How To Legally Protect Your Inventions?

inventionsYou have a great idea! An invention. Suddenly you can see a way of doing something nobody else has seen.

That’s precious.

Maybe it’ll be huge and make you rich. Maybe. but there’s a way to go yet.

But what do you do now? You did woodwork at school but that’s not really going to help much.

So you look on the internet and find lots of companies who say they can help you develop your invention, and maybe even sell it for you.

But they seem to want a lot of money. And even if you had  the money you’ve heard that a lot of these companies aren’t the completely honest.

So you get a book. And the book is big. and the book says things like:

  • Find a good patent lawyer.
  • Keep a witnessed log book of everything you do.
  • Don’t tell ANYBODY about your idea without a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Set up meetings with potential licensees

It may be good advise. But it doesn’t really help you with actually doing any of those things.

Suddenly it all seems quite hard  work….. and you probably already have a job.

Well maybe there id another way. How about using

It’s an online tool designed for bright spark inventors like you who don’t have a huge budget or masters in making stuff engineering.

So how does it work?

Well. you sign up – which is free. and it creates a secure, online folio for you to develop your idea. Its kind of a private website for you invention that only you have access to.

You can create pages, add text and images. Upload documents. You can use the suggested format, which is full of help and advice, or, do it completely you own way.

Every update you make is  recorded and timed which is really important if you ever needs to prove you had the idea first! Or if you accidentally delete a page.

But that’s only the start because at some point you ‘ll probably want to get some expert help. And that’s where innvolve really kicks into gear.

Say you need prototype made. To check your idea really works.

You can choose from a list of experts recommended by other inventors or find your own. These are often individuals who charge a fraction of what a big company does. You choose the part of the folio you want them to set and the terms they have to agree too. (usually that non-disclosure thing you read about)

Innvolve handles the rest. It provides the right level of access to the right people with the right legal protection. It generates the legal documents, records who is looking at what and when.

And the experts you choose can upload their work direct to your folio. The  page looks a bit different to your pages, and says which expert created it. This is important, and we’ll see why later.

So as you move you can keep pulling in experts along the way to develop and validate your invention. Maybe you want a patent drafted, maybe you need some detailed manufacturing drawings. All of these can be added directly into the folio.

So finally your invention is ready to show off. You’ll most likely be looking for investment, a buyer or a licensing agreement.

Seems they help with that too.

You can now open you folio to Innvolve’s  registered investors, buyers and licensees. You can still decide on bits they see and the terms they have to agree to! Or maybe you have your patent application files and you want everyone to see it.

Either way it’s great for You.

And what about the investors, buyers and licensees. Why’s it great for them? Well they get to see new invention folios in areas of their interest. And remember those expert pages, the ones that look a bit different. Well they provide the professional credibility your idea vitally needs.

So if you have an invention. Use innvolve to make it happen. It’s secure, it’s free and it works!