Razor Electric Scooter – Is it Worth Your Money?

electric scooterThe Razor electric scooter is a dominant force in the marketplace. It is well known for being a reliable, safe, and fun electric scooter for both children and adults alike. In this article, I will highlight some of the key features that make the Razor electric scooter such an attractive option.

Razor Electric Scooter Features

Versatility – The Razor electric scooter is not just for young kids. They have various models that can accommodate children under the age of 12, teenagers, and adults. Electric scooters have been increasingly popular with older people as a way that they can travel around town without an actual car. A Razor scooter can be used to run small errands within a short distance without having to worry about the battery going dead.

Motor – The motor is chain driven. What does mean for you as the buyer? A chain driven motor will last a lot longer than your standard belt motor. This is a plus as you want your investment to last as long as possible. The chain driven motor is solid and will outlast cheap belt motors.

Battery Life – I touched upon this earlier but having a long battery life for the scooter really matters if you want to enjoy your electric scooter. The Razor electric scooter has a minimum of a 45 minute battery life for the models designed for young kids. This gives them plenty of time to go outside and zoom around the neighborhood.

Ease of Assembly – People really do not think about this when they are buying a product but let me tell you from experience is does matter. If it is cumbersome to begin with to assemble, this can be a problem. Luckily, the makers of the various models for the Razor electric scooter made it very easy to assemble. Some of the models you do not have to pull out any tools and the directions are very clear cut. There are only a few steps and you will have the scooter assembled in no time.

Twist grip acceleration – Who knew that you get the same technology from a motorcycle in a electric scooter? This is one of the most fun things about the Razor electric scooter. You can put your hands on the handle bars and twist away as you listen to the engine revving up. This is pretty neat feature especially for young kids as they will enjoy it.

Safe speed for beginners – The models specifically designed for young children do not get over 10mph. This will keep you worry free if you are buying one for the first time for a small kid. The larger models do get over 15 mph but they are specifically designed for older children or adults.

The Razor electric scooter will continue to be a prominent contender in the marketplace for electric scooters. Their brand is a wise choice. Do not forget to put on your helmet and enjoy!