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Finding an affordable wedding photography

wedding photographerThere is so much more to taking a picture than pressing the shutter button. Unfortunately many self proclaimed “professional” photographers do not realize this. It seems today we are in an age of technology that has made things almost too easy. Technology is taking its toll on the photography industry, particularly the wedding photography industry. One quick search and you can find a myriad of photographers offering their services at a variety of prices.  At first glance it just seems as if the market is flood with pros. You can see a great range of prices, many offering very affordable wedding photography packages. But if you look a little closer, you will see the truth. There are many armature photographers charging professional prices to cover special events such as weddings, anniversaries, and quinceaneras.  Many of the websites and profiles show samples of work that is far below the standards of most professionals.

The most basic techniques are nowhere to be found. Little to no skill is involved at all. It seems that some people have decided to buy a nice camera, pair it with a descent lens, set the camera to automatic, and “Boom” now you’re a professional photographer! With the developments in technology, it has become quite easy to get descent photographs with the newer DSLR cameras, but this does not make a person using it a professional. A professional needs to know how to use technique, theory, and skill in order to deliver great results. A professional knows how to capture great images in any lighting condition and any environment; it’s not merely luck or coincidence. My advice to any couple out there who is planning a wedding and who is currently seeking a professional photographer is to take your time and do your research. There are so many options out there for wedding photography, particularly in the San Diego and Orange County area.

Many of the options available are just fools good, too good to be true. Seek experienced professional wedding photographers. Remember that in most cases, you get what you pay for. So if the price is too good to be true, it most likely is. MUWE offers affordable wedding photography packages in the San diego, Orange County, and Los angeles area. The company strives to provide affordable packages without sacrificing quality. The packages will not be the cheapest photography service you will find, but for the quality, there is no comparison. Please visit www.myuniqueevent.com for more information

Looking For a Honolulu Photographer for your Hawaii Engagement?

tie the knot

Engagement photography needs a unique skill set with cameras. A lot of preparation happens at a mental level. You should trust on presenting the emotions than placement of tripods, lens and other equipment. The couple may or may not be the best posers to assist photo shoot. Proficient photographers have their way of making things work. Having an improvised natural style is essential for engagement photographer. If you are looking for an engagement photographer, few other significant aspects should be considered.

Location is the key to elegant engagement photography. Costume and related fashion would come second in factors contributing to engagement photo shoot. A place that has best locations for background and vibe for fashion is Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii is easily reachable via air and cruises. Logistic convenience and available fun activies makes Hawaii the best choice. Hawaii engagements are always fun packed and relaxing. The celebratory mood and ambience, accounts for creating sweet memories. Capturing the grand memories digitally would require a skilful photographer. If you are looking for a Honolulu photographer for your Hawaii engagement, you would like to know about the Croman couple.

If you have the right set of question to ask your photographer, you might be surprised to find Cromans get it right on everything. They know every nook and corner of Hawaii and present you with the best locations for the engagement photo-shoot. They have specialized in taking engagement pictures in white sand beach backdrops. They come up with the right apparels, decors and flowers to make pictures look ravishing. Knowing ways to involve other family members in photographs makes them stand apart. Not every engagement photographer knows their way to induce romance and portray love in the air.

Kathy Croman and Kenji Croman form the team Croman. Flexible timing is what they have to offer for clients. Nevertheless they suggest taking photographs within golden hours, which is one hour prior to sunset and one hour from sunrise. Online gallery is another handy bonus you get with their service (see some of his Hawaii engagement photos). It’s now possible to share your photographs with relatives all over the globe in a secure way.  The project is always finished within 4 days. Please visit www.tietheknotimages.com for more information.

