Lone Star is Your One Solution for Blower Systems

lone-star-blowerLone Star offers pre-engineered motor starters and drives to encompass together with your blower device. These systems are plug well suited with local control panels.

Save money and time by choosing from different types of products and services available at Lona Star that include the blower control and starter, multi functional cabinet all pre-wired out and ready for operation, or you can as well request for your own specification.

Lone Star Blower is a manufacturing company of many blower technologies. It also engages in the distribution of these blowers and also provide wonderful and excellent customer support in terms of after sales service. Lone Star is a professional and experienced blower company that is formed by seasoned and experienced blower professionals.

They have wide range of products among which are turbo blower, Multistage Turbo blower and many more. Lone Star has a policy in which all employees of the company are a stakeholder. All employees are encouraged to become a shareholder in the company, so the employees see it as their own company and work assiduously for the company.

Lone Star is a market leader with the widest range of turbo blowers on the market to choose from. Lone Star manufactures her own line of multistage centrifugal blowers with experienced engineering and design teams that work tirelessly to set new industry standards for innovation and performance efficiency. Lona Star multistage turbo blower is very simple, rugged and reliable for pressure and vacuum applications with high flexible design to meet your exact performance requirement.

With all the high quality products: Geared Turbo blower, Gearless Turbo blower, Multistage Turbo blower and many more products and services you will agree with me that you are in the right place for all your blower products.