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Holistic Nutrition Center For Pets



Puptection is a health and nutrition centre for pets. It uses holistic approach to address dietary and health issues of pets.  The centre was established to provide the best feed to the pets after thorough research and education. The centre owner once had a dog called as Marco whose fitness and wellbeing was the main concern for him. This led to the idea of establishing a centre for pets where they could be treated and given due attention. Pet lovers are very worried about the wellness of their pets and this is what Puptection does, it provides focused and dedicated pet wellness maintenance program to keep them healthy and agile. It is one of the best Holistic Veterinarian Chicago centres. Go for it and leave all your worries behind!


“Food is medicine” is the motto of this pet centre purely dedicated for the pets. Proper nutrition is the first defense of the body and a devoted team of experts advises you on the matters of fitness and diet of the pets. Each pet has its own needs and requirements. Extensive research on each animal has given an insight to the experts about the needs and balanced nutrition about it requires. Years of experience and work in this field have made this centre a quality alternative for therapy centre for animals.


Neutrical therapy includes the intake of vitamins and minerals in a proportionate manner as a whole food to improve, control and prevent health conditions. Specialized hormone/antibiotic raw foods and bones are also available at the centre. Raw foods improve health conditions quickly as they include herbal/neutral supplements, vegetables, fruits, bones and raw meat. The ingredients that are included in the diet plans are of the best quality and this places Puptection one step ahead of all animal/pet treatment centres.


A holistic approach focused exclusively on providing preventive treatment for pets helps in healing pets. Holistic products for dogs and cats are the most nutritious supplements and food that heal them quickly. Please visit www.puptection.com for more information.


dog suppliesThe VitaHound’s dog supplement and dog allergy treatment products are very effective. Dogs are strong as well as very energetic animals; they are also every man’s best friend, which is why you need the best products for your dog allergy treatment and supplement.

Why Choose VitaHound

VitaHound’s everyday health supplement allows the modern day dog diet to carry out nature’s purpose. Digestive treatment is very important to a dog’s overall healthiness and VitaHound is created using their unique probiotic enzyme compound, enabling dogs to make the best of the commercially produced dog food their master could be feeding them. Their organization’s combination of specialist advice and also long term research has demonstrated VitaHound as the standard in the dog nutritional requirements business. VitaHound’s goal is to always provide you with a dependable source of dog supplement insight as well as their canine nutrition products. VitaHound’s formula features precise joint as well as anti-inflammatory components; this is extremely beneficial for a dog’s physical condition. Here are some great health benefits of VitaHound’s dog supplement and allergy treatment products.


  • The VitaHound’s supplement and allergy treatments not only keep your dog healthy, but help maintain the canine’s skin and coat.
  • With the allergy treatment and supplement, your dog stops shedding it fur as it become physical fit and active.
  • Dogs usually have a strong immune system, which is why many of the canine illnesses are very powerful. At VitaHound, you are provided with top quality treatment and supplements that only get your dog healthy again, but also boost its immune system.
  • Unhealthy and weak dogs often have a bad odor, which is why the VitaHound’s supplement product helps to finish off any bad odor of your dog.
  • One of the important health benefits of the VitaHound’s dog supplement and allergy treatment is its ability to reduce the chances of any chronic disease that might seriously harm your dog.


The VitaHound staff’s exceptional medical research in dog supplement has designed the optimal medical treatment. The VitaHound’s supplement and allergy treatment product will help your dog will build up an active digestive system as well as being provided with the needs for a canine’s health and the necessary essentials to getting rid of their allergies. VitaHound’s combination of agriculture quality nutritional elements is not available in almost any of the plain pet store items, be confident of the efficiency of the dog supplement and dog allergy treatment product as it will substantially benefit your dog’s health and fitness as well as free your dog from food allergies when operating a diet of day-to-day dog food. Please visit http://vitahound.com for more information.