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How to start Providing Software Updates and Send Messages to Your Customers with UpdateNode

UpdateNode is the premier update and messaging system for Your software application available on the market.

UpdateNode offers you a simple way to integrate fully automatic updates into your product. You can maintain control over your software and its syndication, deploy completely new features and upgrades right to your customers. It makes it conveniently possible to provide limitless updates to your customers, irrespective of the volume of products you have. You can send an update one time per year or each and every single day. It’s all up to your actual preferences.

UpdateNode is totally Free for Open Source. You will definitely get 100% free unlimited updates and messages for your Open Source products. You can take full advantage of this excellent offer by registering for an absolutely free account, afterward set up your products and tag it as Open Source. Furthermore with UpdateNode, it’s an easy task to deploy an update with extensive customizable and localizable content. All you have to do is to simply add your own preferred translations for all updates and messages. Depending on the language requests, you possibly can figure out which languages are well worth supporting and which can be displayed in your default language on the system.

This innovative system makes it possible to you to definitely possess full and absolute control over your software updates. You can determine which version does need an update, clearly define updates for particular platforms, localize your update, as well as send your clients a message on a new event, or product. You are able to choose and also alter just about everything, at any time. Is this not amazing? I bet it truly is.

UpdateNode comes with a lot more other great features; you are able to individualize your communications to create a connection with your end users instantly, you can actually keep track of your software’s usages by figuring out who purchased your product and to identify who actually is making use of it. This information will most certainly enable you to connect with completely new clients, target your campaigns and thus pay attention to the right target audience.

In combination with the overall flexibility of UpdateNode, you can easily test your messages with the simple Web API and additionally deploy it just about everywhere. You are not limited to any platform. What you need do is simply integrate the client with your application. UpdateNode provides an excellent cross platform solution for desktop computer application, irrespective whether or not it operates on Windows, Mac or Linux, as it also feature samples and libraries for mobile platforms particularly for Android.

It is totally free for Open Source products however you also have the option to sign up for a 30 day commercial free trial. This certainly will afford you the opportunity to enjoy pretty much all the features and flexibility it provides for your software applications expansion.

UpdateNode presents many possibilities and flexibilities in its actual operations. Your software application can be functioning in the background, in addition to it will notify you regarding updates system-wide. Pretty much all it really needs do is simply display a system tray message, in addition to check for updates silently as well as display your individual notification.

You can actually, Now, get started with supplying updates to your customers, broadcast messages while having absolute control over your software applications with UpdateNode

Business Opportunities in the SaaS Market

medal practiceFor software engineers and startups in the software as a services (SaaS) market, the timing has never been better to develop new products. Whether you’re innovating on a staple product like accounting software or customer relationship management (CRM) programs or creating something to meet a new market need, there’s serious money to be made in the SaaS space. Often this growth is tied to specific industries that are thriving and provide opportunities to make connections, create efficiencies, and better capture profits. Here’s a closer look at some of the top business opportunities in the SaaS market in 2014.

Software for freelancers and solopreneurs

More individuals than ever before are on their own, offering products and services to the market. These businesses rely on billable hours and DIY programs to help them grow their businesses. A number of SaaS programs are emerging in this space, from billing alternatives such as Freshbooks to project management software packages like Basecamp. While these products must be focused, intuitive, and affordable, there’s a huge market that can help SaaS companies turn a significant profit.

Software for the healthcare market

The launch of Obamacare and the aging Baby Boomer generation is putting an increasing focus on the healthcare industry. Developing and marketing products geared toward any segment of this market are certain to be a growth sector for years to come. SaaS products are needed by individual doctors, small practices, hospitals, and alternative medical practitioners. There’s a need for medical administrative software, such as medical billing packages, as well as specialized software that enables doctors to more effectively manage procedures. Specialized software is being developed to help guide operations, emergency medicine, dental procedures, and more.

Software for non-profits and charities

Non-profits and charities are an important and growing segment of the market with specialized needs. Typically these organizations are funded through grants or personal donations, and benefactors want to see the outcomes of their work. Tracking grant related activity ranges from keeping detailed budgets to providing in-depth narratives on how projects unfolded, what individual recipients were served, and the overall impact on the problem at hand. SaaS projects can help centralize financial data, develop reporting tools, and allow from management to create reports and manage the overall framing and analysis. Non-profits and charities are an underserved segment of the market, and SaaS developers offering quality projects could see significant growth.

Software that enables data capture and manipulation

We currently live in the age of big data, when businesses believe that data is critical to understanding and improving their performance. SaaS companies that are making it easier for small businesses to track, manipulate, and analyze the data that impacts their business are in the middle of a veritable gold rush. Whether you’re offering an interface that’s easier to manipulate or data services geared toward a specific vertical, SaaS products focused on big data is a skyrocketing industry.

Saas is a growing area within the technology world. Developing specialized software for different verticals offers tremendous potential for the companies that make the investment. Healthcare, big data, non-profits, and small businesses are all hot trends to focus on.