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Gold Class Transfers

gold class transfersGetting of an airplane after a very long flight can be one of the best feelings in the world. When you do land, you do not want to have to think too much about getting a ride home or to the hotel, and you certainly do not want to have to search for a trustworthy service to get you to and from where you want to go. If you are vacationing in Brisbane, or you live there and need a ride to and from the airport, you should look into using Gold Class Transfers for all of your needs.

Airport transfers in Brisbane are dominated by the top notch service of Gold Class Transfers. They are ranked highly due to their impeccable service, low cost for luxury transfers, and they price match their competitors. This is one service that you can guarantee will be on time when you need them to be, and they are child friendly, which means you and the family can book them and not be turned away.

All of their vehicles have Wi-Fi and chilled water within them, to make your life a little bit nicer, either before that long plane ride or after it. They also are available all day, every day, and will even provide a wakeup call if you need them or want them to. There is no other service that can give you this level of hospitality while you are traveling, a common taxi cab certainly will not.

When you travel, you should not have to worry about airport transfers, and in Brisbane, you will have no worries at all. Gold Class Transfers takes all of the stress away in regards to how you will end up at the airport or finding a taxi to get home from the airport. They have got you covered, and you will be extremely happy with their service.

When you book your airport transfers Brisbane, you will be pleased to know that the fee that is quoted to you either by the driver or the website is the one you will pay. You never have to worry about unexpected or extra fees pop up. Gold Class Transfers will get you where you need to be, all with an honest and friendly service. Also, the vehicle that is provided will be to suit your needs, so if you are a single person traveling, you will have a small compact car whereas a family will have a van. It is all about comfort and making sure you start or end your vacation off on the right foot. Please visit http://goldclasstransfers.com.au/ for more information.

Mount Baker Resort, Glacier, Washington, USA

resortIf you are looking for a getaway, discover the unknown spots on Mount Baker, located In the state of Washington in the United States.  As a classic resort, Snowater Lodge is a great place to stay if you want to take your time exploring all of the activities that fit your interests on Mount Baker.  The townhomes of Snowater Lodge typically have private decks to savor the beauty of the mountain and surrounding rivers while you have the comfort of knowing the Snowater Timeshare Association makes up the residential community with its condos.  The vacation rentals are designed to make a cozy environment for your stay that may remind you of home and provide relaxation.

For immediate activities, the Snowater recreation buildings have several features that attract travelers to stay.  With 2 heated pools, a jacuzzi, and sauna, people have the optimal amount of opportunities to find their inner calm and think about deeper things than the hustle and bustle at home.  Furthermore, the resort offers the facilities to play racquetball and tennis (4 tennis courts), fitting almost any athletic interest with a fitness center, too.

Amenities are promised to be complete with a full kitchen and everything needed to create a homely atmosphere.  This includes a washer and dryer, grill, dishwasher, microwave, and fireplace. Despite the large number of benefits, visitors need to be aware of issues in this remote area.  Although there are telephones and TV sets in the units, cell phones do not work at the resort and cable/satellite is unavailable.  No pets are allowed and Wi-Fi is available in the common areas with 2 hotspots, but limited usage.  Additional amenities include an outdoor play area and indoor “toddler room” for the young ones to have their fun.

Activities at Mount Baker resort calls for adventure seekers and those daring to discover new memories.  Skiing is a sport that is fit to interest many sporty fanatics who love to hit the slopes.  Hiking and seeking picture opportunities will not be a problem for those on Mount Baker because a multitude of ecosystems are the homes to wildlife that most have never dreamt of seeing.  The Butchart Gardens are historical reminders that carry year-round flowering plants and have received international recognition for their beauty.  If looking for civilization, look no further than Bellingham, where the city encourages tourism and embracing local culture.  Rest and relaxation will surely become embedded in yourself before you leave Snowater and Mount Baker. Visit http://www.snowater.org for more info!

Travel In Style With The Best Airport Transfers Brisbane

airport travelWhen visiting Brisbane, you must plan in advance how you are going to move from the airport to your home or hotel. A good transport method will make the final journey comfortable. There are many airport transfers Brisbane companies, but today, you can hire the Gold Class Transfers to get a luxurious airport transfer.

When you book for an airport transfer Brisbane, you get a relaxed, private and safe transportation to arrive at your hotel. The good thing with this airport transfer is that you can go choose the door to door transportation on a 24/7. In fact, this company will transport you from Brisbane to other areas like Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast and Byron Bay.

Available cars for hire

Just as the name goes, your airport transfers Brisbane is made luxurious as the company offers several types of cars to hire. It depends on your pocket, but all are aimed to give you luxury and safety.

