The Right Paper Tube and Concrete Form Tube Manufacturer For You

pacriteHaving trouble knowing where to find great paper tubes or cores and concrete form tubes? Unsure whether your paper tubes and cores and concrete form tubes have struck the balance of quality and affordability? Luckily we know the perfect paper tube and core manufacturer to cater to all your paper tube and core needs.

Indulge yourself in the high quality products and services you deserve from the leading provider for all your concrete form tubes and paper tubes – Pac Rite Inc.

What is Pac Rite Inc.?

Staying strong with over twenty-five years of remarkable products and services, Pac Rite Inc. is a distinguished paper tube and core manufacturer situated in the Pacific Northwest. In line with our goals of nature preservation, all our manufacturing wastes are recycled. Pac Rite Inc. utilizes only 100 percent recycled prime paperboard for a variety of its products at extremely reasonable prices. Not only does Pac Rite Inc. pursues its objective of saving the earth using this exceptionally high-quality material, Pac Rite Inc. also uses this material to produce its outstanding paper tubes or cores of the highest quality.

What does Pac Rite Inc. Provide?

We provide only the best products and services for our customers without compromising both affordability and quality. In addition to our exemplary products and services, we also provide for our customer an extensive range of products and services to choose from, from custom paper tubes or cores down to product packaging and delivery.

Our customers also come from a diverse variety which includes Paper Converters, Label Manufacturers, Poly Bag Producers, Film Manufacturers, Steel and Alloy Metal Suppliers, Aerospace Manufacturers, Textiles, and Construction. Despite the broad array of customers we currently provide products and services to, we still manage to deliver and tailor to all their respective needs.

Why Choose Pac Rite Inc.?

As we have said, Pac Rite Inc. has been staying strong in the industry for over twenty-five years. Here in Pac Rite Inc., we strongly believe that the ultimate key to our success is our customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction and their reliability towards our brand is what we aim for here in Pac Rite Inc. We understand our customers and find ways to serve them better, whether it is about delivering products and services aptly or even having hand-picked, highly competent staff tending to their every need. Pac Rite Inc. ceaselessly provides for its customers the top-notch quality and service they deserve. Please visit for more information