Living Memories Through Photos

memory photosPhotos allow us to capture memories, those once in a lifetime occurrences that not even the human
brain can recall in the detail that digital cameras do. Whether it is that selfie with your best friend at
a music festival you will only go to once, your child’s first day at school and that same child that
graduates from college 16 years later, only a digital camera will capture that moment and allow us to
replay it in our minds over and over again just from a cue from a digital photo print.
Our smartphones are our usual go to device for taking photos and sharing them via digital media.
These phones are great and we can click away without any consideration to how many we take.
Certainly not like those days of 24 and 36 film roles, when A, our photos had to be very carefully
composed and set-up and B, we then didn’t even know if our photos were good because there was
no preview screen for photos that had taken. Smartphones and digital camera mean we can
thousands of photos at a party or a wedding and then go and delete away later. Or, if you re more
meticulous, delete based on what we see in the preview screen.

But smartphones, aren’t that smart. They don’t send our photos off for digital printing. People seem
to have forgotten that photos should still be printed and that it is our responsibility to take our
Print digital Photos and put them in albums in chronological order. Your mother or father will be able to
tell you about this lost art form, and they may even show you the albums they have got very
preciously kept on a bookshelf or carefully got locked away. Spend some time paging through these
albums and listen to the stories being told about each photo that are still fresh in the memories of
the narrator. How much nicer is paging through these select photos than the many thousand on
your smartphone?

Don’t you now think that digital photo printing is something you should being doing? Surely you
have some special photos amongst the many thousands that perfectly captured the moment, that
story of the night. So go down to Prism Photo Printing in Los Angeles and ask them about their
digital photo printing services. You may be surprised at the diversity of options you have for printing
and the expertise they have in turning your photo into something that you will definitely want to
have a hardcopy of. And don’t worry about an underexposed photo or a photo that doesn’t reflect
the color that was really there. The experts will be able to digitally manipulate your photo so that it
looks like a very well composed, lit and framed picture.

The hardcopy, tangible form of a digital printed photo is a memory on paper and beats any photo
that you can only see when on a device. Head down to your local print store and start exploring your
options. The permanent memories of a photo you hold in your hands will not regret your efforts.

Ryan Forster – Professional Wedding Photographer Based in York, UK

wedding photos

For your convenience, we’ve provided you some sound advice and helpful tips on how to select a photographer for your special wedding day!

When researching and selecting York Wedding Photographer or any Photography for your big day, remember some of these key points before coming to your final decision.

Firstly, do you like the photographer’s work?  Don’t select someone based on price alone as this will only lead to disappointment.  If the price is beyond your budget, be upfront and honest. Tell your photographer the budget you are comfortable with and hopefully you can come to an agreement on the perfect fit-for-you package that is affordable for your specific circumstances.

Do you like the photographer? Personalities sometimes clash so it’s best that you get on well with your image magician.  After all, they are going to be spending one of the most important days of your life with you…

Have they worked at or visited your wedding venue before?  If not, they really should make a site visit to scope out the surroundings and ideal photo locations, keeping in mind the threat of inclement weather on the big day.

Does the wedding snapper have a back-up plan?  As with having a wet weather plan, the photographer really should have a Plan B in their head which they can push into action should the photography location already be in use or unavailable.  If you have a back-up plan, you usually won’t need it!  The security of it is very reassuring  though, especially on a wedding day which already has enough stress involved as it is.

Does your photographer work alone or do they have an assistant?  What happens if they become sick?  Do they send someone else or cancel the gig?  As stated above, it’s always useful to have a back-up plan!

Is there a shot in your photographer’s portfolio that you don’t particularly like?  If so, tell them!  That way you won’t be disappointed, and they won’t try replicating one of their favorite previous shots.

Do you have family members visiting or relatives you simply must include in your photos? Make sure you draw up a shot list with all your requirements so  you receive the photos you hope for.

An engagement shoot is a great idea to help you and your partner warm up and prepare for the big day.  It’s also a great opportunity to get to know your photographer better and ask any questions you may have, as well as practice some natural poses in front of the camera.