You can hire the Mercedes Viano that carries 7 passengers and gives you enough room to carry four suitcases and an additional 3 small cases. You can hire the VW Multivan to travel in style that carries 7 passengers and comes with enough leg room. It is ideal for a large family.

The Holden Carprice satisfies your needs and allows you to arrive safely. This car gives power, style and performances. It is an ideal arrangement for those in corporate, wedding and other use. It has space for four passengers.

For those arriving in Brisbane as a group, let says of ten people, they can go with the VW Crofter with 13 seats or the Mitsubishi Rosa with the capacity to carry 24 passengers. When you call the Gold Class Transfers, choose any car to transport your colleagues and family in style and luxury to different destinations.

What makes the service provider different?

Your airport transfers Brisbane must be done in style, with a pocket-friendly arrangement and in luxury. The Gold Class Transfers Company is different from others because it is available 24/7 with the door to door services.

It is among the low-cost service providers in Brisbane and the quotes given inclusive. When you book for your transfers, the chauffeurs arrive on time. Besides, the driver handles the luggage on your behalf.

You will also have an easy time surfing the internet free of charge, refreshment to cool your thirst and for those who love reading, there are different reading materials inside the car.

7 Best Tips For Choosing A Professional Wedding Caterer

It is not the easiest task to find a suitably professional catering service for a marriage ceremony. As in every occasion, the meal plays an integral part at a wedding and as the host, you need to ensure that the dishes served leave the guests feeling enchanted. Choosing a catering service is the preferred option for most as it is highly convenient compared to other prospects.

In case you wish to hire a catering Brisbane service for an upcoming marriage function you need to ensure that you hire a reliable name, one who will be able to serve you in keeping with the local standards of the catering industry. Apart from preparing delectable dishes, a caterer also needs to ensure that excellent service is provided.

A wedding ceremony is not quite worthwhile if it is not memorable. In order to ensure a memorable experience, here is a list of the top tips to follow while hiring a catering Brisbane service for your next function.

Do some consulting: Recommendations can be obtained from your colleagues, friends, and relatives. Culinary schools, popular event planners, and the function venues are also good sources from where you can obtain suitable recommendations. Partner caterers can be found at most venues, thus saving you a lot of trouble.

Check what the caterer specializes in: It is always recommended that you find out the caterer’s specialties. See if the service is capable of taking care of big events. There are a number of services who are equipped to handle only the smaller events.

Seek references: Check with the catering Brisbane service if they will be able to provide you with testimonials, reviews, or references from parties they have recently served. If the caterer provides you all that you need readily, it is worth trusting the service.

Check the catering license: The catering service you decide to go ahead with should have an appropriate license so run a cross-check with the local health department to confirm their credentials. This is where you will get to know about their history, if any, of complaints, violations, and bad records.

Get a sample quotation: Before you sign on any form of contract, ask the caterer to give you a quotation. It is always good to have a clear idea of the extra services and special items you will be provided with at the price you are being asked to pay.

Schedule a tasting session: Ask the caterer to do a sample presentation wherein they provide you with a demo of the table setup and allow you to taste some of the items on the menu. Inform the catering service beforehand if you wish to have waiting staff during the party.

Thoroughly go through the contract: When the caterer provides you with a contract, ensure that you thoroughly read every line of it before making a down payment or signing along the dotted lines.

At Essence Catering Brisbane, we provide catering solutions for all social occasions. Our long-term association in the catering industry is a testimonial of our commitment to providing the very best service at the most affordable of prices. While our experienced and creative staff provide an assortment of dishes to leave your guests craving for more, we have a team of friendly staff members to ensure a smooth flow to the function.

With Essence Catering, you are guaranteed to get your fair share of the fun while ensuring your guests can leave feeling satisfied to the core. Please visit http://goldclasstransfers.com.au for more information.

Is It Worth Hiring a Private Jet to Singapore?

jet charter
Is a private jet charter to Singapore worth the expense? Have you ever heard anyone rave about a commercial airline? Well you may have but it was roughly 30 years ago since anyone has really had any pleasure in flying. Commercial airlines have quite a few issues that seem not to be improving. If you do not mind wasting time and being aggravated and crammed on to an overbooked flight than a commercial airline is a consideration but if you are ready to travel the way travel was intended than you should rent a private jet to Singapore.

Sharing the Cost
If you are traveling with a small group and want to split the cost of the chartered private jet you will be extremely surprised to find that this makes the possibility of a private jet a lot more financially feasible.

When you consider the “actual” cost of flying commercial you will find that the savings of being uncomfortable on your journey is actually not that grand to begin with. Commercial airlines literally nickel and dime you to death for a trip that is uncomfortable.

