Nickel Free Belts

nickel free beltsNickel Free Belts is a California based belt manufacturing company operating all over the US, producing certified and high quality nickel free belts and buckles. There was a time when nickel was used was excessively used in belts and buckles but now the time has changed as the nickel allergy caused health issues nationwide. isn’t a business established over a plan, rather was a product of necessity, the house members and children of the company owners faced allergy problems to nickel, with no nickel free retailers available at that time the family took it upon them to find a solution.

The solution to the problem was nickel free belts, this is where this company came into being. Soon these belts became famous in the neighborhood and soon it became a full scale business. has made a long journey to the position where they stand today. Once an in-home family solution is now a large scale business with thousands of satisfied customers. Today is operating online as well.

NickelFreeBelts Review:

The company has a long list of satisfied customers that prefer their products over the other competitors. The company produces certified high quality products and is known for top of the line customer support service. Company offers a life time guarantee on the belts to be nickel free and lead free. Moreover, every product is tested and guaranteed to be rash free and itch free.

They offer a huge variety of nickel free belts that are not only reliable but also fashionable and trendy. The company offers belts for children, women and men at affordable price. One of the stand out feature is an excellent and friendly customer support that is willing to cross all the limits to ease the customer. The company also runs an awareness campaign for nickel allergy, they have a dedicated section for nickel allergy on the official website. Please visit for more information.

Customer Reviews:

“I have a nickel allergy and have desperately been searching for a belt that won’t break out my skin. This belt fit the need perfectly. With genuine leather and a nickel-free buckle that is NOT a clamp on I was very happy with the quality and style of it. I will definitely purchase from this company again in the future.”

“Sweet style and nickel free – ripping! This is my favorite belt of the lot. I have gotten 3 compliments already. Oh, and super-fast shipping too”

Office Hours:

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Monday to Friday

Office Address:

28820 Willow Tree Ct

Santa Clarita, California 91390