Easy Machine Quilting Tips

sewing machine

Quilting is a gold mine for hobbyist. Quilting can save you cash, provide satisfaction and get you excited. Quilting can be a lot of fun if you check a few boxes. Sheer tasks can look intimidating, when you do not know where to start. When you have invested some efforts, time and money into the process, you wouldn’t like to mess up. The stress you have is a justified one, considering the potential quilting blunders just waiting to happen. Your quilting can be prone to blunders, if you don’t understand the basic rules. Here are a few easy machine quilting tips to bring needed relief:

  • Dealing with large size projects:

When quilting for bigger projects, using a large surface for rear is essential. Add a larger surface to left side of machine to support weight. The heavy projects like bed quilt can pull your quilting machine onto the floor. Additionally use bicycle clips to avoid pants getting in contact with the machine.

  • Choosing your backing fabric:

Preparing for backing fabric is of utmost importance. As a rule of thumb, your backing fabric should be just as wide as quilt top. Make sure, not to stretch on the fabric. Let the fabric settle for hours and gently pull out the wrinkles on surface.

  • Marking your quilting design:

Use stencils or chalk pencils to mark quilting design. Alternatively paper marking would be handy too. Make sure the quilt is supported entirely. Keep majority of the quilt above support. Transfer pattern to quilt prior to attaching layers.

  • Controlling the quilt:

Your ability to control quilting determines the results. Firm hands on either side of the quilt are vital to guide the needle smoothly. In case of free motion quilting, use quilt backward and sideward. Use triangular hand position to spread stitching area.

  • Beginner guidelines:

Beginners don’t have the competency and speed in machine quilting (go here to see sewing machine reviews). It’s advisable for beginners to stick with straight line quilting alone. The results have been excellent and importantly it requires less patience. Make sure to add an even-feed foot presser to quilting machine for a pucker-free and smoother quilting.

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