Mango Airlines – The Best Low-Cost Airline In South Africa

Mango Airlines was the first low-cost airline to be launched in South Africa. It was back in November of 2006 and it is owned by the country’s larger air travel provider, the South African Airways.

Mango Airlines have very competitive prices and this is one of the things that attracts both the South-Africans as well as travelers from abroad. If by any chance, you’re looking for the most affordable airlines working in South Africa and you see FlyMango, Fly Mango or, you need to know these refer to Mango Airlines.

One of the things that Mango Airlines has been implementing regularly and that is part of their success, is their Specials. No matter they are the ones who keep having the cheaper flights, they also offer special packages or deals that appeal to all people who is traveling to or within South Africa. Some of their more successful Specials have been the R1 Flare and, more recently, the “Happy Days Sale”.

When South African Airways decided to create the Mango Airlines, one of their main goals was to be able to provide all South-Africans access to their own airline, no matter where they lived. And this is why they cover such a wide variety of destinations.

Either if you want to see your family or you’re simply going on a business trip, Mango Airlines is one of the best solutions. They aren’t only able to provide the best prices on the domestic flights, as they are already one of the cheapest ways to fly across the major airline routes. These include the Johannesburg to Durban route or the Cape Town to Johannesburg route, just to provide you with some examples.

You can easily recognize the Mango Airlines by their bright orange colors. And when you fly with them, you can count with:

– Keeping your kids entertained during the entire flight. All you need to do is to purchase and unwind.
– Access to ADSL, Wi-Fi, 3G, or in-Flight Wi-Fi. All you need to do is to buy the G-connect prepaid top up.
– High seating density.
– Some great options for both food and drinks that you can purchase during your flight.
– The Mango Juice, an in-flight magazine,
– Mango TV, with a daily entertainment program that you can watch on the drop-down televisions that are placed throughout the aircraft.
– A frequent-flyer program.

If you haven’t flown with Mango Airlines before, make sure that you do. You’ll not only going to love the experience as you’ll save a lot of money.