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The Best Survival Pocket Knife On The Planet

knifeThe survival pocket knife is a great technological tool that can be used for both fishing (cutting the line and hook from a fish’s jaws) and hunting (skinning an animal), but it can be used for many other ways as well, working as a universal tool to enhance camping life.

The first use is that pocket knives can be used as a tool for digging. The knife can work as a shovel to dig out edible tubers, disposal of human waste, and excavating pits of fire. The digging tool can also be used to carve distress signals in both dirt and snow for such an emergency.

The second use is as a weapon to use for fishing and hunting. While it probably wouldn’t be a great idea to take down a wolf with a knife, like Liam Neeson’s movie, Gray, it can be used for hunting small game and fishing. The third use is as first aid assistance by cutting bandages and draining blisters.

The survival knife can be used as a tool of various uses such as a hammer. When hammering objects you would use the butt end of the knife that is handy for stakes to hold up shelters. A gear adjustment is another task a pocket knife can be used for when it comes to modifying clothing, equipment, and gear. Use the knife as a stake if there is an absence of other materials that can be used to anchoring shelter or a food bag in the tree’s canopy out of a bear’s reach.

Survivalist knives are great technologies, not only due to the list above, but can be a tool that creates other tools. Do you need to make a fire bow and drill? With a survivalist knife you can use it to carve and sharpen points when there are no other materials around. The last use is that one can build a fire from a pocket knife by cutting ribbons of inner bark to be used for “tinder.” Also, a knife’s sharp edge against an abrasive object as tree bark can spark a fire.

Business Coach and Entrepreneur Shares Success Secrets

SuccessHow would you like to learn secrets that could make you millions of dollars in just a couple of days? Many people around the globe are constantly seeking better ways to expand their businesses; some want out of the financial rut that they are in. People create businesses in hopes of attaining financial freedom. They will attend a seminar here and there in hopes of achieving their goal.

Meir Ezra is aware of what business owners are wanting and looking for and he is willing to offer the secrets to success; all you have to do is attend a seminar conducted by him. He is the founder of Guaranteed Prosperity International, a Florida based company that trains, coaches and guides people into becoming successful within their business. The company is built upon three principles, which are: ability, knowledge and integrity. He believes that having this combination will open the doors to many successful ventures.

When you attend one of the discussions, be prepared to learn his secrets to success. The sessions that he offers are two-days that are guaranteed to change your life and your business. Ezra is a successful entrepreneur with multiple businesses all across the globe. He believes in incorporating family values and putting your family first in order to produce a successful business. There are many topics that will be discussed during these assemblies, such as financial planning, the perfect business model and learning money and ethics. He will go in depth with each of these topics and how it correlates with Guaranteed Prosperity. He will also speak about life topics and how certain things in life can affect the way your business progresses.

Each topic in life reflects on how well your business will do. Ezra will describe how knowing the way to be happy, will ensure a successful business; or how luck can find its way into your business model. At the assemblies and on the website, you will find success stories from average business owners that followed his system and used his secrets. He goes around the globe offering and guaranteeing that by following his formula, your business will evolve into a successful venture. He is so sure of this that he is willing to give a full refund if you are not satisfied. If you attend one of the full intro discussions and are not satisfied by the end of the conference he will double your money back. For the major discussions, if you are not satisfied at the end, you will be refunded the cost minus 10% refund fee. That gives you more of an incentive to try it out; either way you leave with money in your pocket.

Over the next couple of months, Ezra will be presenting his seminars in Toronto, Canada and Tampa, Florida. A couple of them will be held in Tampa, Florida area do require that you attend prerequisite courses before being able to attend those particular sessions; however these are all to just assist you with expanding your knowledge of Guaranteed Prosperity. This is an ongoing training and coaching event that will guide you in the right direction; to accomplish one goal and that is for your company to prosper.