Baggage Costs
Commercial airlines charge you extra baggage costs that are not covered by the advertised or special air fares. Trying to cram what you need into a specified sized bag that will fit in the overhead carry compartment never quite works out but adding luggage to your ticket can quickly make that bargain priced ticket climb into the not so bargain price range.

The Airlines Will Make Money
Those tickets that commercial airlines offer seem to be such a value really are not. One way or the other the commercial airlines are going to make money. They overbook each and every flight (which causes ridiculous delays) they charge for every extra ounce of your baggage and every single extra bag and they even charge for extra drinks on board.

You have to ask yourself at some point what are you paying for when you purchase your ticket? The airlines understand how it seems when you purchase a low cost ticket but the reality is that is just the “base” price you are paying for the bare minimum. Literally you are paying for your seat! Traveling with luggage? That is extra. Hungry? That is extra. Thirsty? That is extra.

When you rent a jet to Singapore all of the above and beyond is included in the fees. Is it worth it? Yes it is!

The Setup On Manners, Wellington New Zealand

setup manner

Now that you’ve decided to go, you simply must know!  If you are on a budget and need to spend as little as two days or as many as two months without breaking the bank, then the Setup on Manners, serviced apartment in Wellington is the ideal place to go!

Not only is the Setup affordable and comfortable, it also boasts a variety of rooms which are safe, self-contained, enjoyable and catering to every individual need. The set up is ideally located with only a few minutes’ walk to all major hot spots, must see places and city amenities, making it a must stay on your next visit to Wellington. High among the hotspots and amenities include the Cuba Street Mall, Civic Square and Te Papa, as well as Wellington Cable Car.

They say that in real estate, location is everything, well; this principle has been added in locating The Setup, such that you will be staying along the Golden Mile which makes it so much easier to spend more of your time and money visiting and enjoying Wellington, as opposed to anything else.

Now for the modern traveller, the importance of WiFi connectivity simply cannot be overrated. At the Setup, we understand the need to stay connected regardless of the purpose of travel. With this in mind, not only have we provided WiFi access, but we have gone a step further by providing WiFi access absolutely free when you book with the Setup. But that’s not all; we’ve taken it a step further to provide more data for longer stay. Makes sense right? This is simply part of our commitment to providing a comfortable living experience once you book with us. Wifi access is available free in all public places as well as free in all our rooms.

At the Setup corporate apartments in Wellington, we also boast welcome rewards which offer free nights after your stay, available upon booking. This is great, right? So about your potential room, you get the option of selecting a studio with a queen bed, a studio with a king-sized bed or twin beds, a deluxe studio, a family studio, a studio with a single bed or a one bedroom apartment.

The Setup on Manners Apartment Hotel have a total of forty-six guest rooms and two categories of guests: children: 0-17; and adults 18 and over. However, it is also important to note that pets are not allowed and that the Setup is a smoke free property.

Additionally, bathrooms are shared and hair dryers are available upon request. A refrigerator is also available upon request, should there be a need to store any food or drink inside your room. All requests are done through the front desk.

Check in time is from 2pm-7pm and check out time is 10 am. A deposit is required upon check in and can be made via either cash or credit card. This also requires a government issued photo ID card. Additionally, it is also important to note that there is no parking available on the property. Visit www.setupmanners.co.nz

So now you know, book the Setup; it’s time to go.  See you soon.

The reason behind why Bangkok is regarded as a main holiday location

Bangkok is almost certainly the commercial and governmental center of Thailand. With dramaticmodernizationalong withincomedevelopment, experts agree it ismeasuredwith the world’stopmetropolitan areasconsistentlyin recent times. Why then is Bangkok exceptionallyleadingin everyvacationer‘s dreamspot? Read moreto search for thelogical reasons why Bangkok can be thePlanet’sLeadingTown.

could be described as a townwhichpresents a diverseviewinthe capital deep National wonder. A travelerwill certainlytake joy instrikingviewpoints of royalcastles – Bangkok is swamped with the historical structuresalong withmanygalleries, that isadequatelystocked with importantartifacts. Bangkok tourvacation packagesinclude things likeholiday makerexcursions to Grand Palace, Buddhisttempleswhich includes Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Arun and so on. It’s possible tofurthermoreacquiresome parts of Hinduism in Thai traditionby the Giant Swing coupled with the Erawan Shrine. Thailand has become the the onecountry on earth which includessuperbethnicassortiment of a variety ofsignificantAsiannations. Traditionally, Bangkok has provides as a pointinterlinking Western and Eastern cultures. The sign of this particular abounds throughout the town.


serves as the entryin to thetotal of Thailand. Thailand is going to be a land which is crammed withtremendousnationalmuralsas well astraditionalart works. Even thoughsituated in Asia, it presentsremarkable and very exactlocalisedcharacter. Being centrally based, Bangkok is the entrance which permitsglobalvisitorsto journeyall through Thailand via river, railor perhapsaeroplanes.

