice dive site, accessible for all levels of diver. It has superb soft corals found to the south, and deeper, you’ll be able to explore round the massive boulders. This is often one among the best places for fun dives and big enough to keep you content for more than only one dive. However, typically Shark Island will have robust currents, thus be ready to kick.

#4 Green Rock
Green Rock really is a ‘fun’ dive. Placed roughly to the North West of Koh Nanguan, it offers a diver lots to explore. The primary attraction is its several ‘swim throughs’. This is often a good place to take a look at your buoyancy and additionally a good experience. Another attraction is that the ‘Trigger Pit’. This is often a neighborhood of sand that each Yellow margin and Titan triggerfish have created their home for reproduction and nesting. Watch out when swimming near triggerfish, as they’ll typically get quite aggressive (if they feel threatened).

#5 White Rock
White Rock is one among the foremost well-liked dive sites on Koh Tao, and additionally one of the most important too. About 10mins boat journey from the pier, White Rock is accessible to all or any levels of diver (as its depth ranges between 5m – 20m). This a good site for seeing an enormous plethora of aquatic life, including Turtles. It really does have it all. You furthermore may want to spend an evening dive here and see the Pickhandle Barracudas using your torch beam as a hunting aid. I can be quite exciting!

#6 Sail Rock (the unofficial #1)
Sail Rock may be a two hour boat journey from Koh Tao, so can’t truly be a part of our top five of Koh Tao’s dive sites. However, if conditions are good, Sail Rock is the best dive site within the Gulf of Thailand! You wil see an array of fish life there and also the ‘Chimney’, a vertical cave. A ‘must see’ dive site.