Employers are Increasingly Utilizing Employment Background Checks to Investigate Employees

best online background checkJob applicants may be surprised to learn that more than half of the Fortune 500 companies polled reveal that they conduct some form of an employment background check before hiring employees that are recruited from outside sources.   This has huge implications for the quality of job applicants that employers hire as well as the type of positions that job seekers may qualify for eligibility of hiring.  Certainly, employers reap many benefits from conducting an extensive online background check on their applicants, but only those potential employees with favorable pasts gain an advantage with positions that require employees to undergo a screening process prior to being hired.

Employers are particularly interested in learning about an applicant’s criminal history.  This data is impossible to come by without access to a national data source which is continuously updated for criminal filings across all jurisdictions nationwide.  An FBI background check is one option, but it is impractical and too expensive.  The superior alternative that provides the same nationwide information can be obtained from a comprehensive employment background check provided by Apex Star Financial at http://apexstarfinancial.com/.   Not only does this report contain a very thorough criminal records search, but also contains a plethora of personal details which includes a complete listing of current a previous addresses, civil court records search, such as judgments, evictions, bankruptcy filings, foreclosures, tax liens, and much more.   The report also covers other current and historical personal information such as a listing of assets like home, boat and vehicle ownership.

Those who apply for a job from an employer who routinely runs background checks on potential employees should be aware of the fact that when they are called in for an interview, they should carefully answer each question truthfully, as one can never under estimate what information the job interviewer may already have about you.   While it is understandable why a job applicant might believe it will be more favorable to avoid admitting to certain undesirable events from the past, such as a DUI, it is usually much more advantageous to be honest about whatever might have happened in the past.  Otherwise, misrepresenting or trying to conceal events from the past will usually only make the prospects of getting the job even worse, as employers have a very strong distaste for hiring someone that is known to be dishonest.  Employers go to great lengths not only to find workers who have a strong work ethic, but they also seek to establish reliable employees with strong integrity.

Pre Employment background checks are certainly here to stay and by all accounts.  Their occurrences are much more frequent in recent years and are predicted to increase steadily moving into the future. It is amazing how advancements in technology have lead us into a current information age that is remarkable.  There is really not much that the good databases don’t know about us, when it comes to analyzing our public footprints and personal track records.  The trend shows that there will even be more advancement in knowledge as we progress into the future which appears to include even a wider spectrum of data that will continue to relentlessly accumulate on each of us.