Miranda Sevcik, Marketing Pro at Media Masters, Assists Attorneys with Video Marketing

marketingInformational videos about popular legal topics can help attorneys draw in new clients. Miranda Sevcik at Media Masters helps attorneys create educational legal videos that potential clients can easily find online.

In recent years, the Internet has become the most popular news and informational source out there, and one of the most popular search engine tools out there is YouTube. While many attorneys haven’t traditionally thought of YouTube as a space where they can promote their firms, legal educational videos are becoming more and more popular. When properly optimized, legal videos can rank among the top search page results when potential clients are searching for legal information. That’s why it’s important for law firms to take advantage of this opportunity and create videos that explain some of the legal issues that their firms handle.

Media Masters founder Miranda Sevcik regularly works with attorneys to help them use video marketing to their advantage. The process entails sitting down with the attorney to consider which types of topics would be most useful or interesting to a targeted audience. Miranda and her team are experts when it comes to identifying audience needs, and this helps significantly when trying to focus on the right type of video marketing. Once topics have been selected, Media Masters works alongside the attorney to create a script and then shoot the video. Media Masters will then upload the video to YouTube, and then create and distribute a press release and article about the video.

In the past, Miranda Sevcik and the Media Masters crew have successfully assisted countless numbers of attorneys with creating helpful legal educational videos that perform well in search engine rankings. As a result, more people have learned about the firms’ legal help services, and Media Masters is proud to be responsible for driving more clients to the websites of the firms it works with. When attorneys want to increase the traffic to their websites and get more clients through the door, they turn to the pros at Media Masters for expert video marketing services.

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