The Vimanmek Palace
serves up the largest teakwood palacein the world, the magnificant vimanmek palace. The intention ofthis excellentMansion, erected in1901, was toexhibit the country’sethnicheritage. The venerated King of the people, King Chulalongkorn, had provisioned the development of thegreatmansion that is the home of the the right giftsanditems, which he obtained from throughout the globe. Bangkok getawaydealsenabletravelers to delight inadmittance to this impressiveplace for a opportunity of a life time.

providesdistinctlyexaltenightlife. Nightclubs and night-lifecentersspecificallyproviding the worldwideholidaymakerswill likely be thehugevisitors attractionsfound in Bangkok. In addition toentertainmentnight clubs, there are manyan exceptionalshopping center that possessescheapfantasticobjects to the vacation goers. No Bangkok travel and leisureplan is donewithout ago tothis uniquecity’sflamboyantnight life.

The beautiful green park
parks are amongthe prettiestacross the world. The best park may well be the Lumphini Park which provides you witha field of 54 hectares. Bangkok parks provides yououtstandingmix ofgreeneryin addition towaterviewsalong withboat rides etc. This uniqueblend ofwater and greenerywill assure that your perceptionsreachan entertainingleveland you simplyget hold ofglamorousremembrancesperpetually.

For professional Taxi Bangkok service from Bangkok to the airport or to other popular cities such as Pattaya, Hua Hin, Ayutthaya, Kanchanaburi or Rayong, use only Thai Happy Taxi. The leading name in providing servicing at competitive price and professional handling and booking.


carrier bagUK government passed a legislation in recent weeks that has been widely contested by the public. The main talking point was that the legislation itself is quite confusing and makes no one happy. The carrier bag industry is one deeply effected this flawed legislation, they claim that the law could have been implemented in a better way to enforce the reduction of the use of carrier bags.

The industry is very keen to support the legislation in order to protect the environment. The carrier bag industry has already been working on for the alternatives of the plastic bags. One of the notable companies to take this step is OverSolve Carrier Bags Ltd. The company has been in the carrier bag business for more than two decades and holds a respectable status amongst its valued customers.

Types of Carrier bags manufactured by Oversolve:

  • Plastic Carrier Bags
  • Paper Carrier Bags
  • Laminated Carrier Bags
  • PP Woven Bags
  • Non PP Woven Bags
  • Denia Nylon Bags
  • Mailing Bags
  • HD Vest Carrier Bags
  • Aperture Carrier Bags
  • Die Cut Handle Carrier Bags
  • Flexiloop Carrier Bags
  • Printed Carrier Bags
  • Rope Handle Plastoc Carrier Bags
  • Tape Handle Paper Carrier Bags
  • Twisted Paper Handle Carrier Bags
  • Kraft Bags
  • Cord Handle Laminated Bags
  • Ribbon Handle Carrier Bags


  • Cotton Bags
  • Jute Bags

OverSolve Carrier Bags was created back in 1992 by the Steven Thornhill & Ian Brinkler, the company manufactures all types of carrier bags available at very affordable prices. The company has its own dedicated printing and manufacturing facility and produces well over 2 million printed bags per year. Over the years the company has developed trading links with other renowned factories to offer various types of handbags. The most striking feature of Oversolve is its eco-friendly carrier bags that are perfectly safe for the environment, developed under the safety hazards.

printed carrier bags

Croatia Holiday Home Rental – Review:

Croatia Holiday Home Rental

Croatia is full of scenic beauty and mesmerizing natural locations, people from all over the world and especially neighbor countries visit Croatia for recreational activities in summer season. Croatia is one of the most beautiful European country having beautiful holiday destinations of every kind. The country offers a lot to the travelers, Croatia has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. The Croatian coast is one of the lengthiest in Europe, having a total length of 1200 km.  If you are planning to spend your time in summer then Croatia is definitely a perfect choice.

Being a popular destination Croatia offers excellent housing and residence facilities to its visitors. Croatian people are well known for their hospitality and its worth experiencing. If you are planning to spend a holiday in any of the premium and VIP location in Croatia then there is none better than the Croatia Holiday Home Rentals. The company has a huge network all over the country at every VIP holiday location and offer excellent residential services to its guests.

Whether you are looking for rental apartments or rental homes, the company has got everything for you at an excellent price. The company provides most beautiful and exclusive holiday homes in Croatia, they include luxurious personal homes, residential apartments and VIP cottages right on the seafront with private pools.

The company offers complete information and travel guide to its guests. The company has a huge network of homes stretched all over the beach and you can spend some memorable beach holidays. Whether you are on a honey moon trip or you have a family with you, the Croatia Holiday Home Rental has every type of accommodation available.

