Meir Ezra Discusses Secrets to Success

Business Coach Meir Ezra Suggests…

finacialBusiness coach and successful entrepreneur, Meir Ezra teaches his students and clients that when you use the correct level of intention in your communication, people pay attention to you.

People can feel your intention and you can feel theirs.

For example, have you ever noticed how you can tell someone is looking at you behind your back? Do you ever think of a person just before they call? You are feeling their intention.

People respond differently to you, based on your intention.

Meir Ezra Discusses The Importance of Cash

Meir Ezra goes on to explain the importance of building a cash reserve. He states that, “If you can save money, your chances of succeeding in the future are much greater.”

A cash surplus has many advantages. For example:

  • You can negotiate better purchases if you do not need to borrow
  • Emergencies are less stressful when you have plenty of cash
  • You can help the people you love with their emergencies
  • You do not feel trapped by your job if you have enough savings to live on for a few years
  • You have the option of getting into activities you enjoy
  • You have more choices of where to live
  • You feel more secure

What About Time?

Do you ever feel overworked, overloaded or overwhelmed? Meir Ezra asks is this because you have too much to do? Because your boss is too demanding? Because your work goals are too large?

Why can some people produce twice as much as others? For example, Jane not only handles three kids, but works 30 hours per week and runs a small business from her home office. Jane’s house is always clean and she cooks incredible meals for her family.

When you do what you love, your odds of success are much greater. You have more passion, more energy and more fun.

When you enjoy your job, you look forward to Monday mornings. Your days fly by. You make steady progress.

Work enjoyment is contagious. The people around you get along better. They follow your example and get more done.

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