The world’s first complete intimacy kit is here

healthFinally, the world’s first complete intimacy kit is here and the timing couldn’t be more perfect! With all the concerns about STDs being plastered all over the news over the past two decades or so, leave it to a company called “Safe & Clean Laboratories” to come up with an all-in-one attractive and complete new safe sex kit. This safe sex kit will make sure you and your partner leave for work in the morning just as healthy as you were when you engaged in your all night sex-fest just a few hours prior.

The “Intimacy Kit” by Safe & Clean beautifully packs all this hypoallergenic protection into one discreet little box, and also had the brilliant mindset to throw a little extra fun and flavour into the mix. Not only does the Intimacy Kit contain four premium lubricated latex condoms and some extra personal lubricant to help out in some “tight” situations… but they also threw in three different flavours of latex oral dams (Banana, Strawberry and Blueberry), four large hypoallergenic wash cloths (because you know you’re going to need them!) and the icing on the proverbial “Sex Cake”, a vibrating ring to get you to that necessary “clean up” that much more intensely.

Now it’s true… Technically, you can go out and purchase all these items separately at your local neighbourhood sex store, but why would you? The Intimacy Kit is basically a one-stop-shop for everything you’ll need to make sure that romantic (or even not so romantic) evening you have planned goes incredibly well. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to know that you are fully prepared for a hot and steamy night of carnal adventure without worrying about whether you remembered to pick up your oral dams? Even more, having the knowledge that the Intimacy Kit you purchased has been clinically tested with safety and cleanliness being the highest level of importance, next to your ultimate pleasure.

Guys, just showing this attractive little box to the woman of your dreams will show her that you care about her well being and that you’re a “health and safety first” kind of guy. A very attractive trait and something she’ll always remember about you (Heck, you have four condoms; you might as well use them). Ladies, while it might be a little easier for you to convince a man to enjoy a night with you, the Intimacy Kit will definitely let him know where your mindset is and offer up perhaps some new and exciting ideas for you both to try. The little Platinum box is sure to leave a lasting impression on him as well.

Whether you’ve been married for years, or just starting your sexual adventures, the Intimacy Kit by Safe & Clean is here to add some safe & clean spice to your life. Safe & Clean is a company that genuinely cares about the well being of its customers and aims to educate the public on the dangers of STDs. Please visit their website at: http://IntimacyKit.com/ to find out the facts on STD prevention and how the Intimacy Kit will give you the peace of mind that you’re doing your part to protect yourself and your partner.

It’s true; there is a better way of making sure an STD never infects you, and it comes in the form of celibacy. But in all honesty, how much fun does that sound? Come on, get the Intimacy Kit and play safe (and clean).

Trish Duggan Art


Trish Duggan was born in Arlington, Virginia. She spent a large portion of her school years in California where she established a wonderful relationship with her high school art teacher, Mr Yoshio Nakamura. They maintain communication today—nearly 50 years later. It was his validation and acceptance and constant encouragement that helped her spark her lifelong passion for art.

Trish’s art has been influenced by her travels to many diverse parts around the world. Her primary influence was established in Asia where she attended a university in Japan where she studied the art of wood-block printmaking. She had previously studied printmaking at the UCSB and later attended UCLA.

Trish firmly believes that one day, St. Petersburg could be comparable to Murano, the center of glass art in Italy. St. Petersburg will be a center for glass creativity, mentoring, learning, sharing and eventually acquiring a finer appreciation of the development, history and process of glass art.

Trish is married to Bob Duggan. In their early years together, they were very active in their former home community of Santa Barbara. Both she and Bob attended the University of California Santa Barbara and decided to give back to their college through a number of athletic grants that supported the school’s NCAA champion soccer team. In addition they were responsible for donating Chairs in Biochemistry and Tibetan Buddhism. They also provided the UCSB library with a dedicated room with 5,000 Buddhist Sutras.

