The Walking Dead Season 5

Walking Dead Season 5The Walking Dead Season 5 is the 5th installment of Robert Kirkman’s masterpiece, AMC’s The Walking Dead. This post-apocalyptic masterpiece follows the life of a law enforcement official as he awakens after being in a coma for months. Shot in the head from an on duty incident, he awakens to a world that is much more different than he left. This drama series follows the movements of Rick and his ability to get out of a disease infested city. Unaware of where his family has gone, Rick (the main character) must use his deductive reasoning skills and knowledge of survival to locate his family.

Since those opening credit, much has passed. Rick not only finds his wife and son, but finds what would become his family. He would make it his priority to save the group from harm at all costs and it results in him losing himself and his wife. While kept up in a prison, he comes across a man that is unable to move forward (stuck in a perpetual vicious circle). His name is “The Governor.” Played by David Morrissey, The Governor believes he is doing well by the people he protects. In reality, he turns them into people they aren’t. In the end, his inability to let things go gets him killed, but at the cost of the prison being destroyed.

With the prison destroyed and the group fractured from the threat of “The Governor” a lot of emotion and self-defeating behavior lingers. Robert Kirkman and the cast and crew do an outstanding job to take their viewers through obstacles and rollercoasters to convey the psychological withdrawal individuals with different personalities go through. The characters open up. We see a difference in Carol, Daryl, Beth, Tyreese, Maggie, and Glenn. Ultimately, we see characters rationalize and take in what’s going on and how they are destroying themselves from within.

That being said, season 5 has been emphasized to be one of the more intense seasons yet. We left the group locked up in a rail car and Tyreese and Carol on their own. The group has been captured by cannibals and there seems to be an uncertainty among the group with how they will kill those that have captured them. A lot of what was shot for this season has been stated as too gruesome for television.. We will find out. Follow what happens at The Walking Dead Season 5.