All of the apartments, homes, cottages are fully equipped with all the luxury items and basic necessity items. The kitchens are fully furnished with everything placed in the best possible manner. The bedrooms and lounges make you feel right at home, the company representatives are forever ready to help and assist you, they are a mere phone call away.

If you are looking for the best holiday experience in Croatia and you want It to be memorable one then Croatia Holiday Home Rentals is your destination. Please visit www.vip-urlaub.de for more information.

Siem Reap Hostels – My top picks

Asia is a growing tourist destination and in order to meet the tourist needs leading hostel operators in Asia are improving the amenities and facilities in the hostels and hotels that service their clients, they are also becoming more innovative and modernised in the way they attract customers.  Having spent the most recent of my jaunts in Cambodia here is my review of the top hostels in Siem Reap.

Top Pick  – The Mad Monkey

themadmonkeyWith several locations in Cambodia the Mad Monkey group of hostels needs no introduction and is the clear winner. This hostel is a backpacker’s paradise. Located in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Kampot this chain of hostels is nominated as one of the leading hostel operators in Asia.   Stay here if you want the authentic South East Asia backpacking experience or take one of The Mad Monkey escorted tours around Cambodia for the full immersion tour.

In all 3 locations the hostel is centrally located and offers a great stay to families, independent travellers and backpackers, but be warned The Mad Monkey is always a party place, as the number one party hostel in Cambodia don’t visit them if you are really picky about sleep.

In Kampot and Siem Reap the Mad Monkey is a budget hostel with a difference. The hostel has a large pool and both have a poolside bar offering local and international beverages including cocktails and mocktails with local flavours.

Rooms at the Mad Monkey range from $5 – $25 per day depending on if you are willing to share a dorm or want your own private room. The facilities at the hostels include a rooftop bar with a view of the city, library, TV room and a full schedule of tours and activities at each hostel.  In each hostel you will find a restaurant offering Khmer and international cuisine, the food is always excellent and the vibe always chilled. If you can stay at The Mad Monkey in Phnom Penh, Kampot and Siem Reap then do, they are busy so book up online or you will end up staying somewhere else. Even if you can not get in here, if you are backpacking in Cambodia make sure you visit them even if to just visit the bar or you will be missing out on a Cambodian backpacking institution.

Runner Up  – The Siem Reap Hostel

thesiemreaphostelSiem Reap is a popular tourist destination in Asia and the city has many hostels and hotels. The Siem Reap hostel is a common choice with backpackers and independent travellers. The hostel offers comfortable accommodation at a low price. For a daily cost as low as $8 guests can either choose to live in a dormitory setting or a private room with en-suite bathrooms. Guests who choose to live in a private room also get breakfast included with their meal. The great part of this hostel group is the fact that they offer long-term rates to guests looking to extend their stay in Siem Reap significant discounts, although the rooms are pretty expensive compared to the competition certainly the service quality is there.  My only issue about my stay here was that there was not really a lot going on, generally the hostel seemed to be full with quiet retiring types that always wanted to go to bed early, not really my scene but certainly the runner up based on the quality of the rooms if nothing else.

Third Place – The Palm Garden Lodge

palmgardenThe Palm Garden Lodge in Siem Reap is another popular choice with international and local travellers. This budget friendly hostel is one of the leading choices by the super budget conscious. Located a mere 5 minute walk from Old Market, the Siem Reap river and the night market thereby making it a popular choice. The hostel also has private rooms with shared and en-suite bathrooms. Rooms are either air-conditioned or with a fan and all rooms have free Wi Fi.  One can also use the free bicycle rentals at the hostel. Those who book their reservations prior to their stay can avail of free pick up services from the airport.  Again at this hostel not really a lot going on, the rooms are not that great but for the price it really does offer great value. 

How to choose right NJ Movers

movers and packersGetting the service of the right moving company requires extensive research. Although hiring a moving company provides ease in your life when you move into your new place but when you make the wrong choice it leads to putting the safety of your belongings at risk. Likewise, chances of paying unreasonable charges are possible in case you hire a moving company that hides charges that are not included in the given quote.

Resettlement process consists of packing, loading, unloading. You have to give up work to move your stuff from this company that can handle your things properly the more moving companies, the more likely that the chance to get your stuff safely moved. If you have thin power to move, it can be a little burden on the pocket. In general, the cost of hiring a moving company varies from one company to another because of their different marketing strategies. It also depends on the amount of goods that you want to get passed along to the distance they travel from one place to another. All these factors are considered for fixing the location of the charges.

After the plan was created, and you can choose what you will bring a new office or home. Of course, you would like to bring as many items as you possibly can. You can bring any item that is in your home or office. You do not have to worry about leaving many of them behind. This could be a script, if you decide to go to the individual.

