Proper gluten-free diet for athletes

Cocoa Beans CultivationIn recent years, increased number of athletes began to implement the gluten-free diet. The reason for popularity of gluten free diet is new Novak Djokovic’s book Serve To Win. In this book Djokovic in a clear and simple way explain the need for proper nutrition. Novak Djokovic before the gluten free diet often loses power, could not breathe and felt tired. Diet has made miracle in his life: within a year he became the world’s best tennis player. Novak went a step further: he gave up milk and dairy products, even the processed sugar,┬ábut most people do not have to go that far. In order to achieve changes in their lives, many gluten sensitive athletes have to make changes in their nutrition. Of course, one need a doctor to check if he is sensitive to gluten. Essential blood tests check for the presence of antibodies. Only after checking by doctors athlete may approach gluten free diet. Some parts of the gluten free diet will not be easy to implement.

For example, all Europeans and Americans are used to eating a lot of bread and pasta. If you are on a gluten-free diet, you need to leave bread and all kinds of pasta. All foods containing flour must be excluded. Yes, pizza is one of the foods full of gluten, as well as many of your favorite beverage, beer. Gluten is also in the breaded meat, breaded fish, as well as various toppings.

Gluten in the sweets
Anyone who wants to avoid gluten should not eat various types of biscuits and cookies that were made with flour. Many ask the question whether chocolate is gluten free? There are many kinds of chocolate, and it is not easy to answer this question. Pure cocoa or chocolate, which contains 100% cocoa is definitely gluten free. If in the chocolate is used barley malt as sweetener, chocolate is certainly not gluten free. Also, you are never sure whether equipment for making chocolate is contaminated with gluten. However, as a rule, dark chocolate is gluten free.

Testing the performance of gluten free diet
It is recommended that a gluten free diet is carried out at least 2 weeks. If you have in the meantime become more relaxed and eager and looking forward to getting up, chances are that you will achieve a good results in sports. The ultimate test of whether you have solved the problem is simple. Simply, after two weeks of gluten-free, take a piece of bread and eat. If soon after that you feel dizzy or like to be drunk, than certainly you are intolerant to gluten. Continuing diet and regular exercise, each athlete will, as Novak Djokovic achieve superior results.