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Selling My Structured Settlement a Headache?


The smart decisions we make are triumphs of judgments, while the bad decisions is an opportunity to learn. When it comes to structured settlements you may be questioning your cash options. If you have come into a lot of money, it would be beneficial for you to ask around about a structured settlement to consider for your future care and needs.

One option that may be presented to you by a financial adviser is to propose paying in recommended payments over a time, rather than one fixed sum after a plaintiff settles a case for a large sum of money. These payments can last over a period of time or extend through the claimants lifetime.

These well deserved, much-needed payments can change depending on the claimants needs which can include an immediate payment in order to cover for inevitable damages. Structured settlements are usually made through purchases from an annuity from a life insurance company.

A valuable advantage is tax deferment. If set up in an appropriate manner, it can greatly reduce a plaintiff’s tax obligations. An added benefit of structured settlements is that you can assure yourself provided funds for future care and needs.

A disadvantage is that they are a fixed structure. It may not be to your best interests to settle in on this option of payment. You might want to start a new business or buy a new home, but you lack the assets. This keeps you in an avoidable situation until the next payments arrive.

Also, structured settlements do not work smoothly with investments. A lot of typical investments give long-term return than with annuities provided by the structured settlement system. In this case, you would be better off opting for a lump sum settlement.

Learn the availability of benefits that sell my structured settlement can give you that best suit your needs. Ask all the questions to find out what is your best option. After all, one of the most important questions may be the one you are not asking. You can find out if a cash option for a structured settlement is best for you by seeking professional advice.

Information is a source of learning, but unless it is organized, processed, and available to the right people for decision making, it is more a burden than a benefit. There are decisions to be made if you have been a victim as a result of a wrongful injury. As a result of your injury, you may be awarded a settlement. If this is the case, and you still have questions regarding your award then you should obtain more information.

What is a structured settlement? They are set up when an insurance company or advisor offers you a cash settlement out of court in exchange for dropping the suit you have brought against their defendant. Through the settlement you would receive periodic instead of one lump sum.

Where does the funds from the settlement originate? The defendant in the case purchases an insurance annuity which is basically an investment with the insurance company. The idea behind this investment is that it will grow providing them with the funds they need to meet your financial obligations.

Are there any restrictions placed on structured settlements? There could be, it depends on the type of your contract. For example, if the law suit was on behalf of an injured child, the company may insist the funds only be used to toward the child’s education. Or if the law suit was on behalf of an employee, the funds can only be exhausted on further required medical supplies or therapy.

Is there any way to terminate the structured settlement? It depends. Your original settlement agreement will have a termination date, when it has been paid. Or you can approach a structured settlement agency to purchase the annuities. The agency will take a share of the annuity and you will get the remaining funds. This allows you to also change to a lump sum if it better suits your needs.

A professional adviser is available for all your structured settlements questions and concerns. They can assist you in determining what is best for your situation. The information you obtain can help you in finding the best answers for your deciding on a structured settlement. The right answers can help you see the potential.

Things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know About Having an Employee

workers compensation

When you start your business, often it’s a bootstrap endeavor. For many companies, it’s the founder and her idea against the world. But as you gain traction and customers, your company grows. One of the earliest signs of growth is the potential need for help. But hiring employees changes everything about your business. It can mean drastic improvements in customer service and your quality of life. Hiring also creates a number of legal and administrative hassles that are important to consider. Here are five things every entrepreneur needs to know before they take the leap to hire help for their business.

W-2 Versus 1099

There are two typical types of hire. The first is what you might think of as a consultant. These individuals typically do a specific task for your business, such as copywriting or transcription. Often, they run their own businesses. They may work for you in a part-time capacity, on a project basis, or nearly full-time for a short period of time. At the end of the year, these employees will receive a 1099, which means that they are responsible for paying their own taxes. In contrast, a regular employee receives a W-2. As an employer, you’re responsible for withholding taxes and also for paying a share of their employment tax. Many states have stringent rules and penalties for classifications, so don’t overlook data on misclassifying prospective workers.