Unlike others you might think of packing your belongings by yourself but not get where to start from. In fact this is a real big issue to decide what to carry and what to leave behind. In fact a strategic and careful packing, as offered by a reputable NJ Movers, can save your time, money and a great deal of effort. It is good to start your packing process minimum a month prior to your moving date. You must sort out the things that are not needed anymore. Lessening up your burden is a most essential matter to think over, as the process can reduce your transportation charges in turn. You can buy moving kits from your local retailer or can collect packing boxes from friends or store houses. Start packing your belongings with respect to their importance- like, you must pack things that you do not need right away.

The Art & Science Vaastu Shastra

scopeIn Vedic astrology, nine planets are considered to guide the destiny of a person. In Vaastu shastra these same nine planets are considered to be ruling over every building we live in or work in. Each one of them has been assigned a direction. East is ruled by Sun, South-East by Venus, South by Mars, South-West by Rahu, West by Saturn, North-West by Moon, North by Mercury and the North-East by Jupiter and Ketu. In strict sense Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu are not planets, but that is the way our ancients considered them when the concepts and principles of Indian Vedic Astrology were being formed. Rahu and Ketu are the astrologically sensitive nodal points and are created due to the intersection of Moons orbit with the Ecleptic at two places. The nine planets impart their characteristics to the direction they rule over . For instance, Sun is the significator of learning, health, opportunities in life, creativity, progress, eyes, father , heart and cardiac problems. If the east direction of a dwelling is afflicted than a corresponding affliction will definitely take place in some or all the significations for which Sun stands for. Look around and examine those houses which do not have an open east or a window or a door in east or those which have been built with no open land in east. You are more likely to find a poor life style, cardiac problems to the head of the family, poor academic performance of the children and general health problems. Similarly, the North and its ruling planet Mercury signify business, finances, intelligence, lady of the house, prosperity etc. A north direction ground level or the built up area higher than the corresponding south direction features will result in the affliction of the north. If the north-west is extended in the plot towards the north direction, it means that the north will now be depressed and thus afflicted. Residents of such a house will have perpetual financial struggle at their hands, failures in business enterprise, sickly lady of the house, more than usual obstacles in day to day life.

So that the residents enjoy the benefic influences of the nine planets, it is necessary that all the four directions and the four corners of the plot of land should be in place, none missing due to a depression. If any corner of a plot is extended than it results in a corresponding depression in some other direction. For instance, if the south-east corner of a plot is extended towards the east direction, than both the east direction and the north-east corner will be depressed and considered as missing in this plot of land. This is as much true for a house on own land as it is for an apartment in a high rise building.  Such an affliction of the East and North-East would lead to a drastic decrease in the benefic influences of the planets Sun (east) and Jupiter (north-east) on the life of the residents, specially the head of the family and his elder son. There could even be a serious mental or physical handicap to the male members.

This leads us to the very first question of a configuration of a Vaastu friendly plot, what should its shape be? A plot that has all the corners and main directions fully available is the geometric shape of a rectangular or a square. No other geometric shape qualifies for this perfection and thus will always lack in one or more benefic influences. Therefore in North India most houses are built on rectangular shaped plots. The unfortunate consequences of a missing N-E corner have a very high repeatability This is true for a flat or a house. Either the head of the family or his eldest son will suffer the negative influences. The timing of such negative influences concides with the dasha and transit of the malefic planets as dictated in their respective horoscopes.

In Vedic astrology, Jupiter has been called the benefic par excellence.Where well placed, it can single handedly negate many malefic influences of the horoscope. Such are the beneficent qualities of Jupiter. This Jupiter when not appropriately placed or afflicted in the horoscope denies to the native its benevolence and can cause untold miseries. Similar is the situation in case of a missing N-E corner in Vaastu. Since N-E  corner is ruled by Jupiter it plays an important role  in the well being of the occupants of any building. Bed room here will cause serious health and career problems to the family member using this bed room. Kitchen and toilet in N-E are amongst the most serious affliction and always result in all round deterioration of the complete family. It will be in the interest of the occupants to carefully protect the N-E corner, keep it light and clean to the extent that it is kept pure. No dust bins are allowed in this corner. Best is to keep your Puja in this area of your house. And why not, after all the diety that rules over this direction is none other than Lord Siva. Brought to you by food catering, thanks for reading! 

Top Scuba Diving Center In Koh Tao

scuba diving

After a few years of teaching diving on Koh Tao at various dive centers, I have generally found that teaching smaller teams creates stronger divers. If you’re wanting to take an Open Water Course, you would ideally like your instructor’s attention just in case you would like his help. Also, some folks would like slightly longer than others when learning the various abilities needed to become a proficient diver. You never wish to feel pressured or hurried throughout your course. This additionally applies to certified divers looking for fun diving. You’d like the divemaster to have sufficient time to point out the various attractions of a dive site, and furthermore don’t wish to be bumping into other divers as you swim around! This is why we opt for small group sizes at Roctopus Dive – to deliver the very best diving experience!

