How to Choose an Android Bingo App

bingoEvery year, there are more and more people signing up to bingo sites for their mobile devices. The rise of online bingo over the past decade has completely changed the way that the game is played. Although people still play the game in its traditional form, in a bingo hall with other players, the majority of people now connect to bingo games remotely using the internet.

The rise of smartphones has further changed the way bingo is played. Now, players do not even have to be in front of a computer to have a game. All they need is a mobile device and an internet connection and they can enjoy a game regardless of where they are. There are so many different mobile apps available for you to play at today that it can be quite difficult to identify the top bingo sites. There are a number of factors which you need to take into account when joining a site.

Appearance and Design

If you are going to be spending any amount of time playing a bingo app on your phone, it would be nice if it was attractive to look at. In general, you will find that it is the more established players that have the best designed apps.


Stick with sites that provide secure payment options to minimise the chance of experiencing any problems of theft or fraud. By making use of advanced payment methods such as PayPal, Ukash and Neteller, you can significantly limit what you stand to lose.

Bonuses and Promotions

Sites differ substantially when it comes to the bonuses and promotions on offer. Some sites provide fresh new offers every week, whereas others simply remain stagnant. Be sure to check what is on offer in the promotions section before you pick a site.

Players Numbers

A mobile bingo site can tick all of the above boxes, but if there are not enough players, then you will not be able to have a game. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting a long time for enough players to join a game. For this reason, we highly recommend that you stick to the more popular sites, where high players numbers and regular games are guaranteed.

If you take all of these factors into consideration when you join a site, you can guarantee yourself a better bingo experience. Don’t waste time with the inferior site when you can go straight to the best.