The Duggan’s have also been involved with the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. During this time, she has had the opportunity to travel to Tibet with Susan Tai, the Curator of Oriental art. She was also able to acquire an extensive collection of contemporary oriental art through her friendship with Irene Drori, the former curator of the Felix Judah Collection.

Along with her husband, she has contributed to the Santa Barbara Symphony. She was on the Woman’s Board of Directors and chaired the Symphony Ball for two consecutive years. They were also in charge of celebrating America’s Bicentennial while President Reagan enjoyed his home in the Santa Barbara area.  Along with the symphony program featuring Lincoln’s Address and Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings, she invited diverse artists to highlight American themed artworks.

Trish Duggan has also been the President of the Santa Barbara Adoption Support Group which met monthly at Cottage Hospital. The group’s mission was to inform and encourage others to adopt both in the United States and abroad. Trish and her husband enjoy biological as well as adopted children.

Buy high quality cigar samplers online

cigar samplerCigar is the most popular smoking product in the world after cigarettes and there are millions and trillions of cigar lovers throughout the world. While technology is advancing with each passing day, different accessories of cigars are also introduced recently. One of those amazing accessories is Cigar Sampler. It basically a box that carries cigars of 5 or more than 5 different tastes, these cigars are also from different manufacturers of different countries. Cigar sampler also includes other accessories related to cigars and helps you in managing your leisure of cigar smoking with perfection and style.

If you are a cigar smoking enthusiast and love to keep different varieties and qualities of cigars then a cigar sampler is a must have for you. No matter how much you smoke or how much you adore, keeping a collection of unique and luxury cigars imported from different world known brands would enhance your life style. A cigar sampler in your personal case reflects your personality and simply it shows what you own. Mostly these sampler packs include one cigar package or three cigar package and it is entirely up to you to go for whatever that suits your choice and level. The rates of cigars vary according to their quality and the more you spend the better you get.

Cigar samplers are mostly purchased by people who own a genuine taste of smoking cigars and keeping accessories related to cigars preserved with them. Similarly cigar samplers are also used by people to gift their friends on some amazing events. Just as cigars are expensive so are the rates of these samplers. But a little bit of effort can save you a bunch of dollars. If you are a smoking lover and you want to keep such antique cigars in your collection then you should buy a cigar sampler online.

The reason behind suggesting online purchase is that mostly you buy things related to cigars from local smoking stores but they charge of a lot for imported products. Online market is comparatively offering reasonable rates to clients because of immense competition going on. Today most of the customers look for online deals instead of roaming in the markets. If you want to save a bit of money and get high quality cigar sampler delivered right at your door step then start surfing online today and find out some companies offering quality products in lower rates. Please visit www.cigarsampler.us for more information.

Bob Duggan Biography

bob dugganBob Duggan is a successful businessman who is responsible for enhancing the lives of millions of people through charitable giving. Bob and his wife, Trish Duggan, are the top donors in the world towards the following global programs:

  • Applied Scholastics effectively increases literacy and learning
  • The Truth About Drugs campaign helps keep children off harmful drugs and drugs
  • HumanRights.com and YouthForHumanRights.org campaigns educate people of their rights
  • The Citizens’ Commission on Human Rights helps maintain and protect those rights
  • Narconon is the world’s most successful rehabilitation program for drug addiction
  • Criminon is the most effective program or rehabilitating convicts
  • The Way to Happiness program reduces crime rates and improves human conditions in communities and even entire countries

The Duggan’s have also given back to their alma mater, the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) through athletic scholarships that have helped supported an NCAA champion soccer team as well as generous academic contributions.

Currently Bob Duggan is the Chairman of the Board and CEO of the biotech company, Pharmacyclics. In the past year the FDA awarded the company’s new cancer drug with two approvals as well as “breakthrough therapy” status. The company is bringing new hope for patients suffering from specific types of lymphoma and leukemia.

