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Here Are Easy Dessert Recipes For You To Use

cup cakeWhen you need an easy dessert recipe, where do you look? You may google something like quick desserts or easy dessert recipes, or dessert recipes for dummies or anything that pops into your head related to desserts. If you are like me, you always end up on some sponsored website that wants you to download their newsletter or Pin it or view it on Pinterest. The reality is, you are simply looking for an easy dessert recipe that doesn’t require complicated steps and exotic ingredients. It never fails, when you get to that website, there is some exotic ingredient (exotic for my kitchen anyway) that you would have to go to the store to buy.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I really like to use the things that I have on hand without having to make a special trip to the store. Because, let’s face it, by the time you decide to google a recipe, you are already cutting your time close for wherever you are taking your dessert. Am I right? This is how it works for me. The scenario goes something like this: Oh, darn, I forgot I need to take a dessert to the party at Sarah’s house. The party starts at 7 and it’s already 4 pm. Yes, I really do cut it close sometimes. Hope I can find a no-bake, quick easy dessert recipe when I search for something. So I go to the google, as my friends say, and start searching. Like I said, I end up on all of the sponsored websites trying to sell me subscriptions and other assorted options, none of which have anything to do with my need for a quick and easy dessert recipe.

I’m not going to lie to you, I have found some pretty awesome dessert recipes on these sponsored websites after a lot of hassle and closing pop-up windows for their advertisements. These desserts did turn out well in spite of my haste and lack of skills. It’s amazing what you can do with some instant pudding, graham crackers, frozen whipped topping and chocolate frosting. Yes, that really was a dessert and it was delicious.

What if there was somewhere you could go to search for easy dessert recipes for your favorite cakes and cookies and not go through all that hassle? Obviously, a website cannot make up for your lack of planning. I would be rich if I could figure that one out. Instant dessert, poof! Oh, that is just stopping at the store and picking up something. Cheater.

Seriously, if you could search a website for easy dessert recipes without pop-ups and email lists, and commercials, for free, wouldn’t you choose that? And if that website had easy recipes that were easy to whip up for a quick, after dinner dessert, that would be awesome. That is the goal of DIY desserts. No need for professional utensils or appliances, just simple recipes that the average person can whip up in a reasonable amount of time. And there are lots of details and instructions so you know what it should look like in the end. Please visit diydessert.com for more information.

Fantastic Cake Decorations and Cake Supplies

cake suppliesBaking cakes in your home is a great way to be creative, but also cut some corners in the budget when you are planning a party. Whether you are a stay at home mom who loves to decorate cakes for the family or you are an amateur baker who is looking to break out into the wedding industry in your area, having the right tools for cake decorating will take your boring cakes from zero to sixty in just a short amount of time.

Having the right set of tools and cake decorating supplies is the first thing that will help you start decorating your cakes like the professionals do. Piping bags, ribbons, fondant, and edible images are all great for large cakes and layered cakes. If you are doing a children’s birthday party, using edible images from their favorite cartoons is one way of keeping with the theme, while not paying a bakery to do the same thing you can do. Layered cakes, for weddings or birthdays, do well with ribbons around the layers and fondant to give a smooth canvas for the cake. Layered cakes are so versatile that you can easily do many things with them.

If you are into making cupcakes instead of just cake, there are plenty of ways that you can spruce those up as well. Using kits that provide you with toppers and settings to place your cakes in is a great way of taking a plain cupcake and elevating it to the next level. Using filler for cupcakes is also a great way to make them stand out.

Holidays bring out a whole new level of beautiful cake decorations. Having a Christmas party or an Easter party means you need to have a theme. Well, with specialized candies, cupcake papers, edible images, and so much more, you can turn your holiday party into a festive themed holiday party. Stick Santa on top of the cake to make a Christmas cake fully in the holiday spirit. There is really nothing stopping you.

Being able to decorate your own cakes can bring a sense of achievement to the finished product that does not come when you have something made for you. If you need to make cakes for dietary restrictions, you can still decorate them at home without any fear of contamination from certain food products. Cake decorating is not just for the reality TV stars and pastry chefs; you too can do the same thing right in your own kitchen. Please visit www.lucks.com for more information.

Selling Your Homemade Cake

cake pricingThe value of gifts that are homemade cannot fully be measured. Of course, small children may be fascinated with the bright colors and decorations of a commercially made birthday cake, but eventually, many prefer homemade creations. One reason is because parents often take the time to work with the child, measuring out the ingredients and baking the cake to perfection. Although society has become so much faster and efficient, making it easy to forget how rewarding and delicious a homemade cake can be, there are many people who would pay well in order to bring home something they do not have time to make themselves. The question you should ask is, “how do you price a homemade cake?”

Make a List of Ingredients

To begin, if you want to determine how much you should charge for a homemade cake, figure out how much it costs to make. This will include listing all ingredients you use for one cake. For example, consider how many eggs will go into the cake. If you paid approximately $2.00 for a dozen eggs and used five, then you divide the number of eggs into the price. $.40 per cake is how much you spend on eggs. Go through each ingredient and determine how much it will cost. This will provide a base amount for the cost of ingredients, but remember that prices fluctuate. Use the standard price as your measure and if the cost of ingredients rise, recalculate this number to keep a fair market price for your records.

Determine Cost of Labor

Do not underestimate the value of the time you spend making your product. If you do not know how to set a price for your labor, consult a website with a salary calculator, such as http://bakersalary.com. You have the opportunity to enter your ZIP code to find out what cake bakers are earning in your area. For example, in the Houston, Texas area, the lowest salary is $18,000. With a Culinary Arts Degree, this amount rises significantly. The average hourly wage for a baker, then is right around $9.37. As the owner of your own business, keep in mind that the cost of labor does not include overhead such as the price of ingredients or equipment.

Make a Price List for Extras

As you develop your plan for selling your homemade cakes, you might decide to offer your clients special options for their cakes, depending upon whether it’s for a birthday, wedding or other special event. These extras include; decorations, garnish and disposables. If you plan to use premade flowers or bows, candles, separator plates, columns, bases or any other items, then add them to your list. For items that come back to you, set a price for a deposit that ensures you are able to replace the item if it is not returned.

Set a Price For Time Consuming Tasks

When a customer wishes to have time-consuming additions to the cake, such as hand-applied or airbrush decorations, create a fee. Do not undercut yourself by giving too much. You will not make money if you are too generous and it defeats the purpose of setting a price for your homemade cake. If people are willing to pay for the product, always give quality, but keep the added costs of time and products in mind.

Other Charges

Set up a list of miscellaneous costs such as delivery charges, transportation, catering fees (if you wish to offer this service), and all other expenses delivery of the product may incur.


Once you have your list of working expenses, calculate and total them. This will give you a base price. You may also want to add the cost of electricity (your oven and kitchen lights will add to the utility bill). If your area has sales tax, add this to the total amount if you are planning to make this a small business. There are laws and forms that need to be filled out in order to run a small business. Please visit us to learn more about cake pricing, you’ll sure be glad you did!