Here area unit our top five Koh Tao dive sites:

#1 Chumphon Pinnacle
When conditions are good and also the visibility is wonderful, Chumphon Pinnacle is the best dive Koh Tao site has got to provide. Situated 40mins boat journey from Koh Tao, Chumphon may be a deeper divesite going down to 30m. There’s one main pinnacle that comes to about 14m below the surface, and a second smaller pinnacle known as spiny-finned fish Rock. If you’re progressing to see a whale shark on Koh Tao, likelihood is you’ll see it here! except for the whale shark sightings, you’re likely to find huge skools of barracuda (Yellow tailed and Chevron Barracuda), Trevally, Queenfish, and batfish.

#2 Southwest Pinnacle
Some can argue that Southwest Pinnacle is better than Chumphon Pinnacle; however it’s an in depth argument. The dive site is found 40mins boat journey to the South West of Koh Tao and is another deep dive site (28m). Created from several tiny pinnacles, with one massive pinnacle within the middle that reaches up to 5m below the surface. There’s a massive quantity of fish life here from large skools to hidden Scorpion fish. A brief swim away is another pinnacle known as ‘the Secret Pinnacle’, additionally good for fun diving. If you’re extraordinarily lucky, you’ll see Bryde’s Whales, however they come around perhaps once a year.

#3 Shark Island
There are not any sharks at Shark Island, which confuses some people. The island derives its name from its profile at the surface, looking like sort of a shark fin. Situated to the South West of Koh Tao, Shark Island is a nice dive site, accessible for all levels of diver. It has superb soft corals found to the south, and deeper, you’ll be able to explore round the massive boulders. This is often one among the best places for fun dives and big enough to keep you content for more than only one dive. However, typically Shark Island will have robust currents, thus be ready to kick.

#4 Green Rock
Green Rock really is a ‘fun’ dive. Placed roughly to the North West of Koh Nanguan, it offers a diver lots to explore. The primary attraction is its several ‘swim throughs’. This is often a good place to take a look at your buoyancy and additionally a good experience. Another attraction is that the ‘Trigger Pit’. This is often a neighborhood of sand that each Yellow margin and Titan triggerfish have created their home for reproduction and nesting. Watch out when swimming near triggerfish, as they’ll typically get quite aggressive (if they feel threatened).

#5 White Rock
White Rock is one among the foremost well-liked dive sites on Koh Tao, and additionally one of the most important too. About 10mins boat journey from the pier, White Rock is accessible to all or any levels of diver (as its depth ranges between 5m – 20m). This a good site for seeing an enormous plethora of aquatic life, including Turtles. It really does have it all. You furthermore may want to spend an evening dive here and see the Pickhandle Barracudas using your torch beam as a hunting aid. I can be quite exciting!

#6 Sail Rock (the unofficial #1)
Sail Rock may be a two hour boat journey from Koh Tao, so can’t truly be a part of our top five of Koh Tao’s dive sites. However, if conditions are good, Sail Rock is the best dive site within the Gulf of Thailand! You wil see an array of fish life there and also the ‘Chimney’, a vertical cave. A ‘must see’ dive site.

Fort Collins Colorado RV Dealer’s Tips to Get the Best Price

rv specials

According to reports, sales of recreational vehicles have displayed impressive figures. It can be remembered that the 2008 recession brought about a big change in the lifestyle and spending habits of many Americans. But in recent years, it looks like consumers are back to their old practices. If RV sales are a good indication, there is a pent-up demand for these vehicles that is impossible to ignore.

Are you one of these consumers who can’t wait to live the RV lifestyle? If you live in Fort Collins, you might be itching to get in touch with your Fort Collins Colorado RV dealer.

Here are some tips to save money and get the best price on your RV.

1. Remember, prices are often negotiable.

Buying an RV can often be likened to buying a car. Though there is a fixed price tag set for the car, the good news is that you can negotiate with the dealer to bring the price down. The trick is to do your research before heading out to your preferred dealer. Find out everything you can about the model of your choice, and pay close attention to its market price. Also, don’t forget to do a comparison shopping to eliminate dealers whose RVs don’t fit your budget.

2. Be aware of an RV dealer’s tricks.

One trick often used by RV dealers is related to “extended warranties” or simply “warranties.” Oftentimes, first-time buyers fall into this trap. Here’s how it goes. The dealer purchases the policy (from a warranty company) for say, $800, then convinces or pressures you to sign up for the same policy for $1,200. Do the math, and you’ll know you’ve been ripped off.