Before his time at Pharmacyclics, Mr. Duggan served as Chairman and CEO of robotic surgical company, Computer Motion. Computer Motion performed the world’s first FDA-approved robotic assisted surgery in 1994 as well as the world’s first Trans Atlantic surgery.  In this procedure, the surgeon manipulated robotic instruments in New York and the patient’s gallbladder was removed via robotic instruments in a hospital operating room in France. Mr. Duggan was the co-creator of this project, which took place in 2001.

For his work in robotic surgery, Bob Duggan received “La Legion D’Honneur” from Jacques Chirac, the President of France at the time. The award recognizes Mr. Duggan for the introduction of robotic surgical technology to the French health care system and its significant impact on reducing patient trauma, reducing patient recovery time, and reducing health care cost.

He has also received a United States Congressman’s Medal of Merit in 1985 from Texas Congressman and former presidential candidate, Ron Paul. Bob Duggan served as a director at Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara Symphony, and the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) College of Engineering Advisory Committee. Mr. Duggan has been a trustee of the UCSB Foundation since 1989.

How to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You

law of attraction

The Law of Attraction is not as simple as it seems. But when done right, it can change your life for the better. The basic tenet of this law is simple: focus on the positive and it will bring about positive results in your life; focus on the negative, and it will give this back to you.

Of course, you want the positive side of this law. To make it work for you, you first need to understand why it doesn’t work for most people.

One of the many misconceptions of people intending to let the Law of Attraction work for them is that all they need to do is to think positively. While this is a crucial step in the effectiveness of the law, being positive entails more than just attracting positive thoughts. It involves a far greater scope, which include changing your habits, learning how to set your goals right, and making sure that the emotional and logical parts of your brain are in line with each other.

That’s where the difficulty comes in. People want to be positive, but they only “think” they’re positive. When it comes to their habits, they’re still negative. For instance, if your goal is to lose weight, it’s not enough to believe that you can do it (although, of course, this is the first step). You must get this “belief” to work harmoniously together with the other aspects of your heart and brain (e.g., emotions and logic) so you can command your body to do what you need to be done. Otherwise, if your brain and body are not one in your desire to lose weight, you’ll never lose weight.

In other words, it’s not enough to just “think” it. It’s also about your actions. You have to put some effort to find and do the right action needed to achieve your goals.

It also pays to set your expectations right. Your goals have to be achievable and can be realized within a certain time frame. For instance, if you want to save $5,000 by the end of the year, it doesn’t make sense that your goal setting involves saving $500 every month if your salary is only $700.

Here are some ways that you can do to make the Law of Attraction work for you.

– Feel good. Your mind and emotions should be in sync so they can easily work together. Exercise, go to the gym, do yoga, or hang out with your friends.

– Find the good in everything. Believe that everything happens for a reason. Believe that even though you think you’re failing, it’s part of something big that’s about to come.

Please visit www.facebook.com/LivingTheLawOfAttraction to learn more.

Is there proof that God exists?

is god real
People all over the world are discussing this question: can God be proven? For the past twenty years I lived in a close relationssip with God and I have seen Him do countless amazing miracles. When I hear people say ‘it is not possible to proof that God exists’, I wonder ‘is it?’ If God is a reality, then He must be the most powerful reality there is. Because, well… He is God. He created the heavens and the earth. So if we cannot prove the existence of the most powerful person there is, we must conclude this person does not exist.

Any reality can be proven. That is pure logic. So, is it possible to prove that God exists? Of course. But we must be willing to accept the realities that prove His existence.

The Bible says that God is very powerful and His kingdom is not a kingdom of words but of power. The apostel Paul said: ‘My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, so that your faith might not rest on human wisdom, but on God’s power.’ (1 Cornthians 2:4)

Today it is the same. I have experienced the power of God in absolutely amazing ways. One of the first ways I started experiencing God was through a handicap I had: I stammered… and I stammered really bad! Sometimes I tried to call somebody on the phone and when they picked up the phone I was silent – I simply could not speak. I sometimes came back from a store with a different product than what I wanted to buy, because I simply could not say the right word. No doctor, psychologist or any other ‘ist’ could help me. No trick or treatment brought improvement. I was doomed to live with this horrible handicap.

