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Stay Up To Date With Online News – Share The World

I found this really cool channel on how to stay up to date with the news online. Check it out and share with your friends!

Independent Music Promotions – Get Heard!

music productions

Some say music is the life and some say it’s the voice of the soul, indeed it is more than something to the human mind. Whether you are just a huge fan of music or you are an artist yourself, you always enjoy listening to music and this is a popular industry. There are so many artists entering the music industries and if you wish to enter the industry you must be distinct, but often it is difficult to stand out of the crowd and be recognized. Your skills and talent Is rare and you must be recognized by the world, this is exactly the motto of Independent Music Promotions.

Independent Music Promotions is a music PR company working exclusively with “music with depth” worldwide. We guarantee results because we are not like every other music promotion company. The company was founded back in 2010 by the CEO Steve James Moore, the author of best selling music marketing book series “Your Brand Is a Virus”.

As soon as you contact us your problems are our problem, we go an extra mile with our clients and stay till the very end. We have a long list of satisfied clients and successful musicians.

We Promote

  • Full length albums
  • EP’s
  • Singles
  • Music videos

Our Aim

  • Generate high amounts of press
  • Reach out magazines
  • Reach out News papers
  • Reach out music blogs
  • Reach out Podcasts
  • Reach out websites
  • Reach out radio
  • Reach out internet radio

We have worked with some of most renowned musicians, artists, singers, bands and companies on the internet. We aim to provide you a perfect exposure and marketing platform for your success.

Company Details:

Independent Music Promotions


Location: Vancouver, British Colombia

Contact : james@independentmusicpromotions.com

Miranda Sevcik and the Pros at Media Masters Offer Expert Audience Research Services

newsUnderstanding audience is key for law firms trying to remain successful and protect their reputations. Media Masters offers comprehensive audience research services for law firms looking to stay abreast of how their firms come across to key audience members.

Unfortunately, in the legal world, rumors tend to fly faster than the speed of light, and most of the time rumors don’t do anything but harm a firm’s reputation. This is especially true when a high-profile case is going on. If litigators want to keep a handle on the situation and protect their reputations, then they need to be aware of what audience segments know about their firms. Keeping track of this without assistance can be difficult, if not impossible, and that’s why so many law firms are turning to the pros at Media Masters for help with audience research.

Miranda Sevcik and the legal marketing team at Media Masters have customized a software tool that offers attorneys an easy and effective way to understand what the public knows about their firms and their cases. This software tool provide attorneys with a wide range of services including the ability to quantify and contextualize how much coverage a firm receives during a specified date range, the ability to measure coverage in the media, the ability to measure the tone of media response, and much more. With audience research help from Media Masters, attorneys can get a much better idea of how they need to fine tune their messages to put their companies in a more positive light among the public

The unfortunate truth of the matter is that bottom-line profits are affected by how well the media coverage of a particular firm is. Without the right measures in place, firms can completely miss the mark when it comes to audience, which, in turn, could lead them to be less profitable. Fortunately, though, Miranda Sevcik and the marketing specialists at Media Masters have devised a simple, effective way for firms to better understand how their audiences perceive them. Through this service, Media Masters has provided countless number of firms the ability to readjust their marketing plans and perfect their messages.

Media Masters (http://www.mediamastersonline.net/), a Houston-based legal marketing advisory firm, offers a wide range of marketing and public relations services to attorneys and law firms throughout the area. Services include branding initiatives, reputation building, search engine optimization, and much more.