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What Is The Best Vitamin C Serum For Your Face

The fountain of youth; anti-wrinkle serum is the age old question. Simply watch the video below to learn how to keep your youth.

Video: DS Domination Review

Watch this DS Domination Review video below – it gives you 3 Big Warnings From A Top Leader

Bio-Based PG Is Healthy and Green – Go Green All The Way!


Are you looking for a safer and better type of electronic cigarette oil that is completely tasteless?  Then look no further than Bio-Based PG or plant-based propylene glycol! Basically Bio-PG is a ‘green type’ propylene glycol, made exclusively from corn, with no petroleum content, from 100% renewable sources. As far as the environment is concerned, propylene glycol is neither persistent nor does bio-accumulate, as it is readily biodegradable. Best of all, it is safe!

  • http://biobasedpg.wordpress.com/ sell a new and innovative plant based Propylene Glycol also known as “PG”
  • Until recently all Propylene Glycol PG has been a byproduct of petrol, [or natural gas, or oil industry]
  • Bio Based PG plant based PG is certified KOSHER. [or our plant based propylene glycol is certified as KOSHER]
  • There is no such thing as Organic PG or Organic Propylene Glycol but plant based is the next best thing
  • Because of a change in molecules, no propylene glycol can be called “natural” so there is no such thing as natural PG or natural propylene glycol
  • Our propylene glycol PG has GRAS status with U.S. Food and Drugs Administration [or FDA]
  • Bio based PG [Propylene Glycol] has no taste and is a clear viscous liquid. [Or Plant based or botanically based]
  • Some effort to put oil based PG down with tact…
  • Our propylene glycol is USP grade

Although there is no such thing as organic propylene glycol we do sell the world’s first plant based propylene glycol and it is certified KOSHER. Until recently the only origin for propylene glycol was as a petrol byproduct meaning propylene glycol was made as a byproduct of the oil industry. Propylene Glycol is the main solvent used in flavor manufacturing to compound flavor. It is also usually the main component of the electronic cigarette. Other than a slightly sweet taste, Propylene Glycol is a relatively tasteless clear viscous liquid.

Generally recognized as safe [GRAS] by the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration propylene glycol is used widely in the production of food. It is also used as a solvent and humectants and a preservative due to is natural antimicrobial nature. If you’re looking for a natural alternative to Propylene Glycol botanical based PG, then this may be the closest you are going to get. Watch the video below and check out their website here

“Go Green All The Way!”

Mark Begich Still Embracing Obamacare – Alaska

Looks like Mark Begich is still embracing Obamacare. After he said “If you like your healthcare you can keep it. From ads Mark Begich put put it looks like he is actually going to run on Healthcare. He has laughed off grassroots attempts to defund Obamacare. Both Mark Begich and Mark Pryor laughed about a suggestion that they would vote to defund Obamacare. Watch the video below to learn more.

Video: Senator Kay Hagan – Obamacare

Kay Hagan said she supported Obamacare and says it reached 7.1 million users. Although recently a report came out saying there were many duplicates. She said because of the amount of people that signed up showed that Barack Obama’s health care law is important.

Watch the video below to learn more:

Google Fax Service – More Convenient, Faster, and Better

google fax serviceHere’s why you should dump your fax machine and instead shift to an online fax service. For one, it involves several steps. If you don’t know how to operate it, you’ll need to look for the manual and figure out how to get started, which takes time and effort. Second, you’re not really sure whether the intended person has received what you faxed. Or worse, it can be read by anyone who has access to the fax machine.

Thanks to the Internet and Google, you don’t have to deal with any of the above-stated issues. With an online fax service such as Google Fax Service, the steps are less, and you’re sure that the intended person receives anything you send him. Aside from that, the fax can be sent and received anytime anywhere. The best part is, privacy is maintained.

