Is there proof that God exists?

is god real
People all over the world are discussing this question: can God be proven? For the past twenty years I lived in a close relationssip with God and I have seen Him do countless amazing miracles. When I hear people say ‘it is not possible to proof that God exists’, I wonder ‘is it?’ If God is a reality, then He must be the most powerful reality there is. Because, well… He is God. He created the heavens and the earth. So if we cannot prove the existence of the most powerful person there is, we must conclude this person does not exist.

Any reality can be proven. That is pure logic. So, is it possible to prove that God exists? Of course. But we must be willing to accept the realities that prove His existence.

The Bible says that God is very powerful and His kingdom is not a kingdom of words but of power. The apostel Paul said: ‘My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, so that your faith might not rest on human wisdom, but on God’s power.’ (1 Cornthians 2:4)

Today it is the same. I have experienced the power of God in absolutely amazing ways. One of the first ways I started experiencing God was through a handicap I had: I stammered… and I stammered really bad! Sometimes I tried to call somebody on the phone and when they picked up the phone I was silent – I simply could not speak. I sometimes came back from a store with a different product than what I wanted to buy, because I simply could not say the right word. No doctor, psychologist or any other ‘ist’ could help me. No trick or treatment brought improvement. I was doomed to live with this horrible handicap.

Then I gave my life to Jesus Christ and I started surrendering myself to the Holy Spirit. The moment the Holy Spirit started working in my life, something amazing began to happen: I started receiving messages for other people, to encourage them or to help them. Every time I shared these messages, I did not stammer. Very often in church I suddenly felt the presence of God nudging me: go to the front and say this and that. With much fear and trembling I obeyed and people were always deeply touched. Often, when I shared these words I felt the power of God flow through my body as a rush of divine energy.

Churches started to invite me to preach and everytime I stood in front of a church the stammering left and a river of words flowed out of me. In my normal life I still stammered really bad, but when I had to speak the words God gave me, His Spirit flowed through me and people always testified that their lives had been changed.

Then another amazing thing started to happen: when I prayed for people, they began to be healed. One of the first times this happened, was during a youth weekend. A young lady had a tumor in her breast. I didn’t even know this, and I prayed for her with my hand on her back, asking God to fill her with His love. The next day she came to the front of that youth group and  said that the moment I prayed for her she felt a intense heat in her breast and when she went to the bathroom afterwards to check, the tumor had dissapeared.

Since that moment many people for whom I prayed were healed by the power of God. I can list dozens of testimonies and the amazing thing is: this is happening all over the world, with litteraly millions of people. In every nation of the world there are christian ministries that experience the healing and life changing power of God.

Because God is so real, I made a website about Him, for everyone who is open to discover this reality.

The homepage: GOD IS REAL

Evidence for the existence of God: PROOF THAT GOD EXISTS

David Sorensen