Please allow me to introduce myself: My name is Ryan Forster, I’m a contemporary wedding photographer based in York, UK. I believe that choosing the right wedding photographer is a huge decision and you only get one chance to make the right choice. You want to be able to look back on your special day with the best memories. The best wedding photographers will not only capture the set up shots, but also the little moments that make the day – the small things that go unnoticed: the secret kisses, laughter and smiles, the hugs and heartfelt looks. These precious moments vanish as quickly as they appear. As your wedding photographer, I will capture all the effort that has gone into every aspect of your special day. I will make you feel comfortable and at ease and strive to capture your wedding day in a way that will keep your memories alive forever.

Lastly, the best bit of advice I have ever heard, is to enjoy yourselves. A genuine smile shows through in the eyes and will help to produce a winning set of photos. If you have any questions, please visit www.ryanforster.com for more information.

Five Ways to Better Photographs

london england wedding
So, you are just about to press the shutter on your camera. The impulse is overwhelming as you are photographing on a digital camera and you can always delete it afterwards if it’s not a great shot – but wait! With a few moments further contemplation and thought you can probably improve the image you are about to take very easily but very effectively. I am a professional wedding photographer and I have put together five quick checks before you click.

1. Look at the composition. Can you move the main subject to a more interesting place in the frame, include a lead in line or a frame or perhaps consider some elements of foreground and back ground. Composition is one of the key elements of great photography and often making a small change will create great results.

2. Think about the light. Is there enough light to take the picture without the shutter speed dropping too low and the image risking becoming slightly blurry? Consider, using the flash on the camera as a last resort. Look for interesting light, try shooting into the light and look for light that is directional rather than over head. Mid day sun can be very harsh for example – far better to shot earlier or later in the day when the light will be a warmer colour and more directional.

3. Get closer. It was the famous war photographer Robert Capa that said that if the photograph isn’t good enough you need to get closer. Often there are far too many things in the frame, get closer to focus in on what the image is about and cut out any spare elements that don’t add to the effect of the overall image.

4. Check focus. Where exactly are you focussing? Don’t let the camera make the decision for you – if you are using auto focus lock the focus on your chosen part of the image and re compose. In portraits  the eyes should nearly always be the main point of focus for example.

5. Check your exposure. Modern cameras are very good at deciding on the correct exposure but will often struggle with really dark subjects or really light ones. Taking a test exposure and then adjusting the exposure compensation dial is the easiest way to experiment with this. Frequently dark scenes will look too light and lose their atmosphere, often dialing in a stop or so of exposure compensation is the only way to get the image to look as you want it to.

Hopefully the tips above will help you to slow down a little in your photography, think a little bit more carefully before pressing the shutter and the standard of your photographs will improve as a result!

How To Buy Instagram Followers

instagram followersHow many followers do you have on Instagram? If you are not satisfied with the results you are getting from your Instagram marketing campaign, you should consider getting help from a service that allows you to buy Instagram followers.

Several services sell Instagram followers. There is a wide price range since some services use bots to create fake Instagram accounts and follow yours. The services that charge you more for Instagram followers will actually implement a comprehensive marketing campaign to get real Instagram users to follow your account.

Ask yourself why you need more followers on Instagram. If you want your Instagram page to reflect a successful company with a solid presence on social networks and only care about the actual number of followers you have, choosing one of the most affordable services you can find is a good option.

If you plan on using Instagram to share information about your products or services or to develop your branding, you should look for a quality service that will give you the option to buy Instagram followers who will actually be interested in your brand. A good marketing agency will be able to properly target your audience and give them an incentive to subscribe to your Instagram updates.

Instagram is a platform based on image sharing. Your Instagram page could be a way to share pictures of your products or simply document your work if you offer a service. Sharing images will make your brand more tangible and will help you stay in control of your branding. Instagram will also allow your customers to share their own pictures with you. You could for instance encourage people to share pictures of the products they purchased from you.

