Football Video Analysis Software

footballNacsport, is the software aimed to improve performance in sport through video analysis.

Made for coaches and staff of all levels… and all sports.

Sports performance analysis allows coaches to evaluate individual or collective performances of their own team and their rival’s. By doing so, they will get quality information to use for making better informed decisions.

Conventional video edition software requires hours and hours of work. With Nacsport, you will be able to analyze your sport in a quick, easy and organized fashion.

How can this be done?

First of all, you need to have a video. Then you start registering actions you want to analyze (shots, fouls, first period…). The data gathered will offer valuable information to extract your conclusions.

We have divided the process into three stages. Stage 1: “Observation and data collection”

To start working, you will need two things: a video source (can be a live recording or a file from a pen drive, hard disk, DVD or even a video downloaded from Internet)…

…and a categories template… a window in which you create buttons for each action you want to analyze.

Once the template is done, you start registering the sport event, by clicking the corresponding button while the actions happen.

When you finish clicking, as a result you will have a database with all the registers.

Now the second stage starts: “Work with your data”.

Nacsport will allow you to review your registers, row by row or chronologically, so you can create a summary with those clips you are interested in.

Also, you will be able to modify the length of a clip, compare them, draw onto them, add notes and many other tools to improve your workflows in the shortest time possible.

There’s only one stage left. Stage Three. We will call it: “Present your work”. Once the analysis is finished, you will be able to share it with assistants, your players and your head coach.

Nacsport allows you to do this directly within the software or by producing a video with your analysis to present on other devices.

And that’s it. Our main aim is to help you obtain quality information to make better decisions.

After having watched this video, you will probably consider that you cannot afford this software. You are wrong.


Nacsport has five different software versions available for you, whatever your level, whatever your budget.

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