Insurance requirements

When you hire an employee, states typically require some basic kinds of insurance. You may be thinking benefits such as health and dental insurance. In some cases, these are required but often the caps start when you have reached 20 or more employees. There are two basic kinds of insurance you can expect to pay. The first is paying into unemployment insurance. These payments are made to the state in the event that your employee loses her job. The second is workers compensation insurance, which protects your employee in case of injury on the job. Many first time business owners believe that this is required only in high-risk environments such as construction. In fact, every employee needs to be covered even if they spend the day working on a computer or answering the phone. If you have any questions about insurance requirements, contact an experienced employment attorney or an insurance broker.

Payroll services

Having employees changes your cash flow management needs. When your business just represented your personal income, whatever you made covered expenses and bills. What was left was yours, whether to take for salary or to reinvest into the company in strategic ways. However, with an employee it’s critical that your primary concern be covering your employee’s payroll on expected dates. It’s important to answer the question of how the employee will get paid. Will you personally write checks, send payments electronically through wires or PayPal, or consider using an outsourced service? The advantage of either using an outsourced service or partnering with your accountant for this process is that it simplifies keeping and filing taxes.

Hiring an employee can have significant benefits. However, it’s also important to remember that legally and financially an employee creates many costs and administrative requirements for your business to follow. Before you take the step of hiring an employee, make sure you understand your state’s requirements and do a cost benefit analysis to make sure it makes sense for your business.

The Right Paper Tube and Concrete Form Tube Manufacturer For You

pacriteHaving trouble knowing where to find great paper tubes or cores and concrete form tubes? Unsure whether your paper tubes and cores and concrete form tubes have struck the balance of quality and affordability? Luckily we know the perfect paper tube and core manufacturer to cater to all your paper tube and core needs.

Indulge yourself in the high quality products and services you deserve from the leading provider for all your concrete form tubes and paper tubes – Pac Rite Inc.

What is Pac Rite Inc.?

Staying strong with over twenty-five years of remarkable products and services, Pac Rite Inc. is a distinguished paper tube and core manufacturer situated in the Pacific Northwest. In line with our goals of nature preservation, all our manufacturing wastes are recycled. Pac Rite Inc. utilizes only 100 percent recycled prime paperboard for a variety of its products at extremely reasonable prices. Not only does Pac Rite Inc. pursues its objective of saving the earth using this exceptionally high-quality material, Pac Rite Inc. also uses this material to produce its outstanding paper tubes or cores of the highest quality.

What does Pac Rite Inc. Provide?

We provide only the best products and services for our customers without compromising both affordability and quality. In addition to our exemplary products and services, we also provide for our customer an extensive range of products and services to choose from, from custom paper tubes or cores down to product packaging and delivery.

Our customers also come from a diverse variety which includes Paper Converters, Label Manufacturers, Poly Bag Producers, Film Manufacturers, Steel and Alloy Metal Suppliers, Aerospace Manufacturers, Textiles, and Construction. Despite the broad array of customers we currently provide products and services to, we still manage to deliver and tailor to all their respective needs.

Why Choose Pac Rite Inc.?

As we have said, Pac Rite Inc. has been staying strong in the industry for over twenty-five years. Here in Pac Rite Inc., we strongly believe that the ultimate key to our success is our customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction and their reliability towards our brand is what we aim for here in Pac Rite Inc. We understand our customers and find ways to serve them better, whether it is about delivering products and services aptly or even having hand-picked, highly competent staff tending to their every need. Pac Rite Inc. ceaselessly provides for its customers the top-notch quality and service they deserve. Please visit http://www.pacriteinc.com for more information

How to Develop an EB-5 Business Plan

bizIf you are a business owner, investor or entrepreneur, the idea of having to put together a business plan can be terrifying. However, it is a necessary evil, especially for those who have the desire to succeed. There are a few different, popular Immigration Visas where you will need to put together a comprehensive business plan to have them granted. A few examples include the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa Business Plan, the L-1 Visa Business Plan and the EB-5 Visa Business Plan.  You will see that you cannot gloss your business plan over, or it will be denied, and this is especially true if you are submitting an EB-5 application to US Citizenship and Immigration Services, because the Immigration Courts have stated that business plans must adhere to strict standards.

