The Art & Science Vaastu Shastra

scopeIn Vedic astrology, nine planets are considered to guide the destiny of a person. In Vaastu shastra these same nine planets are considered to be ruling over every building we live in or work in. Each one of them has been assigned a direction. East is ruled by Sun, South-East by Venus, South by Mars, South-West by Rahu, West by Saturn, North-West by Moon, North by Mercury and the North-East by Jupiter and Ketu. In strict sense Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu are not planets, but that is the way our ancients considered them when the concepts and principles of Indian Vedic Astrology were being formed. Rahu and Ketu are the astrologically sensitive nodal points and are created due to the intersection of Moons orbit with the Ecleptic at two places. The nine planets impart their characteristics to the direction they rule over . For instance, Sun is the significator of learning, health, opportunities in life, creativity, progress, eyes, father , heart and cardiac problems. If the east direction of a dwelling is afflicted than a corresponding affliction will definitely take place in some or all the significations for which Sun stands for. Look around and examine those houses which do not have an open east or a window or a door in east or those which have been built with no open land in east. You are more likely to find a poor life style, cardiac problems to the head of the family, poor academic performance of the children and general health problems. Similarly, the North and its ruling planet Mercury signify business, finances, intelligence, lady of the house, prosperity etc. A north direction ground level or the built up area higher than the corresponding south direction features will result in the affliction of the north. If the north-west is extended in the plot towards the north direction, it means that the north will now be depressed and thus afflicted. Residents of such a house will have perpetual financial struggle at their hands, failures in business enterprise, sickly lady of the house, more than usual obstacles in day to day life.

So that the residents enjoy the benefic influences of the nine planets, it is necessary that all the four directions and the four corners of the plot of land should be in place, none missing due to a depression. If any corner of a plot is extended than it results in a corresponding depression in some other direction. For instance, if the south-east corner of a plot is extended towards the east direction, than both the east direction and the north-east corner will be depressed and considered as missing in this plot of land. This is as much true for a house on own land as it is for an apartment in a high rise building.  Such an affliction of the East and North-East would lead to a drastic decrease in the benefic influences of the planets Sun (east) and Jupiter (north-east) on the life of the residents, specially the head of the family and his elder son. There could even be a serious mental or physical handicap to the male members.

This leads us to the very first question of a configuration of a Vaastu friendly plot, what should its shape be? A plot that has all the corners and main directions fully available is the geometric shape of a rectangular or a square. No other geometric shape qualifies for this perfection and thus will always lack in one or more benefic influences. Therefore in North India most houses are built on rectangular shaped plots. The unfortunate consequences of a missing N-E corner have a very high repeatability This is true for a flat or a house. Either the head of the family or his eldest son will suffer the negative influences. The timing of such negative influences concides with the dasha and transit of the malefic planets as dictated in their respective horoscopes.

In Vedic astrology, Jupiter has been called the benefic par excellence.Where well placed, it can single handedly negate many malefic influences of the horoscope. Such are the beneficent qualities of Jupiter. This Jupiter when not appropriately placed or afflicted in the horoscope denies to the native its benevolence and can cause untold miseries. Similar is the situation in case of a missing N-E corner in Vaastu. Since N-E  corner is ruled by Jupiter it plays an important role  in the well being of the occupants of any building. Bed room here will cause serious health and career problems to the family member using this bed room. Kitchen and toilet in N-E are amongst the most serious affliction and always result in all round deterioration of the complete family. It will be in the interest of the occupants to carefully protect the N-E corner, keep it light and clean to the extent that it is kept pure. No dust bins are allowed in this corner. Best is to keep your Puja in this area of your house. And why not, after all the diety that rules over this direction is none other than Lord Siva. Brought to you by food catering, thanks for reading!