Latest Smart Phones News: The Market is Growing

smart phone newsIn the past few years, it has been an exciting ride for smart phones. And by the looks of it, these mobile gadgets won’t go anywhere soon. In fact, they’re expected to be bigger than ever. The smart phone market is expected to grow at a rapid pace according to latest survey results and industry data.

In a survey released by International Data Corp, for instance, the global market saw an increase of 28.6 percent as compared to last year’s figures. It is estimated that about 220 million of smart phones were sold from January to March this year.

Why are people so keen on having smart phones?

For one, it’s slowly becoming and necessity. From telling time to checking e-mails and connectivity with friends, smart phones play an integral role in people’s daily lives.

Second, their compact design has edged out other gadgets (such as tablets and laptops), which can be bulky and heavy. Not only can you take them anywhere without difficulty but you can also store them easily. Sure, they have limitations compared to other bigger gadgets, but they can perform tasks effectively.

Last April 2010, a survey found that business professionals would rather take their smart phones with them instead of their laptop, especially when they plan on travelling. Aside from that, these professionals would choose their smart phones over coffee. Also, the survey indicates that 79% of the respondent no longer use an office phone (or their home phone) to conduct business with their client. These are all interesting findings, which suggest that smart phones have become the focal point of communication among professionals in the business community.

Third, smart phones can have more functionality that can help you perform tasks much better. You can download and install from hundreds of apps, for instance, to help you with tasks such as the following: note-taking, photo editing, and even hailing a cab.

With all these findings and smart phones news, it’s only a matter of time before everyone has a smart phone.

Back to the smart phone market a tech article published early in May 2014 said that Samsung continues its winning streak to gain the highest position in the smart phone market. Two years ago, Samsung had 32% of the market share. Last year, it was down to 30%. Although the company is still the world leader, it’s starting to face tough competition especially among its Chinese rivals. Plus, it has yet to solve its issues with Apple. Please visit to learn more news about the latest and greatest smart cell phone and technologies.