GPS Tracking Systems: The Next Phase

gps trackingGPS Tracking has traditionally been adopted for military purposes and soon commercialised for tracking applications. Today much of the GPS Tracking Systems are used to track vehicle fleets, providing business with information such as their driver behaviour, diesel usage, history reports as well as the best optimized routes to deliver goods to customers in a timely manner. However the next phase of GPS Trackers are innovative wearable devices. These are devices that can be worn on the human body.

Wearable Devices

Increasing we see a trend of GPS being integrated with bracelets, watches, bags, etc. Whether it is a concerned parent wondering if their kid has returned from school or a caregiver worried about the whereabouts of an elderly suffering from dementia, wearable devices have seen a growth in popularity.

It seems that whilst it is easy to track the middle-aged through apps that allow location sharing between friends, there is a gap in tracking children and the elderly, majority of whom do not own a smart-phone. This gap can filled by the use of portable GPS trackers, which are essentially smartphones without a user interface.

One such example is the portable GPS tracker from a company based in Singapore, JA Security and Innovations. The TrackMe Compact is a small GPS tracker that can be tossed in a kid’s schoolbag, attached to the belt of an elderly or simply hidden in the glove compartment of a vehicle.

TrackMe Compact Features

The TrackMe Compact, Singapore GPS Tracker, also has a panic button that would send an alert to a caregiver’s mobile phone or email.

In addition the device itself is waterproof, a feature that parents would welcome. User can track the device using a smartphone app or an online portal.

The Next Phase

Moving forward, as the cost of these devices go down, and battery life increase, one can imagine the countless applications which require assets to be tracked remotely and productivity to increase several folds. There is much talk on the hype of the Internet of Things phenomenon and how machines are connected to other machines wirelessly. The Apple Watch is a trendsetter and one could expect several of such wearables to emerge in the coming years, and setting a whole new meaning to GPS Tracking Systems. The next phase of GPS Trackers is here and be prepared to embrace it.