Your EB-5 Business Plan must include all of the following information if you want it to be approved:

  • A business description, letting people know what the business is producing or what services are being provided, as well as the objectives of the business. The manufacturing process must be discussed as well as the supply sources.
  • A comprehensive market analysis including an assessment of any competitors, including their names and why they are competition for you and it must also include financial data, as well as a look at their products, services and prices.
  • Your target market must be described and you must let them know who you expect to purchase your product or services and why. Describe already secured business and the contracts you have already executed.
  • Discuss any permits of licenses you have or will receive.
  • A comprehensive overview of your marketing strategy.
  • A detailed personnel plan that details both current and future hires, including information about rate of pay, job description and benefits given.
  • All financial data, including relevant assumptions.

If you are worried about developing your own business plan, take the burden off of your shoulders and hire a professional to do it for you. You will definitely want to do this if you are seeking bank financing and applying for an immigration petition. How to Develop an EB-5 Business Plan — Filing a EB-5 Business Plan is not going to be easy, but it is necessary. Be sure that you hire someone with plenty of experience to draft your Eb-5 business plan for you so that everything is done properly. Take Matter of Ho into consideration as well when the business plan is being drafted and always be sure you have all of the information needed on hand to ensure the process moves as quickly and smoothly as possible!

Finding The Right Printing Service For Your Business

print elf

More than ever, printing is relevant to your business. Leave behind a well-designed business card or brochure and you make a long lasting impression.

Good impression (potential to get business):

  1. Your business card is of heavy paper stock.
  2. The design is clean legible and well proportioned
  3. Full color on both sides
  4. UV gloss covered

Bad impression (losing business):

  1. You printed your card cheaply, maybe even on your office printer
  2. Thin flimsy paper
  3. Unprofessionally designed
  4. Cluttered with lots of logos and text

Printed matter is the live line to your clients. Consider at a minimum a professional business card and a trifold. In your trifold outline your services and strengths. Use your very best photos and make it memorable. I can attest to this in all my years in business. People take you serious when you arrive well groomed and prepared.

Here are few rules

  1. Be consistent. Make sure you use the same color palette and logo across all your presentations.
  2. Pick a printer that works with you. Most online printing companies don’t care if your design is off. They just go ahead and reprint at your expense. Don’t waste your money!
  3. Concentrate on what you are good and let the pro design for you. The extra money spent is well worth it.
  4. Every few years update your look. Don’t complete change your logo however as you have established a track record
  5. Use good paper. Most likely the saving over cheap paper is minimal.
  6. Select an online printer that you can contact. You want to be able to talk to a pro and not a telephone operator.
  7. Select a printer that gives you easy understandable pricing. Most online printers offer cheap service but hit you with “add-ons”. Beware of the shipping prices as this is an area where printers can make up for the “cheap” prices.
  8. Make sure the printer has designers on staff. These professionals can help you with last minute issues when you are in a bind.

I am lucky to have found and excellent online printer. Go to www.PrintElf.com and peruse their services. They are friendly , very responsive, and highly skilled. Prices are clear and upfront without surprises. Best of all, they design for me. Sometimes within hours I have my first proof in hand. They make sure all is within printing specifications before going to press. I highly recommend them.  I wish you all the best for your business and, good print!

Business Coach and Entrepreneur Shares Success Secrets

SuccessHow would you like to learn secrets that could make you millions of dollars in just a couple of days? Many people around the globe are constantly seeking better ways to expand their businesses; some want out of the financial rut that they are in. People create businesses in hopes of attaining financial freedom. They will attend a seminar here and there in hopes of achieving their goal.

Meir Ezra is aware of what business owners are wanting and looking for and he is willing to offer the secrets to success; all you have to do is attend a seminar conducted by him. He is the founder of Guaranteed Prosperity International, a Florida based company that trains, coaches and guides people into becoming successful within their business. The company is built upon three principles, which are: ability, knowledge and integrity. He believes that having this combination will open the doors to many successful ventures.

When you attend one of the discussions, be prepared to learn his secrets to success. The sessions that he offers are two-days that are guaranteed to change your life and your business. Ezra is a successful entrepreneur with multiple businesses all across the globe. He believes in incorporating family values and putting your family first in order to produce a successful business. There are many topics that will be discussed during these assemblies, such as financial planning, the perfect business model and learning money and ethics. He will go in depth with each of these topics and how it correlates with Guaranteed Prosperity. He will also speak about life topics and how certain things in life can affect the way your business progresses.