Another trick is that the dealer has set up a warranty company of their own. When you RV needs repair or maintenance, they’ll approve the claim.

3. Go for a second-hand RV with a low mileage.

Believe it or not, a slightly used RV has a low resale value. But because second-hand items can have a catch, be especially cautious so you can avoid a unit with defective parts. Buy only from a reputable Fort Collins Colorado RV dealer.

4. Don’t rush.

Don’t be emotional when buying an RV. Trust that you don’t really need it today. Instead, practice delayed gratification so you can buy at the right time and the right place. Go to RV shows, talk to fellow buyers to gain some tips, and take your time to do due diligence. Please visit www.ColoradoMountainRv.com for more information.

Why Go on a Pilgrimage to Israel

Israel vacationOne visit to your travel agent and you’ll find flyers promoting tours to Israel. It can cost you more than $2,000 for a week’s stay, but this can be worth it. If you’re a Catholic, you’ll be accompanied by a legit priest who may or may not serve as your tour guide to the country. You’ll also enjoy private transfers from one destination to another. And although there are a lot of Israel hotels to choose from, you don’t have to go through the trouble of finding one yourself.

So why would you want to go on a pilgrimage to Israel?

First, if you’re a Christian, you know that Israel is the Promised Land. What better way to have a deeply spiritual experience than go on a pilgrimage to Israel? Many pilgrims go to Israel to thank, to honor, and to remember the most important events in Christianity. If you want to grow spiritually, a pilgrimage is the best way to accomplish this.

Second, almost everything in the place has its historical roots in the Bible. You will never run out of historic sites to visit. From the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem up to the Dead Sea, one week is not enough to explore Israel. You’ll enjoy a drive through Nazareth and remember the Biblical stories connected to the place. Together with the other pilgrims, you can also visit the Mount of Beatitudes, where Jesus was said to have delivered the Sermon on the Mount.

Third, make this pilgrimage a personal one. If you’re searching for answers to your long-standing questions, you’ll feel renewed if you visit Israel, not only because of its deep spiritual connections but also because this place can truly renew you. Do you want to seek clarity or inspiration? Then a pilgrimage is sure to give you all the answers you’re trying to find.

Fourth, it’s more than just a pilgrimage. You’ll have a chance to interact with a different culture and different people who come from all countries. You’ll learn to enjoy a different cuisine, and who knows, you might find the love of your life in Israel?

Now that you have enough reasons to get in touch with your travel agent to book a trip, here is a tip to heed for a successful pilgrimage. You need to prepare yourself emotionally, spiritually, and physically before the pilgrimage. Go over the historical places and read everything you can about them. Doing this gives makes you more connected to them, and that they mean something to you. Click here to learn more about Tours to Israel, you’ll be glad you did!

A sarong, a must-have travelling companion for women

SarongPeople naturally start flooding to the beaches and swimming pools when it gets warm outside.  They are excited to take vacations to tropical destinations or hop on a fun cruise ship to play.  Nobody wants to have the same clothes for the beach every season, so many head to the outlets and fashion stores to select accessories to complement their swimwear.  A fashionable sarong is an excellent choice to complement your style on the beach.

Sarongs and beach cover-ups are perfect while out on the dock enjoying a mai-tai and mingling amongst other friends and family.  The beachwear they have is also usually complemented with a beach sarong to cover the lower mid-section of their bodies and is very popular for evening events on the dock.

Beach cover-ups and sarongs can be universal, and women can wear these light fabric pieces with anything.  Many are wearing them as scarves with casual attire too. The fashionable sarong can be worn on the lower half would be shorts, light airy pants, and skirts.  All these types of clothing are appropriate beachwear for traveling.  Make sure you select a fun sarong for traveling abroad and for vacations at popular beach destinations.  Cover-ups and sarongs or “pareos” are popular types of beachwear clothing.

Swimwear that would be added to the beachwear wardrobe would be a short sarong or even a sarong for larger body types that are light in cooler and have a lot of design to show off.  This type of beachwear uses quality fabric and a soft waistband that doesn’t scrape the skin or fray when it gets wet. Sarongs are wonder full for a day at the beach or even carousing around the outlets.

An excellent source for a collection of Sarongs that offer comfort and style can be found on http://www.sarongsboutique.com. Those that wear these types of beach clothes are always feeling confident outdoors, at the beach or pool.  They are lightweight materials help to let the skin breathe and also light enough to not put heavy smothering weight on the shoulders.  Sarongs will always look good with any variations of colors and design from other articles of clothing worn at the beach or at the pool.  A Sarong is a must have for traveling and also blends in as normal casual attire for a warm nigh out.