Increasing Your Law Firm’s Visibility With the Search Engines

SEOIs your law firm struggling to get new clients? You probably already are well aware of the importance of the Internet in getting new clients. You’ve probably already have tried some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work from a consultant. If you had good results, chances are that you are not reading this article, if your results were mixed or null, then you probably found your way to this article somehow.

Yes, there are plenty of attorneys out there. Standing out in any crowded field can be difficult task, but it becomes especially difficult if you are not tech savvy and talking to an “SEO expert” just leaves your head spinning.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just put an ad in the yellow pages and sit back and wait for the phone to ring? Yes, it would, except those days are long gone. Or are they?

What if somebody owned a website that already ranked highly in Google for terms such as “personal injury attorney, injury lawyer, etc.” And what if you could simply rent a page on this site and leverage this site’s existing traffic to increase traffic to your site?

Well, such a site does exist. Managed by SEO experts that have already taken the time to rank the site highly. The concept is like a mall. People are already coming to the mall, what if you had a kiosk at the mall where the people actually were at? You could drive more business to your site simply by going where potential customers are.

Personal Injury Attorney Network (PIAN) is a website with many highly ranked pages for some of the most sought after search terms in the world of personal injury law.

For example PIAN ranks highly for the term Encino Personal Injury Attorney. If you are a personal injury attorney practicing in Encino, you could rent this page from PIAN for a fee and instantly obtain a higher rank in the search engines.

In summary the benefits of renting a page are numerous. First, quickly rank higher for terms your prospective customers are using to find attorneys like you. Second, a small investment that pays off quickly. No need to spend thousands per month for more than six months to see any results.

If the concept of paying a small fee to get better results in the search engines is appealing to you and your personal injury law firm, then contact the Personal Injury Attorney Network to see how they can help.