Each topic in life reflects on how well your business will do. Ezra will describe how knowing the way to be happy, will ensure a successful business; or how luck can find its way into your business model. At the assemblies and on the website, you will find success stories from average business owners that followed his system and used his secrets. He goes around the globe offering and guaranteeing that by following his formula, your business will evolve into a successful venture. He is so sure of this that he is willing to give a full refund if you are not satisfied. If you attend one of the full intro discussions and are not satisfied by the end of the conference he will double your money back. For the major discussions, if you are not satisfied at the end, you will be refunded the cost minus 10% refund fee. That gives you more of an incentive to try it out; either way you leave with money in your pocket.

Over the next couple of months, Ezra will be presenting his seminars in Toronto, Canada and Tampa, Florida. A couple of them will be held in Tampa, Florida area do require that you attend prerequisite courses before being able to attend those particular sessions; however these are all to just assist you with expanding your knowledge of Guaranteed Prosperity. This is an ongoing training and coaching event that will guide you in the right direction; to accomplish one goal and that is for your company to prosper.

Best Online Accounting Set-Up for Start-ups

BooksSetup3It’s debatable what accounting software is best for entrepreneurs who want to join the new wave of those putting their books online, but among the top contenders are Quickbooks Online (QBO), Xero, Wave Accounting, etc.  When entrepreneurs consider what professional group should handle their online accounting set-up for start-ups (Online Accounting Set-Up for Start-ups), they should consider first how savvy the group is with online accounting software. Many accounting firms specialize in accounting software that is strictly desktop oriented, or sometimes versions that are not very user friendly for the entrepreneur at all.

Why is it important for entrepreneurs to have user friendly accounting software? Entrepreneurs are people who are typically on the move, so it’s important to be able to peak In at their financial scorecards wherever they are, and be able to understand, toggle through, and update their accounting versus having to make an appointment to see their accountants when they’re back in town. How inconvenient!

There’s also a lot of controversy about whether accountants will even be in business in the next couple of decades, as accounting software is evolving rapidly and becoming much more user friendly, and in many cases more cost effective. Ironically many of today’s great accounting minds are helping to create the best accounting software, which may eventually replace the need for accountants. Hard to swallow, yes! Good for entrepreneurs, yes! Not that accountants will fall to the wayside immediately, but many predict it could be coming with so many advancements in online accounting, plus it’s just so convenient.

Accounting software is unlikely to erase the legions of CPAs and financial advisors who have a knack for working through complex and rapidly changing accounting policy and problems, and of course organizations that are required to have CPAs for various purposes aren’t likely to embrace the future of accounting software in the same way as small business entrepreneurs.

At this point, the software is very user friendly, but it pays to have someone with accounting knowledge, and knowledge of the software help to set things up, and possibly manage it, at least until the entrepreneur or his or her employees can step in and take over. Accounting is afterall is a critical function of the business, and should be handled very professionally.

For entrepreneurs searching for a solid online accounting set-up service, visit www.bookssetup.com

Nickel Free Belts

nickel free beltsNickel Free Belts is a California based belt manufacturing company operating all over the US, producing certified and high quality nickel free belts and buckles. There was a time when nickel was used was excessively used in belts and buckles but now the time has changed as the nickel allergy caused health issues nationwide. NickelFreeBelts.com isn’t a business established over a plan, rather was a product of necessity, the house members and children of the company owners faced allergy problems to nickel, with no nickel free retailers available at that time the family took it upon them to find a solution.

The solution to the problem was nickel free belts, this is where this company came into being. Soon these belts became famous in the neighborhood and soon it became a full scale business. NIckelFreeBelts.com has made a long journey to the position where they stand today. Once an in-home family solution is now a large scale business with thousands of satisfied customers. Today NIckelFreeBelts.com is operating online as well.

NickelFreeBelts Review:

The company has a long list of satisfied customers that prefer their products over the other competitors. The company produces certified high quality products and is known for top of the line customer support service. Company offers a life time guarantee on the belts to be nickel free and lead free. Moreover, every product is tested and guaranteed to be rash free and itch free.

