The world’s first complete intimacy kit is here

healthFinally, the world’s first complete intimacy kit is here and the timing couldn’t be more perfect! With all the concerns about STDs being plastered all over the news over the past two decades or so, leave it to a company called “Safe & Clean Laboratories” to come up with an all-in-one attractive and complete new safe sex kit. This safe sex kit will make sure you and your partner leave for work in the morning just as healthy as you were when you engaged in your all night sex-fest just a few hours prior.

The “Intimacy Kit” by Safe & Clean beautifully packs all this hypoallergenic protection into one discreet little box, and also had the brilliant mindset to throw a little extra fun and flavour into the mix. Not only does the Intimacy Kit contain four premium lubricated latex condoms and some extra personal lubricant to help out in some “tight” situations… but they also threw in three different flavours of latex oral dams (Banana, Strawberry and Blueberry), four large hypoallergenic wash cloths (because you know you’re going to need them!) and the icing on the proverbial “Sex Cake”, a vibrating ring to get you to that necessary “clean up” that much more intensely.

Now it’s true… Technically, you can go out and purchase all these items separately at your local neighbourhood sex store, but why would you? The Intimacy Kit is basically a one-stop-shop for everything you’ll need to make sure that romantic (or even not so romantic) evening you have planned goes incredibly well. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to know that you are fully prepared for a hot and steamy night of carnal adventure without worrying about whether you remembered to pick up your oral dams? Even more, having the knowledge that the Intimacy Kit you purchased has been clinically tested with safety and cleanliness being the highest level of importance, next to your ultimate pleasure.

Guys, just showing this attractive little box to the woman of your dreams will show her that you care about her well being and that you’re a “health and safety first” kind of guy. A very attractive trait and something she’ll always remember about you (Heck, you have four condoms; you might as well use them). Ladies, while it might be a little easier for you to convince a man to enjoy a night with you, the Intimacy Kit will definitely let him know where your mindset is and offer up perhaps some new and exciting ideas for you both to try. The little Platinum box is sure to leave a lasting impression on him as well.

Whether you’ve been married for years, or just starting your sexual adventures, the Intimacy Kit by Safe & Clean is here to add some safe & clean spice to your life. Safe & Clean is a company that genuinely cares about the well being of its customers and aims to educate the public on the dangers of STDs. Please visit their website at: to find out the facts on STD prevention and how the Intimacy Kit will give you the peace of mind that you’re doing your part to protect yourself and your partner.

It’s true; there is a better way of making sure an STD never infects you, and it comes in the form of celibacy. But in all honesty, how much fun does that sound? Come on, get the Intimacy Kit and play safe (and clean).