Exploring God is Real

god is realBy joining Godisreal.today, you will find yourself walking on the path of light and blessed goodness that is granted by God and his embrace will teach you how to find your self-worth, be disciplined, and that you will never be alone in your life.  His messages include;

  • God is a loving father who watches over everyone, always blessing us as his children.

“As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him” (Psalm 103:13).  This means that even His empathy is given to those who fear Him and His arms are where anybody can find happiness, joy, and relief.

  • God welcomes all to His arms for love.

Jesus Christ once told a parable where a young man left his father and went to seek life in a foreign land, but soon became desperate and poor from an unruly life.  Then, the son went to his father and pled to become a hired servant after sinning against heaven.  To his surprise, the father embraced his son upon his return with love and a grand feast.  When people get into trouble, they may feel undeserving to be God’s children, but He will still accept them with kindness and comfort.

  • God will show people their true value; you will never be turned away from His love and your self-worth, for you are always one of His dearest children.
  • God shows what true discipline is.

With His guidance and wisdom, our path is lit with knowledge that He gives.  If He ever disapproves, it is only because He is showing His love and affection toward His child through correction.

  • God renews our hope and His confidence in each and every person shines brilliantly.
  • God is the Almighty Creator; He created both man and woman in His own image, meaning He is reflected from within each of every person.

From flowers to animals, God has created a beautiful complexity in nature that cannot compare to best clothes of any human.  He has so much goodness that shines from each and every living being that has come from His creative mind and filled the world with such light and humanity.

  • God is our Savior. He saves everybody from their sins and Jesus Christ sacrificed his very life for the sins that people committed.

God is the peace during a wicked storm, the One who grants people wings of hope, faith, and goodness to soar above circumstances.  Follow the righteous path and allow Him to embrace you. Start by joining Godisreal.today!