Paint the Town, Seattle, Washington, USA

paintAs a family owned business since 1994, Paint the Town is located in Seattle, Washington.  This company provides light and residential painting services, including interior and exterior painting.  Paint the Town is a member with the Paint and Decorating Contractors of America, the National Association of Homebuilders, and the Master Builders Association.  Membership with these groups shows interest in maintaining good business in the painting industry and prestigious ties to earn reliability for better customer relations. Paint The Town Seattle will discuss a proposal with the customer and what services they will be performing, give out references to hear testimonials from other customers, use high quality products, and have the most skilled craftsmen work on the projects requested.

With a variety of services, Paint the Town provides different categories for customers to find what they need.  Interior services include painting, staining, wall repair, texturing, installing wallpaper or Drywall, remodeling bathrooms and kitchens, and electrical/plumbing repair.  Exterior services are painting contractors in Seattle, using sealants, staining, washing, removing mildew and mold, glazing or replacing windows, and deck maintenance.  Handyman services are also offered for the ease, but customers are also encouraged to check out the other suggested contractors for services if they are not comfortable with Paint the Town.

Testimonials declare Paint the Town to be excellent in working vigorously and performing high quality work quickly.  Paint the Town offers more accessibility with its location in West Seattle and they now accept credit cards and Square, a great feature for more transactions.  Known for their hard work, the workers put a lot of attention into the detail of the interiors, as well as the durability of the exteriors.  Satisfied customers praise the immediate arrival, dedication to the project, and the repairs that fixed errors by previous contractors.  The company also recommends a list of dependable stores and businesses to receive services and products from.

Paint the Town suggests several tips for hiring a good contractor.  They include having a solid plan for what you want in your project, asking close friends and family for referrals, ensuring that the contractor is licensed and reliable, getting estimates on how much the project might require, asking for past references/photos, choosing a good range for your project, and finding a contractor eager to communicate with you.  Hopefully, these tips will help lead you to Paint the Town for all the services you need performed on your project. Please visit for more information.