Building your following on Instagram can take some time. Even though Instagram is a popular platform, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter get far more visitors. Building a following on Instagram will take you more time because you will probably have a smaller audience interested in this platform. If you do not want to wait and invest time into developing your presence on Instagram, buying followers is your best option.

Calculate the return you can expect to get on your investment. If you plan on advertising your products on Instagram, ask yourself how many sales you will be able to generate on this platform. Keep in mind that it might be a while before you can generate a steady income thanks to Instagram.

You should take the time to learn more about different services that offer Instagram followers before you decide what kind of service you want to use and how much you want to spend on followers. If you are not about what to expect from Instagram, test the platform by creating a page and spending money on a small number of followers to see the results you get. If can always decide to buy Instagram followers once you can afford to spend more on this marketing campaign or once you have strong reasons to believe that Instagram is a good investment.


surf photography

The surf photographer who is not afraid of any calamities and is known to push the lines in photography is from Hawaii, he goes by name Kenji Croman. His origin is from Hawaii which instilled a love for surfs and rising water splashes in his blood and flesh. He has explored surfs not just of Hawaii but also in many other countries like South America and Mexico. He is the rising inspiration for the young photographers who want to pursue their careers in surf photography. Although this type of photography is highly dangerous but there’s no stopping when you’ve got the passion in your heart.

The passion that drives Kenji Croman to photograph from twirling surfs to the depths of the sea. He has captured the shots that at first look seem unreal and photo shopped but the aspect of nature he is exploring for last six years and continuing to explore is unreal, daring and highly risky. The line of photography he is trailing requires a brave heart that has craved that drives him to the skies and that’s what Kenji Croman has got. His work is so charismatic that any viewer can start scrolling his photographs and will be lost in it.

Kenji Croman, Great Surf Photographers’ Work Auction:

Kenji Croman is one of the best and well-known surf photographers. His work is displayed on media various times e.g. CNN, Innov8 and many others. He is one of his kind; fearless, driven and determined all the qualities that a successful photographer should have. His work is being auctioned and it is getting the admiration of every person who comes across it, of course his work is appealing to eyes and irresistible to buy. He is the photographer who has gone to lengths to get the perfect shot that is earth shattering and puts every spectator in awe.

Start of His Bigger Projects and Ongoing:

Kenji Croman a surf photographer started off the travel tour by collecting the fundraising websites to finance it and then he kept going, his photography enticed people and made them support him for pursuing his career and the recent proof of 7000$ that he raised through his talk at dailymail.co.uk. People love him and support him. He is the established photographer but with the prize comes the price. In this adventurous field of photography he have gotten broken bones, dislocations, broken fingers and much more ailments but nothing could stop him and he kept going and is in process of working in more bold areas of surf photography.  Please visit www.gokenji.com for more information.

Wave Photographer and Ocean Artist

ocean artist
One of the brilliant things about photography is it allows us to celebrate beautiful moments that are too brief to see in real-time. Take ocean waves for example. They come and go very quickly – even if you’re surfing the waves, viewing them is a fleeting experience. Capturing the complexity of what happens in a split second is a refined skill that takes years of practice, as well as a deep connection to the surrounding environment.

Kenji Croman ( ocean artist ) has brilliantly chronicled many inspiring passing moments as a wave photographer. He was traveled worldwide to capture the most beautiful waves, including those in his home state of Hawaii. Each wave picture reveals a variety of color, depth, shape, and ambiance. Kenji has also found some great underwater spots, where he has captured his experiences swimming with dolphins and turtles.

Kenji sells high-quality prints on his website with many different sizes and materials.

Written by Aaron Diecker

Tips For Finding a Good Headshot Photographer

photoYou can find lots of headshot photographer in the United States, but what matters is to find a right photographer that can get perfect shots. You need to get a professional and experience photographer who can deliver the kind of photos the managers, agents, and casting directors wants to see. A good photograph is not only about a pretty face, it also depends on the creative talent and the technical fineness of the photographer. That’s why you need to choose the photographer with care. Here are a few tips that will help you to find a right photographer that can take outstanding shots.