They offer a huge variety of nickel free belts that are not only reliable but also fashionable and trendy. The company offers belts for children, women and men at affordable price. One of the stand out feature is an excellent and friendly customer support that is willing to cross all the limits to ease the customer. The company also runs an awareness campaign for nickel allergy, they have a dedicated section for nickel allergy on the official website. Please visit www.nickelfreebelts.com for more information.

Customer Reviews:

“I have a nickel allergy and have desperately been searching for a belt that won’t break out my skin. This belt fit the need perfectly. With genuine leather and a nickel-free buckle that is NOT a clamp on I was very happy with the quality and style of it. I will definitely purchase from this company again in the future.”

“Sweet style and nickel free – ripping! This is my favorite belt of the lot. I have gotten 3 compliments already. Oh, and super-fast shipping too”

Office Hours:

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Monday to Friday

Office Address:

28820 Willow Tree Ct

Santa Clarita, California 91390

DS Domination Genesis Review – Solution To Your Amazon FBA Business?

fbaIf you’re reading this blog post, then you are one of the two types of people. Number one, You want buy DS Domination Genesis Product but You want to make sure if it is legit product, if it really works, are there anybody getting results with this thing and what is the difference between this DS Domination Genesis and Other leading Amazon FBA course such as Amazing Selling Machine. Because since the price tag is not cheap, I understand what you are concerning about and that is exactly why I’m writing this DS Domination Genesis Review for you.

As you probably know, DS Domination Genesis is offered by the company named DS Domination, which stands for Drop Ship Domination, This company has over 50,000 members at the moment I’m writing this blog post now and Changing lives daily basis. Well, My life has changed dramatically thanks to DS Domination.

Side note here for Drop Shipping concept. You may or may not know what is drop shipping right? Drop shipping means you become the middle man of supplier and end consumer. So you don’t actually buy the products first just like traditional businesses out there.
But instead, You advertise your inventories to your end buyers out there first and then when somebody orders something from you, you go back to your suppliers that you can sourcing from, and then You’re going to ship it to your end buyer, To be honest, your job is communicating between those two. And then of course you make the difference between those two transaction.

In DS Domination Roger teaches you how to do that on eBAY and Amazon which is the big bears in eCommerce world on the internet. They have millions of buyers, You can do leverage them to sell your product. All you have to do is you pay them some fee when you make sale on their platform, that’s it!

But this time, In DS Domination Genesis, Roger teaches how to do Amazon FBA and that is the next level.

You need to have some budget and knowledge to do this, But don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as you might think. You got to buy inventories first, You are going to learn how to source your items cheap from the sources in China. Can’t beat that, isn’t it? And the product should be has good demand on Amazon market place, So market research is the big portion of this business. After that, You are going to ship the products from your suppliers in China to Amazon FBA directly. Yes, that’s how it works. DS Domination Genesis costs $997 one time fee for limited time, the price may go up anytime soon without notice. It has a lot more to offer you than Amazing Selling Machine which will cost you $3500 USD which is quite expensive compare to the value they’re giving out. But well, It’s my opinion though.

You can check out this in-depth article by clicking the link here and You will see the more details of it as well as the success stories inside, Click now and See you on the other side.

What is booksteam.com?

booking softwareIf you own a business, I’m sure that you’re always on the lookout for ways to make your business more efficient for both: you and your clients. Managing your schedule is one of the most important tasks when you run your business.  Luckily, Booksteam.com online appointment scheduling software is there to help you!  Check out few tips below on how BookSteam.com can simplify your business.

Scheduling Appointment Online – You can easily setup your business to start accepting appointment online. It will be a huge boost to your business, just imagine, you don’t have to call your clients to schedule them in, you don’t have to email back and forth about reschedules. With BookSteam’s online appointment scheduling software, your clients can scheduler, cancel or reschedule their appointments online, at any time of the day, all on their own. Therefore, a lot of time will get freed up. You can now concentrate on your work, instead of answering phone.

Reduce No Shows – What is the biggest problem when dealing with clients and their appointments? A lot of the clients simply don’t show up, their number one excuse is that “they forgot”. If you use BookSteam, your booked clients will receive a reminder about their upcoming appointments; therefore, they will not be able to use their excuse now. Another feature that your business can use to reduce no shows is the credit card capture. You can set it up, so your scheduling webpage will require your clients to enter their valid card number when they book online, and if they still will not show up, you can charge them.