How does it work? In the past, faxing is done through the help of a telephone line. But with an online service, the transfer is made possible with an Internet connection. With an online fax, you’ll have the option to print out the fax or read it as as PDF file. This option is not possible with the outdated fax machines. Aside from that, it’s paperless, so it saves you money and it’s good for the environment.

How do you get started? Basically, you’ll need to have a Gmail account. If you don’t have one, know that it’s easy to create one.

Another thing that you need to have is an online fax services company. This is a third-party company that handles all the back-end tasks involved in the process.  Once everything is set up with the company, you’ll be given a fax number and you’re good to use it.

To start using your Google fax service, all you have to do is to open your Gmail account. Then, compose an email just like what you do usually, and don’t forget to type in the fax number (e.g., 12345678@googlefaxservice.com. Attach the document, and then click send.

As you can see, it’s as easy as saying 1-2-3. If you can create an email, you can create and send a fax. It eliminates the need for paper, and it eliminates the need for your secretary to do the faxing. Again, this comes in handy if you want to maintain the privacy and secrecy of your documents.

The video below explains how easy it is to set up your online fax service account.

What You Need to Know about Pashto Songs


Pashto Songs are very popular in the North West nations of Asia. These songs are mainly enjoyed in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The music form is so popular that there are thousands of downloads being done on a daily basis. The songs are based on different concepts like love, nature and life and have a traditional music concept. Gul Panra is popular for her songs and has recorded many hits since her debut. The music has different set of genres and all of them have a different style attached to them. The oldest form of Pashto Songs is called as Tappa.

Tappa being the oldest can be referred as the origin of the music form and still has its importance. This genre basically is based on human emotions and aspirations. There are a lot of Pashto Stage Shows that happen on a regular basis and have numerous visitors. Due to the increasing popularity of this music form, there are a lot of online portals where these stage shows and Pashto Videos are available for download. The music has also been recognized by many international committees and has made its mark in the heart of many music lovers. The other popular genre in this music is called as Charbetta. It is based on epic poems and special rhythms. It is further divided in to four parts based on the number of lines the poem has.

Many prominent people in the world of music have considered this music form to be soothing and inspiring. There are a lot of singers who sing Pashto Songs and are recognized by famous artists from around the world. Following Charbetta are the other genres like Neemakai, Loba, Shaan, Badala and Rubayi. Neemakai is majorly composed by women and contain 1 to 3 lines. Loba basically stresses on storytelling where two or more people communicate in a poetic form. Shaan is sung at happy occasions like marriage and child birth. Badala is a form of Pashto Music composed as a professional form of folk music and is also referred to as ballad. The rubayi is the Pashto form of ghazal. The songs have a great effect and elevate the mood and the music itself has deeper meaning attached to it.

Many songs have been released and have millions of online hits. The videos of some songs have even made news in the nation where the language is spoken. All the Pashto Songs are available for download and some sites even allow streaming of the videos. Both the video and audio songs can be downloaded with a high quality print. The songs are also available with their lyrics as the new generation of this digital world demands. The popularity is increasing everyday and you can have a look at the videos to see what makes them so popular. The websites can be easily found by performing an online search and you can get acquainted with this art form.

Video: Playa Del Carmen Real Estate

Watch the below video to learn more about how to find real estate in Google. If you are looking for real estate in Playa Del Carmen this is for you


The music video of the song ‘what was yesterday’ is produced by a German band named ‘My Secret Island’. The genre of the song is alternative rock, or you might say crossover. The video is a perfect blend of mystery and horror. The lyrical and thought provoking song is from the new album of the band and has got a plenty of reviews.


The video captures a man, who seems like a soldier, trying to find a place to hide in. He finds a woman on his way and follows her to a creepy place. The place is more like a cell which withholds prisoners and the woman is described as the wife to the doctor behind her. They turn the man in to the zombie by injecting him with something and he goes wild.


The video has a very deep meaning in it if you see it from the start. The beginning tells that the year at present is 2031 and the world has not been the place it used to be. All the earth is devastated and there is no sign of humanity and mankind. The lines suggest that people think only wars and fights are the worst parts but they don’t think what is ahead of us. The nuclear wars in the world have changed the shape of mankind and now they are in a completely different situation. The few survivors of the war are finding their way to establish a life.