  • 1.    The photographer should have the perfect balance of people and technical skills

Photography is less a science and more an art. Technical skills are must for a good photographer but he/she must also have people skills to make you feel more comfortable and accentuate the best features of your. So when you look for a headshot photographer, check their portfolio or work samples to make sure they have the necessary technical skills, Photo Printing capabilities, and also see if he/she is personable or not.

  • 2.    Find someone whose style you admire

If you are looking for good headshot photographers, then looking online you will  find lots of them, but it would be best if you hire someone whose style you admire most. If you admire the work of a photographer then it is most likely the case that the casting directors will also like the photos. These days most of good photographers have their websites, you can check their portfolios there.

  • 3.    Price should not be your main criteria for hiring a photographer

It is completely understandable that most of us want to save some money when we can, but hiring a headshot photographer is not worth gambling. Never go by the price only or you will regret your decision later. Even if you are going by the price, you should check their work samples, their experience etc.… if you hire a cheaper photographer now and didn’t get the pictures as you wanted, you will end up spending even more money for rehiring someone else. So even if it costs you more you should hire someone who is able to provide you excellent headshot.

  • 4.    Hire a professional not a hobbyist

You will find lots of people who start their headshot photography business just for some extra income and because photography is their hobby, and usually a professional will offer Digital Photo Printing services as well. Always avoid those photographers. Since your career and reputation depends on it, you should always hire a professional photographer not anyone who has just started it as their hobby. A professional photographer will have more skill, experienced and knowledge that requires to take perfects photos that can get the attention of the casting directors and the agents.

Capture Happiness On Your Wedding With a Wedding Videographer

weddingWe all want to capture and preserve the moments we enjoy the most. A wedding is a special occasion in which you want to make sure that you record all the things that are happening. You want to live each moment again while you look at the picture. With the help of Wedding Wishing Well’s wedding videographer, now you can record your precious moment forever.

  • Capture your moments

A wedding is a special occasion in which a person wants to see each and every detail. Capturing your moments will enable you to get to see and relive those moments again and again even after years have passed. You can’t be young forever, neither can you get married over and over again, hence having a captured moment makes you smile every time you look at the framed picture.

  • What is wedding videographer?

What if you miss out on an event or something that you want to have a look at over and over again? A wedding videographer does this for you by capturing the moments of your life in his camera, and guess what it is not just photographs but just like a movie you get to relive your precious moments all over again. Our Wedding Wishing Well‘s videographers provide services that include

  • Photo Booths
  • Traditional Wedding Videos etc.

Why capture video using a wedding photo service?

It is important for you to capture your wedding. In this way you will get a chance to enjoy all those beautiful moments that you might not get to see due to any situation. We here at Wedding Wishing Well, ensure that you get the best quality result and moments of the very precious day. The best advantage of having Wedding Wishing Well’s video coverage of your wedding event is that you can get it according to your wish. The wedding Videographer at Wedding Wishing Well can do it for you. It is our job to make your wedding video in a way that you can look at it and relive your times once again.

  • Spark to a wedding

Getting Wedding Wishing Well’s wedding videographer can add spark to your wedding event. We will ensure to save all the precious moments for you to enjoy with your friend and family. Not only this, you also can add your own magic to it. You can with the help of a professional Wedding Wishing Well’s wedding videographer get the animation the way you want your precious moments to be.

You can now easily contact us online and can view our work. We here at Wedding Wishing Well will help you decide the why and how you can make your special day even more special. Let us help you capture your happiness and moments by providing you with experienced and creative Wedding Wishing Well wedding videographer in a very affordable price. Please visit http://theweddingwishingwell.com for more information

The 10 Must Have Bride Getting Ready Photo Shots

wedding photo1)      As a Wedding Photographer based in Nottingham in the East Midlands I  want to share with you some of the shots you mustn’t miss. On the morning of your Wedding   there are lots of objects lying around and there purpose is instrumental in you getting ready. These must be photographed but in a documentary style. The make up bag your stylist brings with her can be shot with the creams spilling over the side and brushes laid around the bag. If your photographer uses photoshop as an editing tool most of these colours can be “popped” and the clarity increased to give a retro style effect to the shot.

