Diet or Exercise, What’s More Important?

healthThink about the literally millions of people in this country trying to lose weight. You probably know a few of them yourself in your day to day life, if you’re not one of them yourself. Obesity is a huge epidemic in this country, and people just cannot seem to get it under control.

You see it everywhere you go, and all of the so-called solutions attempting to help you out. There’s a reason the diet pill industry is a billion dollar market. People are willing to try anything to help them out. But what if I told you that the two biggest factors that can help you lose weight have nothing to do with diet pills?

Yes, I’m talking about diet and exercise.

I admit, it’s not easy finding the time to get to the gym a couple of times a week. If you’re like most people – full time job, married, kids, mortgage, etc. – your schedule is packed to the brim. You barely have time to get six hours of sleep, let alone get away to the gym for two hours every other day. But exercise is crucial to losing weight. My advice: invest in a home gym, so you can have your exercise equipment in the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is walk down to your basement, or garage, and you’ll be working out in a matter of minutes. Check out Jane’s Best Fitness for some good ideas.

Now, as important as exercise is for losing weight, diet is actually more important – a lot more important, really. You could probably get away without doing any exercising (except walking) at all, and still lose weight, if you changed your diet. And chances are – there’s something wrong with your diet.

Most American diets consist of something like this: cereal, bagel, or muffin for breakfast; sandwich, chips, and soda for lunch; protein, starch, and salad for dinner; and then some kind of sugary sweets for dinner. I’d bet most people eat like this, every day, and think it’s perfectly healthy.

My advice: ditch the white flour, wheat, and sugar. You could substitute eggs for breakfast, a salad with protein and veggies for lunch, and another protein with two vegetables for dinner. And you could snack on something like almonds or a banana or another kind of fruit. And you would lose weight.

So while exercise and diet are definitely important in losing weight, if you only have the time and energy to focus on one, make sure it’s your diet.