Mistakes You Should Avoid While Writing Product Review

ReviewThe importance of product reviews have been on a constant rise, people keen to invest money on products want to know maximum about the product before they make a purchase and people prefer product reviews over company sales pages and advertisement. Here are the few important things you should avoid while writing a product review.

Never Brag About The Product:

One of the biggest mistake you can make is writing unnaturally and biased. People hunt for the honest product reviews and you should write the review with the reader’s point of view in mind.

Avoid Selling Tone:

A reader always wants to know about the products, a good product review always describes the product. If you’ll adopt a selling tone, chances are that reader might think of it as an unnatural one and may not continue reading it.

Never Skip a Single Detail:

Often people skip minute details while writing the review, the few small things make big differences. You may never know what specific requirement or detail the reader is looking for, so it Is advised not to skip any detail. If you are too lazy to write every detail, you may choose to add rating system in the review.

Skipping Personal Experience:

Would you believe a company’s out-of-the-world claims or would you prefer the get information of someone’s personal experience with that product? Obviously you would listen to one who has experienced it. The inclusion of personal experience is difference between a good review and bad review. Readers will consider a review more authentic if you share your personal experience.


There are a hundreds of product reviews about the same product on the internet and chances are that your review might end up in the very bottom of the stack if you have not put something unique and little known about the product. An imitation of already written review will only kill your chances. Try to develop a unique style.

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