Scheduling Classes Online – Online class scheduling software is a gold mine for businesses like gyms, health clubs, personal trainers, yoga studios, outdoor tours activities and for educational facilities such as colleges, universities, schools, etc. You can be a yoga trainer or a teacher, but your scheduling goals are the same, it’s to schedule and manage a group of people. BookSteam will simplify that process for you, just set up your class online, enter number of people, set duration, set the dates when your class runs and scheduling software does everything for you. Clients or students will be able to see and schedule their classes online.

Bottom line is, if you own any business that requires managing, scheduling appointments or classes, then you must check out BookSteam online scheduling solution. You can even try it FREE for thirty days.

Meir Ezra Discusses Secrets to Success

Business Coach Meir Ezra Suggests…

finacialBusiness coach and successful entrepreneur, Meir Ezra teaches his students and clients that when you use the correct level of intention in your communication, people pay attention to you.

People can feel your intention and you can feel theirs.

For example, have you ever noticed how you can tell someone is looking at you behind your back? Do you ever think of a person just before they call? You are feeling their intention.

People respond differently to you, based on your intention.

Meir Ezra Discusses The Importance of Cash

Meir Ezra goes on to explain the importance of building a cash reserve. He states that, “If you can save money, your chances of succeeding in the future are much greater.”

A cash surplus has many advantages. For example:

  • You can negotiate better purchases if you do not need to borrow
  • Emergencies are less stressful when you have plenty of cash
  • You can help the people you love with their emergencies
  • You do not feel trapped by your job if you have enough savings to live on for a few years
  • You have the option of getting into activities you enjoy
  • You have more choices of where to live
  • You feel more secure

What About Time?

Do you ever feel overworked, overloaded or overwhelmed? Meir Ezra asks is this because you have too much to do? Because your boss is too demanding? Because your work goals are too large?

Why can some people produce twice as much as others? For example, Jane not only handles three kids, but works 30 hours per week and runs a small business from her home office. Jane’s house is always clean and she cooks incredible meals for her family.

When you do what you love, your odds of success are much greater. You have more passion, more energy and more fun.

When you enjoy your job, you look forward to Monday mornings. Your days fly by. You make steady progress.

Work enjoyment is contagious. The people around you get along better. They follow your example and get more done.

If you want to enjoy more success and happiness, consider attending one of Meir Ezra’s business coaching seminars by visiting http:/www.guaranteed-prospertity.com. You will get to work with Meir in person and are guaranteed to get results or your money back.

Finding The Right Logo Design Services

designerA company’s logo is its most valuable possession. It is the company’s identity and the most dependable way to market your business. Unique and only tied to your business, it is what your customers relate to in order to purchase genuine products and services from you. From small scale businesses to large firms, company branding is an exemplary way of stumping your command in the market. A cool, simple, and exceptional way of standing out amongst other competitors, logos just speak volumes about your business. That symbol used will definitely say it all about you.

While every company, organization, or firm would love to have a great logo, designing the best logo could prove to be a big challenge. These logos must be satisfactorily designed, tailored, and made to specifically suit your needs. Finding the best firm to provide you with a quality logo while paying attention to your every detail could be equally challenging. However, Logo Design Services is the best way for you to get that simple and well tailored brand that says everything about you. Such firms that offer these services are many, however not all are ideal. You need a firm where your logo is custom-made to your own desire and modified to be a long term representation of your true identity.  That is why here at Designownlogo.com we offer Custom Logo Design and other custom logo services with quality and a unique twist.

We have a great dependable team of very experienced and creative designers who value your satisfaction. They love their job and are absolutely willing to be there for you. With just a click, we strive to give you the best, be available for you every second around the clock, and ensure that our customers are truly satisfied.  We have therefore created a Logo Designer Online and brought these services at your doorstep. It’s cool, it’s fun, it’s professional and it will say it all in a flash. With thousands of clients already satisfied with our work, we can assure you that you will not be disappointed. We also offer affordable prices for our range of packages. From starter, bronze, silver, to gold packages, we got you covered and guarantee you to never miss a place.

