The Biggest Teen Patti Pot I Ever Lost

pokercardsIs Moonfrog’s Teen Patti Gold a Game of Luck or Skill? Why when it comes to card games is it always so hard to tell? The fortunate with their winnings are typically hesitant to attribute luck as the co-author of their success story. Losers all the while are quick to spit and curse at luck for her rampant favouritism. But in reality luck exists as an impartial creature that shows her face though cards. Hopefully dealing you faces on cards.

Occasionally luck is obvious and stands in plain sight. Especially in games like Tambola, Flush, Slots, Rummy and Sweep where the element of skill seems hopelessly lost like a charm buried in a pot of gold. But that’s not always a negative trait for a game to have. My friends who are partial to these kinds of games love to tell me “Why do I have to be good at something to enjoy it?” in a questioning but teasing tone. It’s true! There is no fun in loosing. Skill favours the skilful. Luck however, gives us all a chance to win. So what about Teen Patti? Does it give everyone a fair chance? Or can you become a skilled player?

Skill, unlike luck is specialized. In games like Texas Hold’Em Poker, Brag, Flush and Flash talented players show their skill by reading each other and surveying the table. Making calculated bets and rises when conditions are favourable. Winning towering stacks of chips in the process. Only three years ago I believed playing card games to be trivial, it was all a game of chance! That is until one day I sat down for a game of Teen Patti with my extended family one fine Diwali day.

My father’s cousin was the one who cleared me out, I knew little about him before that day. He was from Pune, Maharashtra and drove a proudblue Plymoth. Admittedly I only came to know of his car after he described it while dropping the ignition keys in the centre of the table, on top of the money pot. His Plymoth was at stake just as everything else that was in his possession & within arms reach. Earlier that day in a round of furious betting I had already taken his sunglasses, cigarette lighter & cufflinks in a bout of what seemed to be amazing luck. My Tails, Colours, Sequences and Runs where all superior to his feeble Pairs and High Cards. Without a doubt he was looking to take it all back now in one fell swoop. I had him right where I wanted him.

In my hand I held closely a pure sequence, a Ten, Jack and Queen of Spades. After such good fortune I was willing to bet anything. “Pack or Chaal?” taunted the distant cousin’s voice from behind his rigid waxed moustache. Being a student full of confidence and no car of my own, my eyes danced around the house in search for a worthy item to wager. Much to my family’s dismay my gaze fell on television bought and installed that very same day.

Needless to say I realized that I had been played the moment my opponents run of Aces hit the table. Up until that point I had been lead to believe that I was lucky, so that I would be bolder in my raises quick with my bets. Only to be taken to the cleaners later in such dramatic fashion. On that day I understood that Teen Patti is a game of skill, a game that is not about the cards dealt to you now but the cards that may be dealt to you eventually. It’s a game about losing a couple of cufflinks in order to win the new television.

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