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Visit The Eargasm For Music Of All Kinds


The Eargasm is a site that focuses on exposing all types of music to the world. We post everything from new unheard music to old classics. Genres included consist of electronic, jazz, rap and hip-hop, ambient, blues, soul, funk, psychedelic rock and much more. There is something for everyone to enjoy, and it gives you a chance to discover new music you’ve never heard before. The site is updated daily with music, articles and videos. The term “Eargasm” is apart of our website and represents it so much because we are sharing music that gives you great vibes and a great sense of happiness when you listen to it.

We felt as if it was not a good choice to make a site for one genre, as that would leave many people out who listen to a wide variety of music. Instead we decided to make a website where a person that listens to mostly one genre can visit, and they can learn about music from other genres that they don’t listen to. It’s also made for the person who likes all types of music and wants a platform where they can listen to multiple genres on one site. It really works out for everyone and we don’t leave anyone out. There is one exception though, we do not post modern mainstream pop music that you would hear on the radio, simply because it is does not appeal to us and it doesn’t give us or our visitors an eargasm. We are open to posting old pop music as most of the artists had their own style and every song wasn’t the same like it is today. Basically, if a song stands out from the pack, we will post it! Our music taste is very diverse and we want to share it with our visitors.

Come give us a visit for quality music and videos posted daily, articles, and occasional photos and gifs. Set our site as your home page so you always log on to your computer with good music! We also have a Twitter account, Facebook page and Instagram account. The twitter feed sends the songs directly from the site to Twitter, so you will have great music right on your timeline if you are following us.

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