Then I gave my life to Jesus Christ and I started surrendering myself to the Holy Spirit. The moment the Holy Spirit started working in my life, something amazing began to happen: I started receiving messages for other people, to encourage them or to help them. Every time I shared these messages, I did not stammer. Very often in church I suddenly felt the presence of God nudging me: go to the front and say this and that. With much fear and trembling I obeyed and people were always deeply touched. Often, when I shared these words I felt the power of God flow through my body as a rush of divine energy.

Churches started to invite me to preach and everytime I stood in front of a church the stammering left and a river of words flowed out of me. In my normal life I still stammered really bad, but when I had to speak the words God gave me, His Spirit flowed through me and people always testified that their lives had been changed.

Then another amazing thing started to happen: when I prayed for people, they began to be healed. One of the first times this happened, was during a youth weekend. A young lady had a tumor in her breast. I didn’t even know this, and I prayed for her with my hand on her back, asking God to fill her with His love. The next day she came to the front of that youth group and  said that the moment I prayed for her she felt a intense heat in her breast and when she went to the bathroom afterwards to check, the tumor had dissapeared.

Since that moment many people for whom I prayed were healed by the power of God. I can list dozens of testimonies and the amazing thing is: this is happening all over the world, with litteraly millions of people. In every nation of the world there are christian ministries that experience the healing and life changing power of God.

Because God is so real, I made a website about Him, for everyone who is open to discover this reality.

The homepage: GOD IS REAL

Evidence for the existence of God: PROOF THAT GOD EXISTS

David Sorensen

Using a DHT Blocker Shampoo to Prevent Hair Loss

hair losAs men age many are unfortunate enough to suffer from the symptoms of balding. Almost all men will experience some form of balding and receding hairline and have to live with the embarrassment of ugly and unhealthy hair. While there are many methods available that claim to prevent and reverse hair loss, it’s hard to determine which is the most safe and effective. For hair loss in men, DHT is one of the most significant factors and reducing the amount of DHT on your scalp is imperative to healthy and natural looking hair. Using a DHT blocker shampoo is one of the best techniques you can practice in preventing hair loss.

Many DHT blocking shampoos are hard to find but once you experience the effects you will immediately realize why. A DHT blocker shampoo works incredibly well when used often and after every workout or any activity that causes you to sweat. After you work out, DHT will bind to testosterone and cause hair damage and hair loss. Because testosterone is predominantly released when you sweat it’s hard to keep it out of your hair while you’re exercising or performing any other physical activity. This in turn starts a chain reaction for hair loss where you’re not taking care of your scalp and hair and are being negatively impacted. The testosterone being released will bind to the hair and stop it from receiving nutrients A DHT blocker will prevent the hair loss caused by this excess sweat from happening and encourage your hair to become healthy. It will act to reduce the production of DHT on your scalp, which not only prevents hair loss from occurring but will also start to regenerate your lost hair.

While there are a variety of factors surrounding hair loss, the DHT hormone is by far the biggest cause. While men and women can both suffer from the hair loss caused by DHT, it is much more prevalent in men. Using a DHT blocker or hair thinning shampoo is imperative to healthy and natural looking hair. Using an effective shampoo will reduce hair loss, thicken the remaining hair, reduce breakage, and generally encourage healthier hair production. No one should have to live with embarrassing hair loss and now with DHT blocking shampoos it’s possible to grow back the hair you deserve to have. There is no need to rely on expensive products that claim to have immediate effects but never end up working. DHT blockers are the simplest and most affordable way to promote a healthy head of hair and reduce the negative effects of hair loss. Using a DHT blocker shampoo is the most effective method of reducing hair loss on the market.