Small kitchen remodeling ideas

kitchen ideasLooking for a few ideas for remodeling your small kitchen? No matter if you have a small space in the suburbs or a galley up in a high rise, these ideas will help you decorate your small kitchen, cooked just the way you like it.


Modelling your kitchen in a small space can strain the brain considerably, perhaps even more so than larger spaces. This gets all the more complicated adding storage and style in the tight quarters that are typical to the kitchen challenges posed by function and the fixtures.

Just face it, in a small space you simply can’t have a kitchen that is the jack of all trades. Doing everything from schoolwork, laundry, mail, recipe hunting and of course, the cooking duties. Unless of course the off chance that you don’t cook at all, the small kitchen’s main task is meal preparation. So your first focus should be function, making sure that you have the appliances and the work areas that you need. You might be able to save quite a bit of space by using innovative and scaled down appliances like freezer and refrigerator drawers and small microwaves, stoves and single sinks. If workspace is still scarce, consider using a small scale island or a counter topped cart that can simply be rolled away into a closet whenever it is not in use.

Open it up

Tiny kitchens can often feel a bit claustrophobic, especially when overhead cabinets end up towering over your head in the already small space. Not only is there the problem that many cooks are simply unable to reach them, but the overall feeling of the room is quite boxy and closed in. A great small kitchen remodeling idea and if you are able to get organized enough, try and trade up the top cupboards for some open storage. Also consider some shelving, magnetic knife holders, spice holders and pot racks. Not only will your kitchen end up looking quite a bit more spacious, it will be a great chance to show off your favorite dishes, pots and pans, maybe even artwork.

Mix it up

When looking for some good kitchen remodeling ideas for small spaces, you may realize that you might not actually have wide open spaces in your small kitchen, but fear not for you have lots of choices! Matter of fact, these choices end up looming larger in a small space than in this day and age’s Taj Mahal size kitchens. In a big area you could much more easily hide flaws or separate the competing styles, in a smaller space everything must work, including the mix of the wood, metals and other surface details. Is there a place where you can add a pleasing curve? Will your granite countertop co-exist with you cabinet color? Your best bet would be to create a mix board with samples and swatches of all the colors you are considering.