The survivors of the earth shown in the video are living in totally different circumstances than before the nuclear destruction. The people left don’t know what they have done to themselves and are continuously creating problems for them. The vision of the whole world is changes starting with houses burned down and people turned into zombies.


‘What was yesterday’ is a timeless zombie music video with a post-apocalyptic touch. The whole idea behind the video is very deep. It tries to give people a sneak peak in to the world coming after us. It suggests that the nuclear war is a major threat and after that people will be deformed. Also a point shown there is that people are creating destruction for themselves. The mankind has created weapon of their own destruction, about which they thing they are successful. Even the war has caused much ruins the leftovers are more dangerous.




Musicload: http://goo.gl/N43Nz4
Amazon: http://goo.gl/aiqr0O
iTunes: http://goo.gl/BNV4xd

Mercedes-Benz Repair Beverly Hills Checklist

Are you searching for Mercedes-Benz repair in the Beverly Hills area? Look no further, watch the video below!

Video: Sneaker Trends 2014 With ZOO Fashions

Zoofashions.com guys discuss some of their favorite sneakers for 2014. Their favorite sneakers include luxury sneakers from Saint Laurent, Givenchy, and Rick Owens, in this video, they highlight some key trends alongside short reviews on each stand out sneaker. Watch the video below –

Garcinia Camogia Extract – What Makes This Weight Loss So Supplement Effective?

There are many different diet strategies on the market nowadays, but have you researched pure Garcinia Cambogia extract? Below is a video that I encourage you to watch. You might find Garcinia Cambogia extract right for you.

It’s Now Easier to get an Affordable Freelance Voice for Explainer Videos

videoThe web has been buzzing recently with web explainer videos becoming more affordable for anyone to add to their website. Sourcing a professional voice actor and animator has been the biggest hurdle many have had to contend with. But now thanks to a brand new voice over website, it’s easier than ever before.

ExplainerVoiceOvers.com connects those needing a voice specialist with the broadcast quality recording equipment with clients.

As the voice uses their own home professional studio, rates are cut in half. The site has streamlined the process so that anyone can now access a professional service without going through an expensive voice over agency.

Video is one of the most proven forms of communication. Through design and visual communication creating spectacular custom animated videos explain what you have to offer to your target audience in under 2 minutes!

The process for casting a professional voice actor usually begins by sending samples of voice artists who would probably fit the script best. Once a talent is chosen the client can then ahead and hire the voice over for the video.

They are referred to by many different names, including: ‘app movies’, ‘product trailers’, ‘intro videos’. What makes them so memorable are the writers, directors with HD cameras, and editors with After Effects, Final Cut, and fun sounding software that normal people will never care to know.  Explainer videos are typically produced with motion graphic animation, or whiteboard animation, but some are live video productions.  The only limit is the imagination and the budget.

That’s where ExplainerVoiceOvers.com steps in offerings rates from just $55 for a recording of up to 30 seconds.

These fantastic looking videos are used for a variety of purposes, including the presentation of information on business, products or services. They are used as sales videos, training videos, induction videos or even as part of a pitch or proposal. Explainer video voice over recordings are such an effective communication tool because they not only present complex information in a simplified and easy to digest manner, but they also appeal to the various ways that different audience members absorb information.

Auditions are always free and there’s no commitment if you don’t find a voice you like!

Video: Does Garcinia Cambogia Extract Pure Work?

Looking for healthy ways to lose weight? Perhaps Garcinia Cambogia Extract Pure will work for you. Watch the video below to learn more!

Video: Lake Louise Accommodations – Johnston Canyon Resort Canada

Ready to take a vacation at the beautiful Johnston Canyon Resort in Canada? Visit www.johnstoncanyon.com or call (888) 378-1720 for more information.