Satellite Direct Online TV on PC and Mac

Satellite Direct ReviewIf looking to cut tides with Satellite/Cable or living without service due to high monthly costs, then one alternative might be Satellite Direct TV software. That’s if you don’t mine watching favorite TV shows, sports, movies and other free content from the web via computer. Beside downloading the software, one other requirement is needed – A broadband connection to help deliver 1000s of live/on-demand streaming web content instantly.

Television is changing right before our eyes. No longer is it just traditional TV; We now have Internet TV that’s starting to compete with the television industry that many of us grew up on (read: Satellite Direct Review). Though cable and satellite have jumped on board and are now using the Internet to stream their premium channels online, those who are not subscribers must find other ways to watch their favorite programs.

Thanks to services like ETV Corp that caters to the needs of those living on a tight budget and like having the ability to watch what they want, when and where they want, can use a hi-tech SatelliteDirect TV player software. This technology comes without confinement to a TV-set or area to watch favorite sports, movies and TV shows from around the world.

So what exactly is SatelliteDirect? It’s a proprietary software (shareware) developed by ETV Corp that delivers over 3,500 live/on-demand channels and radio stations from over 120 countries. The user can literally tap into more TV channels than any paid television service and eliminate paying monthly costs.

This technology or TV player can streamline and organize the delivery of tons of global channels from the web to the user’s Mac OS X or PC Windows computer (desktop/laptop). This method can setup a super web TV system in a matter of minutes which doesn’t take a techie to complete the task.

Imagine getting an extra television without shelling out hundreds of dollars and not having to install hardware or connect wires. Though the ETV Corp service doesn’t own the streaming channels they deliver, users of the service are free to watch whatever is delivered from the Internet.

What makes the service safe and legal to use is that they don’t host any of the content on their website. They also don’t include any P2P (Peer-to-Peer) networks in their package. In the past, many P2P networks were shut down due to users uploading/downloading copyright materials such as videos, movies, TV shows, music, etc. And one final note is the service doesn’t decode or descramble any paid television signals – streaming content comes from the web and nowhere else.

Satellite Direct Online TV scraps many channel/video feeds from the Internet through open gateways, then delivers everything to datacenters where the service downloads all content automatically to the user’s TV player. The player is pre-loaded with thousands of live/on-demand channels and radio stations which are contained within their respective country (120+). This content can also be sorted by genre and language.

The player also comes with feature enhancements such as Full Screen and Add to Favorites. Users can watch anything and everything from one location inside the player and at the same time use the Add to Favorites feature to save a favorite program to watch later on. Just a click of a button saves time and effort when using this method as oppose to surfing the web to find channels on your own.

Another part of this technology that makes it popular today is the service package that comes with it. With everything changing rapidly – technology and new channels added to the web – ETV Corp includes a lifetime membership (small one-time fee) for the regular version which comes with free on-going tech support, automatic channel updates as well as software upgrades. There’s also a low subscription fee for the Advanced version that provides everything in the regular version (with exception to lifetime membership) plus more premium channels, many movie trailers and more feature enhancements including premium channels without advertisements.

Compared to other Satellite TV software services out there, this service offers more to consumers such as free download version, two types of pay-to-download versions at different price sets, more compatibility (PC, Mac & Mobile), advanced technology and best selection of entertaining channels.

Though everything seems to dictate this method would be a great option (beating high cost of paid television costs or living without) there are a few downsides to take into consideration. Users must like watching everything on a computer screen as oppose to a TV screen, settle for good to very good picture quality rather than HD picture quality, choppy video at times and some channels coming and going. Still the pros outweigh the cons when expecting this relatively new technology to be perfect.

This technology is great to have when needing a backup in case there’s a local ballgame blackout, no television around, house TV not working or when away from home. Satellite Direct TV software also adds another dimension… Install it to a laptop to create a TV traveling companion. Certainly, this technology offers an array of benefits and something to explore further if wanting to watch favorite television programs without the high cost and spending time searching for TV shows online. Read the Satellite Direct Review for more information!