Father’s Rights – Win a Child Custody Battle

fatherIf the family is broken after the divorce between husband and wife, the issue of child’s custody is aroused this issue has to be solved in order to save the child from certain psychological torture which he faces in case of no proper custody either by a mother or father. If a father wants to take his child under his custody, then several rights as given by the family courts allow him to get custody of his child. In this article, we’re going to talk about Fathers Rights , Win a Child Custody Battle

It has been seen in many cases that while having a battle between mother and father about child custody, the winner is usually mother, but rights of a father allow him to have the custody of his child without the influence of any other force.

Determination of case of custody

The determination of the actual reasons behind custody of a child is very important. If a father wants that his child would come under his custody, certain determination factors are there which should be considered by him. These factors are as follows:

  • Proper certification

All proper documents which are related to custody of a child should be arranged so that before court hearing no problem should be faced by him. These documents can be related to the schedules of hearing by the court and the payments which has to be paid to the lawyer during all processing.

  • Keeping in mind the etiquettes of the court room

Controlling oneself is the basic thing which is considered while having a case on children custody. It means that a father should control his anger and anxiety and should not show it to the court room. This is because; it is the part of etiquettes which should be seen in the father who wants to have his child’s custody. If proper control over anger and anxiety is not taken then it would have a bad effect on the child’s custody case and may lead to a decision which may be, not accepted by the father at the end.

  • Wish of the child

Age of a child is very important. According to the age, if the court asks the child to tell in whom custody, he wants to go then it totally depends on child to decide. But in children with age less than 12, the rights of father are so strong that he is in a more favorable position of getting his child’s custody and court also respects the importance of father’s rights on his child.