2)      Hopefully you’ll be having a drink of Champagne to settle your nerves so the bottle and cork next to each other in front of a mirror and a half empty glass tells a great story.

3)       Children usually add to the stress but are a must have in the process of getting ready. Even if it’s a little one holding the brush towards her mother, or looking down at the princess dress she’s never worn they are definitely in my list of must haves.

4)      As well as the putting on of the dress don’t forget Mum or Dad standing behind the Bride looking into the mirror with the photographer taking the shot at an angle from behind. This picture becomes timeless when edited into sepia.

5)      The number of the house where the bride gets ready is a simple overlooked shot but is one to cherish when you look back upon your big day where it all started at number 23!

6)      The flowers will be lying around in their boxes from the florist all ready for someone to zip the button holes over to the groom and best men. But before their go some carefully crafted macro shots will provide some great background images for the photographer when he edits your album.

7)      The shot of the wedding dress is a usual panic shot for the photographer as its probably still in a plastic cover with a plastic coat hanger hanging on the back of the kitchen door. He doesn’t want to touch it and your too busy to start moving it around. So a little preparation organising a wooden coat hanger in a carefully tidied room, near a window with some natural light over the back of a traditional wardrobe looks great.

8)      When you’re having your hair done or your make up applied the best shots are the ones of you being natural and laughing. Noone wants an album with a serious worried looking bride so give the photographer what he wants, relax with a few glasses of Champagne and have your best friend with you to make you laugh and enjoy the moment!

9)      Again a little preparation for the next one will help a lot, if you have the Bridesmaids getting ready with you, prepare your bed area so you can all sit on it with a glass of bubbly chatting away while the shots are taken. This is an excellent “last time” the girls are together with their maiden friend.

10)   A nice close up of the perfume you are going to be wearing, again in front of some natural light near a mirror gives you a great memory of what you wore on your big day! Find Derbyshire Wedding Photographers online now!

Finding Photo Coupon Codes Online

cameraOne of the best ways to save money when creating photo prints, photo books or other custom photo gifts is to use an online photo service such as Shutterfly or Snapfish.  These sites save you money compared to traditional brick and mortar stores such as Walgreens and Walmart.  What many people don’t realize is that when using online stores, they can always save more money with a photo coupon code for the website that you are ordering from.  Websites offer coupon codes that give discounts such as a percentage off the sale, free prints or even free photo books.  Before ordering any photo products, you should definitely check and see what promotions are being offered currently.  These promo codes change weekly and a good way to keep abreast of what is being offered is to check out a coupon code aggregator such as Photo Coupon Baby.  They will have all of the current deals and let you compare and contrast and find the best deal in order to save the most money when you print your precious photo memories.

Once you have the coupon code you just need to enter it when you check out at your photo printing site.  Some of the sites let you stack coupons so that you can save even more money.  One code might give you 50% off of your order and you could add another code that will give you free shipping.

If you need same day prints, brick and mortar stores are getting into the coupon code game as well.  Stores such as Walgreens and CVS are also offering photo coupon codes and while the savings won’t usually be more than an online photo site, they will save you money versus the retail price.  So even if you need prints or a poster within the hour, make sure you check for a promo code to add to your order.

It can be a hassle to keep track of what codes are current and what codes are expired, so make sure and check out a coupon site that is updated frequently.   A lot of the photo sites such as Snapfish and Shutterfly offer some of their promo codes on their own site but they don’t always put all of the available codes on their site, so make sure and check a photo coupon site that will have the coupon codes that are current.   With phones on cameras and tablets, taking pictures has never been easier so while you create your memories make sure you’re saving the most amount of money you can.