Need a Trusted, Competent Process Server in Phoenix?

serverSuperior Process Services, Inc is a Phoenix based Attorney and Collection service that provides professional assistance at affordable rates for both corporate and individual accounts. The company specializes in process serving in the Phoenix area. Additionally, Superior Process Services, Inc can assist clients with investigating and skip tracing, on-site document scanning, attorney support, and records searches.

With over 20 years of Phoenix metro area process serving experience, Superior Process Services, Inc provides trusted and competent support. The company provides reliable and dedicated process servers to Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, and all other Pinal and Maricopa County Cities.

Superior Process Services, Inc’s goal is to provide clients with professional assistance at an affordable price. The Arizona based firm will provide individuals and companies with the latest technology and an unmatched level of customer service. With their dedicated staff and 20 plus years of expertise, clients can be confident with the knowledge that they have hired the best Phoenix process server to complement their business.

A process server in Phoenix, or a process server from anywhere else in the United States, is essentially a messenger. Their job is to notify individuals of their constitutional rights to due process by law. The process serving profession is a direct result of the fifth and sixth amendments to the United States Constitution.

Process servers in Phoenix are tasked with notifying citizens by giving them court documents that detail the individual’s involvement with a legal issue. The court documents that the server presents are actually called the “process.”

Many years ago, sheriffs delivered court documents. As crime increased and jurisdictions grew, sheriff’s became too busy to serve process. To ensure that these important documents were delivered on time, and were presented in a legally acceptable fashion, the role of process server was created. While Phoenix, and the rest of Arizona, allows for process servers to deliver court documents, many states still require law enforcement officials to deliver process.

Aside from merely presenting court papers, Phoenix process servers file court documents and retrieve information. However, serving individuals with legal documents is still the most important job that a process server has. If the task is done incorrectly, the entire case is liable to be thrown out of court.

In Arizona, the process server must present the individual with two documents, a summons and a compliant. Contrary to media depictions, the process server does not need to physically put the documents into the individual’s hands. The server can leave the documents with a lawyer or at the individual’s residence. To contact Superior Process Services Inc, call (480) 420-0877 anytime between 7am – 8pm or visit