Every logo we design is different in its own way, fresh and appealing. We have various concepts for you to choose from, and always ready to support you through any new idea you might have. It is fantastic and thrilling if you try it with us today. From brochures, banners, to illustrations we will stay by you every step of the way until you own all the design rights. For more information about our products and variety offers visit our page at http://www.designownlogo.com/ and see those easy, memorable and clever logos that we have for you. Visit and make your identity today, take advantage of our consultancy services, and seize this opportunity that will give you every detail to satisfaction.

You can select a package, provide your information, make payment, choose a logo, revise it, and have it delivered at your convenience. We guarantee quality so your satisfaction is our priority. We are timely so you will not be worried on delays. We deliver your logos so will not have to worry about incurring any costs to get it. So be cool we are always there for you.

How to blog for money

blogging for moneyI often get this question from people who approach me. How to blog for money exactly?

You may be wondering how people make a killing from blogging. Yes, you can make significant amount of money from blogging, provided you have a clear goal of what outcome you want from your blog. You need to be ready to write on your blog daily. Just blogging once a week or once a month will not get you results.

Some people invest money into driving paid traffic to their blogs. If you have some money to invest, I highly recommend it. If you don’t have money to invest, getting your own blog is the very first step to making money online. Some argue that you don’t need a blog to make money online. But in my personal experience, a blog has been the best personal marketing platform to promote any business and, most importantly to connect with my subscribers and followers. People associate you with your online presence. The stronger your online presence is the better it is for people to come to you for business. This is exactly how to blog for money.

How to Blog For Money

Your blog can be used to showcase your expertise and skills. You will attract like minded people with the same interests. You do need a domain name and a basic webhosting to start blogging. I go through these in details in Val Geerken 10 days bootcamp, I invite you to check out Wealth and Money blog, and sign up there.  Once you have your blog setup, your content can be published immediately.

I know some people who started their blog entirely free by using web 2.0 services like weebly, blogger.com, etc. They were disappointed when they found out that their accounts were suspended. There are many disadvantages to free blogs. They don’t like ads and for the most part, you are at the mercy of their policies. However, web 2.0 properties are extremely powerful to build backlinks from. So if you have your accounts at these sites, you can write individual posts and point back to your blog. The start up costs to starting a blog is minimal, and it is well worth the money.

Once you have your blog up, you can literally promote anything you want. You can sell affiliate products, you can promote MLM products, etc. For example, if you are not in any business opportunities, then you can sign up for free account at Clickbank and start promoting something in the Clickbank marketplace.
Val Geerken at WealthandMoney.Net

Google Fax Service – More Convenient, Faster, and Better

google fax serviceHere’s why you should dump your fax machine and instead shift to an online fax service. For one, it involves several steps. If you don’t know how to operate it, you’ll need to look for the manual and figure out how to get started, which takes time and effort. Second, you’re not really sure whether the intended person has received what you faxed. Or worse, it can be read by anyone who has access to the fax machine.

Thanks to the Internet and Google, you don’t have to deal with any of the above-stated issues. With an online fax service such as Google Fax Service, the steps are less, and you’re sure that the intended person receives anything you send him. Aside from that, the fax can be sent and received anytime anywhere. The best part is, privacy is maintained.

How does it work? In the past, faxing is done through the help of a telephone line. But with an online service, the transfer is made possible with an Internet connection. With an online fax, you’ll have the option to print out the fax or read it as as PDF file. This option is not possible with the outdated fax machines. Aside from that, it’s paperless, so it saves you money and it’s good for the environment.

How do you get started? Basically, you’ll need to have a Gmail account. If you don’t have one, know that it’s easy to create one.

Another thing that you need to have is an online fax services company. This is a third-party company that handles all the back-end tasks involved in the process.  Once everything is set up with the company, you’ll be given a fax number and you’re good to use it.

To start using your Google fax service, all you have to do is to open your Gmail account. Then, compose an email just like what you do usually, and don’t forget to type in the fax number (e.g., 12345678@googlefaxservice.com. Attach the document, and then click send.

As you can see, it’s as easy as saying 1-2-3. If you can create an email, you can create and send a fax. It eliminates the need for paper, and it eliminates the need for your secretary to do the faxing. Again, this comes in handy if you want to maintain the privacy and secrecy of your documents.

The video below explains how easy it is to set up your online fax service account.