Fantastic Cake Decorations and Cake Supplies

cake suppliesBaking cakes in your home is a great way to be creative, but also cut some corners in the budget when you are planning a party. Whether you are a stay at home mom who loves to decorate cakes for the family or you are an amateur baker who is looking to break out into the wedding industry in your area, having the right tools for cake decorating will take your boring cakes from zero to sixty in just a short amount of time.

Having the right set of tools and cake decorating supplies is the first thing that will help you start decorating your cakes like the professionals do. Piping bags, ribbons, fondant, and edible images are all great for large cakes and layered cakes. If you are doing a children’s birthday party, using edible images from their favorite cartoons is one way of keeping with the theme, while not paying a bakery to do the same thing you can do. Layered cakes, for weddings or birthdays, do well with ribbons around the layers and fondant to give a smooth canvas for the cake. Layered cakes are so versatile that you can easily do many things with them.

If you are into making cupcakes instead of just cake, there are plenty of ways that you can spruce those up as well. Using kits that provide you with toppers and settings to place your cakes in is a great way of taking a plain cupcake and elevating it to the next level. Using filler for cupcakes is also a great way to make them stand out.

Holidays bring out a whole new level of beautiful cake decorations. Having a Christmas party or an Easter party means you need to have a theme. Well, with specialized candies, cupcake papers, edible images, and so much more, you can turn your holiday party into a festive themed holiday party. Stick Santa on top of the cake to make a Christmas cake fully in the holiday spirit. There is really nothing stopping you.

Being able to decorate your own cakes can bring a sense of achievement to the finished product that does not come when you have something made for you. If you need to make cakes for dietary restrictions, you can still decorate them at home without any fear of contamination from certain food products. Cake decorating is not just for the reality TV stars and pastry chefs; you too can do the same thing right in your own kitchen. Please visit for more information.