Finding The Right Printing Service For Your Business

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More than ever, printing is relevant to your business. Leave behind a well-designed business card or brochure and you make a long lasting impression.

Good impression (potential to get business):

  1. Your business card is of heavy paper stock.
  2. The design is clean legible and well proportioned
  3. Full color on both sides
  4. UV gloss covered

Bad impression (losing business):

  1. You printed your card cheaply, maybe even on your office printer
  2. Thin flimsy paper
  3. Unprofessionally designed
  4. Cluttered with lots of logos and text

Printed matter is the live line to your clients. Consider at a minimum a professional business card and a trifold. In your trifold outline your services and strengths. Use your very best photos and make it memorable. I can attest to this in all my years in business. People take you serious when you arrive well groomed and prepared.

Here are few rules

  1. Be consistent. Make sure you use the same color palette and logo across all your presentations.
  2. Pick a printer that works with you. Most online printing companies don’t care if your design is off. They just go ahead and reprint at your expense. Don’t waste your money!
  3. Concentrate on what you are good and let the pro design for you. The extra money spent is well worth it.
  4. Every few years update your look. Don’t complete change your logo however as you have established a track record
  5. Use good paper. Most likely the saving over cheap paper is minimal.
  6. Select an online printer that you can contact. You want to be able to talk to a pro and not a telephone operator.
  7. Select a printer that gives you easy understandable pricing. Most online printers offer cheap service but hit you with “add-ons”. Beware of the shipping prices as this is an area where printers can make up for the “cheap” prices.
  8. Make sure the printer has designers on staff. These professionals can help you with last minute issues when you are in a bind.

I am lucky to have found and excellent online printer. Go to and peruse their services. They are friendly , very responsive, and highly skilled. Prices are clear and upfront without surprises. Best of all, they design for me. Sometimes within hours I have my first proof in hand. They make sure all is within printing specifications before going to press. I highly recommend them.  I wish you all the best for your business and, good print!